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Vestax TUB-1 USB Audio Interface

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The Vestax TUB-1 USB Audio Interface fits the following DJ mixers:


NOTE: This product will use the standard driver found on your PC Operating System.
With the unit, you will be able to have sound data in/out via USB. (However be aware that some computers may not work with the TUB-1)

(TUB-1 Board information)
Located on the TUB-1, you can find 3 pin Audio terminals (J2/J3) as the drawing below.
The J2 Terminal is An analog line-in. J3 terminal is an Analog Output.
There is a red LED (2mm) display and USB Connector found on the TUB-1 Port

[Main Specification]
USB Version : USB 2 / (Drive Power supply = +5V DC )
Analog Audio Outputs (J3) : -10dBV (0.3v) / impedance = 100ohm
Analog Audio Inputs (J2) : -10dBV (0.3V) / impedance = 47kohm

1. When connecting the TUB-1, there are 2 screws (M2.5)found on the octagon shaped panel covering the USB area.TUB-1.
Take off the blank panel.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the main product with the USB panel is turned off.

2. Inside the panel, you will find 2 three pin terminals, White for J2 connector and the colored one is for J3.
Please guide the wires to the terminal as they are made to fit one way. Use the guides on the connector and terminals to match-up.

3. After confirming that the J2 and J3 are connected, for products that have the USB panel running up to down, please insert the TUB-1 with the LED facing upwards.
Once fitted, please use original screws to screw back in place. For products where the USB panel runs side ways, make sure that he TUB-1 has the LED facing left.

4. After connecting the TUB-1 to the product, we now need to check for the proper connection via USB cable to the computer.
Connect the USB cable to the connector and computer. Once connected you should be able to confirm a Red LED.

5. Open an Audio application and test signals from input and output.

Attention: On Applying the productthe TUB-1 is a very precise USB Board with the board filled with integrated and precision circuitry (LSI).
DO not damage the product.When connecting be careful of any water or damage.

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Vestax warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.