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Vestax R-1 Premium Mixing Controller

Vestax R-1 Rotary DJ Mixer

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The Vestax R-1, with rotary style dials, uses highest quality componentry. Wait till you hear the superb audio fidelity of premium line transformers and input volumes. It's one of the most incredible SOUNDING mixers that the Vestax Research & Development team have ever produced.

The Vestax R-1 Series mixer was specifically designed with advice from the world1s top club DJs for ALL DJs. With features like the built-in 4 band isolator & 3-band booth EQ, the R-1 will help all DJs to boost your creativity due to fast access to super high quality frequency dividers in a simple layout.

New York! New York! One of the hottest House Music scenes in the world! The R-1 is set to become the club standard in the big apple. House DJ1s, Techno DJ1s, Club Owners, Installers, Studios, and Broadcast stations who want the highest possible quality in this style of mixer, will all want to invest in the R-1.

Advantages & Benefits:

- 5 channels + 5 phono + 5 line inputs - all provided with large rotary knobs.
- The Alps custom-made volume pot generates perfect torque and great durability.
- 4-way Equaliser/ Isolator - allows DJs to totally separate sounds with the use of the Vestax "Infinity Cut".
- Dedicated 3-band EQ provided for Sub master output. This enables perfect monitoring in the DJ booth.
- Insert type effect loop - for easy connection of external EQs and other effects on individual programs.
- Signal/peak LED on each channel
- Hand-made line transformer - superb quality, generating a warm, thick sound


Inputs: Phono (RCA) X5, Line (RCA) X9, Effect RTN (1/4' phone) X5
Outputs: Master out (XLR balanced) X1, Master out (1/4' phone, Unbalanced) X1, Sub master out (1/4' phone, Unbalanced) X1, Record out (RCA) X1, Effects send (1/4' phone) X5, Headphone out (1/4' phone) X1
Size: 482 x 180 x 132 mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 14 Lbs.


Phono inputs Stereo (RIAA -48dBv; RCA) x 5
Line inputs
Stereo (-10dBv; RCA) x 5; Effect return: stereo (-10dBv; Jack 1/4 inch) x 5


PA Master out Stereo (4dBv;XLR Bal.);
Sub Master out Stereo ( 0dBv; Jack 4 inch Bal.);
Line out Stereo (10dBv; Jack 1/4 Jack unbal.);
Rec. out Stereo (-10dBv; RCA);
Monitor Headphone out
Stereo (190mW; Jack 1/4 inch);

Effects send
Stereo(-10dBv; Jack 1/4 inch) x 5;

CHANNEL 5 channels (5 stereo)

Channel 1 - 5 Input gain control (rear panel); Input switch phono-line; Overload control LED; Rotary input level control; 4-band Equalizer/Isolator: low +4dB/-infinite; mid/low +4dB/-infinite; center frequency shift switch (lower part); mid/high +4dB/-infinite; center frequency shift switch (higher part); EQ by pass switch.

Rotary output master level control; output level LED bar display; L-R; Option level LED bar display;

Sub master
Rotary output level control; 3-band output equalizer: high-mid-low;

Phones level; 5 position cue selector switch;

FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20-20000Hz. +0/- 1dB.



Professional House DJ's now have the ultimate solution to your mixing
needs in the form of the R-1 from Vestax Compact 3U rack unit 5
programs, each with a phono/line switch, large rotary knobs, Alps
custom-made volume pots for perfect torque and long life built-in
4-band isolator with "infinity cut" (allows DJ's to separate sounds) Dedicated 3-band EQ for sub-master out (enables perfect DJ booth
monitoring) Insert effect loops on each channel for easy connection of
external EQ and other effects Signal/Peak LED's on each channel. A
superb quality, hand made line transformer generates a warm, thick
sound SPECIFICATIONS: Input: Phono (RCA) x 5, Line (RCA) x 9,
Effect RTN (1/4" phone) x5 Output: PA Master out XLR balanced x 1,
Sub master out 1/4" unbalanced x 1, Rec out (RCA) x 1 Effects send
(1/4" phone) x 5, Headphone out (1/4" phone) x 1 Dimensions
(WxHxD): 482 x 180 x 132mm Weight: 6.0Kg.

1. WHY DO SOME DJ"S USE ROTARY "DIAL" FADERS AS OPPOSED TO SLIDE FADERS? Many house music DJ's, particularly those who play the "New York" style, prefer the rotary faders due to the precise level settings that result in a more natural feel to each beatmix. These DJ's do not use the crossfader during every mix, but 'shape" the sound through the input levels. The rotary faders allow smoother blending of vocals during a mix, as the left to right motion of using two rotary faders is far more natural than the up and down movement of two 'standard" faders.

2. WHY IS THE R-1 SO EXPENSIVE? Constructing the R-1 Vestax uses the best circuitry to give a very natural, undistorted wide and deep sound. Vestax researched world-wide to find the best parts and components for the R-1. So all in all you have a real masterpiece for mixing. That is why we
use the term "R-1 Premium".

3. CAN I USE A CROSSFADER WITH THE R-1? Yes, by purchasing the MCR-1 crossfader unit, you can add crossfader function, and extended monitoring.

4. IS THE R-1 OK FOR INSTALLATION? The R-1 is superb for installation Many night-clubs have heard an incredible improvement in the PA Sound by adding the R-1 to your system.

OPTIONAL CROSSFADER UNIT FOR R-1 Enables you to assign 5 PGM
channels into the crossfader while maintaining the original high fidelity
sound of the flagship R-1 mixer Input / Output: Line In (stereo) x 5;
Line Out (stereo) x 5; CF Out (stereo) x 1; Headphone out (stereo) x 1,
1/4" phone jack (unbalanced) Dimensions: 482 W x 44 H x 248 D
(mm); 1U rack space Weight: 3 kg.Replacement Cross fader: CF-X

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Vestax warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.