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Vestax PMC-08PRO 2 DJ Mixer

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Welcome to the WORLD OF THE PROFESSIONAL HYBRID DIGITAL MIXER. To control your analog AD/DA conversion and digital signal processing, at the lowest latency rate and highest performance level. The PMC-08 Pro, an ULTRA ELITE 2 channel digital mixer in a class of it's own, UNTOUCHABLE from the rest.

The benefits of a Digital Engine DJing in real time digital performance, while keeping the importance of simplicity, yet a technological analog interface is what the professional DJ has been in search of.

With the highest demands from our Professional you of various technique, and needs of incorporating the finest parameters for your performances and styles, adjustable to your preference have made us reinvent the mixer allowing input sources to turn into digital data. With this new technology, we introduce you Vestax's Professional Hybrid DigitalMixer.

Vestax has turned the once quoted to be impossible, to become reality by bringing the 08 to life. Features that were only a dream with analog circuitry have been answered with a 24bit 96kHz DSP (digital signal processor).

Not only digital, but we've answered the market demands with the most valuable piece, THE FADER and introducing a new FADER technology. A mixer that not only has Effects send and return, but able for 2 per channel for DJs in the mix or into scratch performances. A mixer dedicated to audio fidelity is our goal, and we have delivered.

The first ever mixer with DSP EQ and Isolator features, to allow the DJ the richest in audio fidelity from the smoothest slope kills, to the deepest and quality of sound. Simply the industry needs a change, and here's the answer.

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Vestax warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.