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Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface

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Steinberg UR22 2x2 USB 2.0 audio interface with 2x D-PRE and 192 kHz support
Highlighting two industry-acclaimed D-PRE microphone preamps, class-leading 24-bit/192 kHz converters and a rock- solid metal housing, the Steinberg UR22 audio and MIDI interface provides pure sound wherever you are. With a dedicated high- impedance switch, a separate headphones jack and phantom power supply, this portable 2-in/2-out device is the perfect choice for mobile musicians, touring DJs and everyone in between.

24-bit/192 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface
With a maximum sampling rate of 192 kHz and a resolution of 24 bits, you are more than ready to deliver great-sounding music productions.

Two Class A D-PRE mic preamps
Yamaha's highly-acclaimed D-PRE preamps deliver a truly transparent and beautifully detailed sound that is unrivaled in this class.

Rugged full-metal casing
Built to the most exacting standards by Yamaha’s experienced engineers, theSteinberg UR22’s full metal chassis is super durable enough to withstand all the rigors of the road.

Latency-free hardware monitoring
The Steinberg UR22 features latency-free hardware monitoring and an intuitive Mix knob that allows you to blend between the direct signal and the output of your host.

Compatible with all major recording software
The Steinberg UR22 is compatible with all major audio editing, mastering, and music production software supporting ASIO, Core Audio, or WDM standard.

MIDI input & output
For utmost flexibility, the Steinberg UR22 is equipped with a MIDI I/O — connect your favorite synth, a drum trigger module or whatever MIDI device you prefer!

Cubase AI included
Based on the same core technologies as the popular Cubase DAW, the AI version offers an intuitive feature set for composing, recording, editing and mixing.

Together with the included Cubase DAW running on your PC or Mac computer, the UR22 audio and MIDI interface is a full- fledged mobile recording studio defined through total mobility, ultra-solid build and superb audio fidelity.

Pure sound...
The microphone preamp is one of the key factors in recording — and that’s why the UR22 interface is equipped with two stellar-sounding D-PREs. These preamps are the culmination of years of development by the experts at Yamaha. The result is a truly transparent and beautifully detailed sound that is unrivaled in this class. Whether you're looking to record acoustic instruments, vocals, an electric guitar or ambient textures, with the UR22 you can easily capture any audio source.

Just as important as the preamps are, of course, the converters. The UR22 has first-rate A/D and D/A converters that provide supreme sonic fidelity. And where others come to a halt, the UR22 begins to shine. With a maximum sampling rate of 192 kHz and a resolution of 24 bits, you are more than ready to deliver future-proof music productions.

… wherever you are
The Steinberg UR22 is addicted to touring. It’s small enough to be rushed from gig to gig and super durable enough to withstand all the rigors of the road. Built to the most exacting standards by Yamaha’s experienced engineers, the UR22’s full metal chassis is reassuringly solid. You're free to hit it with your drumstick, throw it into the tour bus or simply open a beer with it — thanks to its impressive manufacturing quality the tour-tested UR22 is always ready to roll. And regardless of its size, the Steinberg UR22 exhibits all the core features of its bigger brothers, the UR824 and the UR28M, allowing you to realize rock-solid recordings without restrictions. Simply connect it via USB to your computer and start making music without any additional power supply — and always in class-leading audio fidelity.

The UR22 features all the connections needed for pro-sounding recordings. Its two Neutrik analog XLR/TRS combo inputs with Peak LEDs and switchable +48V phantom power enable you to connect even the most valuable condenser microphones, whereas the Hi-Z switch on input 2 allows for direct recording of electric guitar or bass without the need to use an additional DI box.

Best of all, the Steinberg UR22 offers latency-free hardware monitoring — what you play is what you immediately hear. The Mix knob allows you to seamlessly blend between the direct signal of your instrument and the output signal of your host. And thanks to the independent headphones and main output controls you can adjust the monitor and phones level individually. The MIDI I/O allows you to connect your keyboard or any other MIDI-compatible control device, such as pad controllers, footswitches and sound modules. Two TRS outputs, ultra-stable drivers and a USB 2.0 connection complement the feature set of this professional yet affordable device.

The UR22 is compatible with all major audio editing, mastering and music production software supporting the ASIO, Core Audio or WDM standard.

Plus, the Steinberg UR22 comes bundled with Cubase AI, a lean version of Steinberg’s popular DAW. Based on the same core technologies as Steinberg’s highly acclaimed Cubase DAW, the AI version offers a comprehensive feature set for composing, recording, editing and mixing. Run it together with the UR22 audio interface and you get a one-stop solution for recording music in studio quality.

Cubase you will benefit from additional features, such as auto-setup functionality, which enables the complete I/O setup to be handled directly from within Cubase. Once your UR22 interface has been installed, Cubase detects the product and automatically embeds it into Cubase's production environment — it couldn't be easier.

The UR22 supports a sample rate of up to 192 kHz, however, the included Cubase AI 6 DAW features a maximum sample rate of 96 kHz. The upcoming Cubase AI 7 will ensure 192 kHz compatibility on the software side and every UR22 customer will be eligible to a free update to version 7.


With all necessary inputs and outputs, easy handling and pristine audio quality, the UR22 audio and MIDI interface is the first choice for mobile musicians, rehearsal rooms and everyone who wants to record on the go or with an ultra-compact setup.

Take it on tour
The UR22 is the first choice for touring bands, gigging guitarists and mobile DJs. The ultra-compact interface fits nicely in your bag or guitar case and, due to its sturdy design, it is virtually indestructible. But regardless of the size, the UR22 exhibits the hallmark feature set that its bigger brothers, the UR824 and the UR28M, are known for — premium-quality D-PREs, switchable phantom power, Hi-Z for guitar and bass recording and 24-bit audio fidelity. Take it to the rehearsal room, your next gig or on tour — wherever you are, the UR22 provides breathtaking audio quality, intuitive handling and instant usability.

Capture choirs and concerts
The UR22 is your go-to choice, if you're looking to create high-quality stereo recordings — from choirs to classical concerts over to remote field recordings, the UR22 delivers delicate sonic transparency in any recording situation. The small-sized device features switchable phantom power and thus allows you to connect a wide variety of microphones — up to the most expensive condenser mics. And due to the unbeatable duo of Yamaha’s D-PRE amplifiers and first-rate A/D converters you can be sure that every detail of the audio source is captured with stunning clarity and without any unnatural coloration.

Create cutting-edge electronica
In case you are a producer of electronic music, the UR22 is likely to be the new centerpiece of your music production setup. The USB audio interface provides all the connections needed to hook up your musical equipment. Connect your keyboard, pad controller or external synth module via MIDI, record your bass directly through the Hi-Z input and add some shiny vocals using Yamaha’s industry-proven D-PRE microphone preamps — all this with 24-bit/192 kHz recording quality. And when you’re ready to hit the road, you will realize that small is simply beautiful.

Enter the clubs and stages
The UR22 is equipped with an independent headphones volume knob, providing DJs an easy way to monitor your tracks. Drummers can use the UR22 to connect your trigger pad module to the UR22's MIDI input and assign it to a software sampler. You can also start and stop playbacks or record loop-based tracks instantly. Just connect a MIDI footswitch and start a hands- free recording session. And guitarists using a virtual amp simulation suite on stage, such as Steinberg’s VST Amp Rack, just have to plug the guitar into the Hi-Z input to start jamming right away. Thanks to its ultra-low latency, you can always expect get an immediate response and a very natural feeling.

Enjoy high-resolution audio
Audiophiles around the world are looking for high-quality equipment that allows them to enjoy high-resolution audio music recordings. The UR22 supports up to 24-bit/192 kHz that meet the standard for high-resolution audio today. Connect the UR22 to your computer by a standard USB connector. Enjoy your sophisticated audio recordings via headphones, or hook up your speakers system with the professional TRS connectors. And with the necessary gear, converting your record collection into a high-resolution digital library is also possible by using the studio-grade inputs of the UR22.

24-bit/192 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface
2 Class-A D-PRE mic preamps supporting +48V phantom power
2 Analog XLR/TRS combo inputs (Hi-Z switch on input 2 for electric guitar), 2 TRS line outputs
MIDI input and output
Headphones jack with independent level control
Zero-latency hardware monitoring with mix balance knob
USB-powered for mobile recordings
Rugged full-metal housing
Cross-platform compatibility with major recording software applications
Best performance with included Cubase AI music software

The preamp is where sound creation begins in recording, and ultimately determines the quality of your mix. D-PRE uses an inverted Darlington circuit where a total of four transistors per unit are used instead of the typical two. As a result, very low distortion can be maintained regardless of the signal level. The sonic integrity is incomparable in this class of audio interfaces and sets the UR22 apart. All components on the UR22 are carefully selected and implemented for full resolution of high-end audio of up to 24- bit/192 kHz. A higher sampling frequency means more samples of the audio source, resulting in better reproduction of the original sound, contributing to the naturalness of audio image and ambience.

MIC INPUT 1/2 (Balanced)
Frequency Response +0.1/-0.3dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
Dynamic Range 95dB, A-Weighted
THD+N 0.008%, 1kHz, -1dBFS, 20Hz/20kHz BPF
Maximum Input Level -10dBu
Input Impedance 4k Ohm
GAIN Range +16dB - +60dB
LINE INPUT 1/2 (Balanced)
Maximum Input Level +16dBu
Input Impedance 20k Ohm
GAIN Range -10dB - +34dB
HI-Z INPUT 2 (Unbalanced)
Maximum Input Level -4dBV
Input Impedance 470k Ohm
GAIN Range +8dB - +52dB
LINE OUTPUT 1/L 2/R (Impedance Balanced)
Frequency Response +0.1/-0.6dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
Dynamic Range 101dB, A-Weighted
THD+N 0.006%, 1kHz, -1dBFS, 20Hz/20kHz BPF
Maximum Output Level +10dBU
Output Impedance 150 Ohm
Maximum Output Level 6mW+6mW, 40 Ohm

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Steinberg warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.