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SmithsonMartin KS-1974 DJ Controller

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SmithsonMartin KS-1974 Multi-Touch Surface

SmithsonMartin Inc., winner of the 2011 DJ Mag Tech Award - Innovative Product of the Year, has done it again. The company has used its extensive expertise in multi-touch technology to deliver the world's first touch screen DJ controller, the SmithsonMartin KS-1974. "The KS-1974 represents the most advanced multi-touch technology in the world," said Pablo Martin, SmithsonMartin CTO and creator of Emulator. "Until now, the hardware available was not accurate enough for professional use and the iPad is simply too small and underpowered for DJ needs. The SmithsonMartin KS-1974 uses a 22" surface with 4 simultaneous touch points that are pin-point accurate. With Emulator software, you now have the fantastic ability to merge and convert any software interfaces to multi-touch."

The launch of the SmithsonMartin KS-1974 also coincides with the official launch of the newest Emulator software, Modular. Modular allows you to make fully customizable, multi-touch layouts for any MIDI-based software. "Essentially, Emulator Modular makes any midi software multi-touch with the user deciding where to put every button" said SmithsonMartin CEO, Alan Smithson. "You can even use photos and midi map them to be your buttons. The creative mind of our you is the only limitation to Emulator Modular."

The world knows Emulator as the large, transparent, "Tron-like" touch screen, but the real power of this product lies in the software. "We realized that you cannot go into any store and buy a decent touch screen so we had to figure out how to provide our customers with a complete system that was both accurate and price conscious," Mr. Smithson continued. "We have gone to great lengths to ensure the KS-1974 will sustain the vigorous use & abuse that travelling DJ's inflict on your gear. With chemically toughened glass and all metal and wood construction, the KS is built to last, much like the old school mixers of the 1970's."

The SmithsonMartin KS-1974 comes with all the cables necessary (USB, Power & VGA) and they are all permanently connected to prevent them from coming loose or getting lost. The KS-1974 also comes with a custom carrying back from UDG, a mini-display to VGA mac adapter and a screen cleaning kit. The price for the KS-1974 is $2499 including Emulator software with lifetime free upgrades.

The KS-1974 is available as a pre-order from DJDeals with delivery in mid-January. "We already have begun the list of people to be the first in the world to use this revolutionary product," said Mr. Smithson. "We can only deliver 500 units in January so we have decided to number them as a limited edition, personally inspected and signed by myself and numbered 1-500. Each of the first 500 KS-1974's will be hand assembled in Canada with a free Emulator T-shirt and USB key."

Kontrol Surface 1974 | KS-1974 is an innovative multi-touch MIDI software controller.

Connect the KS-1974 to your laptop, desktop or any computer to transform them into a powerful and comfortable 22 inch surface with 4 simultaneous touch points. This is perfect for your studio or live performances. KS-1974 is a state-of-the-art DJ, VJ, and Studio Production tool. KS-1974 is the perfect size for any DJ booth or studio desk.

KS-1974 is the newest product from SmithsonMartin, winners of the 2011 DJ Mag Tech Awards: "Most Innovative Product". Emulator for Traktor and Emulator Modular come bundled with the KS-1974.

Emulator Modular has a complete set of objects so you can completely custom design your own multi-touch interface with buttons, sliders, circular knobs, jog wheels and even your own custom graphics.

With Emulator Modular you can build your customized multi-touch interface in just minutes. Imagine a custom layout for Traktor, Ableton, Virtual DJ, Mixvibes, Torq, Deckadance, Arkaos, Resolume, and any other MIDI based software. You can share your creations with Emulator community, benefit from the experience and collaboration of other you from our forum. Sharing templates is easy and free, with Emulator Modular, the game has officially changed.

KS-1974 is manufactured with a highly accurate and extremely responsive 4 touch sensor, running at ultra low latency (less 4ms) and completely compatible with Windows 7 & 8 and OSX.

KS-1974 is an ultra durable MIDI controller, glass used in the sensors is chemically strengthened to withstand high-volume user interaction and repetitive motion. The system allows continuous usage and will never wear out the faders and of course no more missing buttons.

About SmithsonMartin Inc.

Based in Toronto, Canada, SmithsonMartin Inc. is a software development company focused on making multi-touch applications for music production, DJ'ing and other industry applications. The flagship product, Emulator, has been used by DJ's such as two time Grammy nominee, Morgan Page, Marc Romboy, Jay Frog and more. Emulator was recently featured as the DJ setup at the Romanian Music Awards man many music videos. SmithsonMartin CEO Alan Smithson and CTO Pablo Martin are the principals of the company.

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SmithsonMartin warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

SmithsonMartin: 888-770-0757