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SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro Software Digital Download

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SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro is for Musicians, DJ’s, Lighting Designers, Video Editors, VJ’s, Radio Broadcast Stations, Recording Studios and much more. SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro is a new way to take control of any MIDI capable software through multi-touch screen devices. SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro software can be used on ANY Windows 7 or 8 touch screen laptop, external touch monitor and now on OSX using our own dedicated hardware. 


Instead of using standard hardware controllers, SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro is unlimited.  Hardware controllers come with a fixed amount of features based on physical controls like knobs, buttons sliders etc. With SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro you can create your controller with no limits.

With standard classic controllers you cannot change features when your preferred software advances and improves. After evolution of your software tool, no matter how complete your controller is when you start, you will begin to have missing features, you loose the control in very short time.

With our software you can always continue changing your controller, you  turn yourself in your own controller designer, where there is no limits to what you can create. The software has all common standard objects like sliders, knobs, modulation pads, encoders and more!  SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro also runs on extended desktop mode; a great feature for running multiple instances of our software in multiple screens or leaving your main screen free for any application you want!


Hardware controllers are not built the way they used to be. All hardware controllers are made to be available at a cheap price reducing the build quality and the durability.

No matter what brand you plan to buy, the reality is that after a relative short time of usage the buttons, sliders knobs, and also the silkscreen of your hardware controller will be damaged, generating a non desired look and behavior.

Hardware controllers are affected by ambient conditions like cigarette smoke, fog machines, powder, liquids, outdoor conditions, etc.  A touch screen is a device with extremely high endurance compared to any hardware device and our software takes full advantage of that fact.

Using emulator with our hardware or with any glass capacitive touch device or optical touch, you have a controller with an extremely long life.

Unique features – SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro vs. other touch software

SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro is the only touch-screen software that can merge the software to be controlled with the touch interface making a software feel like it was natively designed to be used with multi-touch. Our patent-pending technology allows this wonderful feature.

Why this feature is useful?

Touch screens have one negative side, you do not have tactile feedback in your fingers.  You cant feel sliders buttons or knobs so this means that you have to look at your interface in order to touch a button or move a slider. While this is not really a big problem, but it becomes so when you need to look at your DJ or DAW software and your touch surface simultaneously.  For example in live performance, you may need to study your wave form in Traktor and apply an effect or loop at an exact moment, fire a clip in Ableton, trigger a transition in Resolume or change a lighting cue in GrandMA.

Unless you have super human peripheral vision, this becomes an impossible task and therefore touch screens impose this uncomfortable limitation.  Our patent-pending technology fixes this trouble by merging the native interface of your preferred software with the controller interface you create or choose from our template library. You have all the power of your performance tool under your eyes and touch!

SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro VS iPad & Android software

iPad and android devices are really great state of art devices, but are they really comfortable for real use?  The answer is not really.  The 10 inch size screen or less of most of these devices seriously limits the number and size of controls you can add and handle with your fingers in a comfortable and reliable way.

Using SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro with any Windows touch device 13”, 15”, 17” or gorgeous 27” like the Lenovo A720, Dell XPS One 27 or SmithsonMartin hardware, represent an incredibly comfortable working surface of big controls for easy and reliable usage.

But those devices run Windows!

We know that most DJ’s and digital performers use Macs and we have a Mac solution. Windows 7 and now Windows 8 provide incredibly good performance and reliability. The years of XP and the Blue Screen of Death are in the past  if you use a good quality PC.  We will not pretend to evalgelize Windows or the PC world, but the reality is in more than 2 years, our current you have been using SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro software with no crashes or problems using Windows 7 and now 8.

SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro works on Mac too

As of January 1, 2013 you can now use SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro under native OSX!!!  The native OSX SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro version runs on our dedicated hardware; SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro Dual View System (DVS), Kontrol Surface 1974 (KS-1974) and The Monster.  For example, you would need 4 iPads side by side, in order to cover the same surface area as our portable KS-1974.

Smart designed, easy to use

Our easy to use control editor gives you unlimited options for you create your dream MIDI interface.  You can design the touch interface directly on the touch screen device with a mouse like a PRO designer or you can also design your interfaces without any touch device.

It’s as simple as:

  1. RIGHT CLICK to show editor
  2. CUT holes to see and interact with your underlying software to be controlled
  3. CHOOSE your button, slider, encoder wheels or decoration
  4. SHIFT CLICK to drop your object & resize/move
  5. MIDI MAP the object And you’re done!

SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro software has a yearly subscription starting at $49 for the LE version and $99 for the full PRO edition!  Yearly subscription?  Yes! Instead of making you wait for a year or more to access to a new version with new features, we offer an affordable and more flexible model to our you to access new features immediately.  You never have to wait for updates and new features again.

Immediately after accessing your subscription, you can activate the software and access the new features and bug fixes. We provide constant and frequent updates!
But that’s not all! We are constantly working on new software products, and with our subscription model  you can access these new products sooner and will allow you to download the new software without any extra fees.

SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro PRO gives you complete control over ANY MIDI software, and complete access to all editing features.  You become the constructor of modern and customized interfaces for your perfect usage and also can use interfaces created by our user community.  To quote 2Unlimited, SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro PRO has “No Limits so reach for the stars”

- Completely customizable multi-touch midi controller
- Instant free upgrades as new features are added
- Access to SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro Template library
- Access to SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro Community & Private forums
- Unlimited scheduled support
- 10% discount on all SmithsonMartin hardware

*OSX version is available with our hardware, Windows version can be used with any Windows 7 and 8 multi-touch device

Programs that work with SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro

GrandMA 2, Venue Magic, WYSIWYG, Martin Show Designer, Softplot, MyDMX, Light Jockey, ShowXpress, DasLight, Chamsys, Chameleon, Madrix, Compushow
Lasers: Pangolin, X-Laser, iShow, ILDA Laser Control

Music Production
Cakewalk, ProTools, Ableton, Reason, Kore, FL Studio, Sonar Pro, Acid, Bitwig (soon we hope)

Resolume, Arkaos Grand VJ, M1 (PRG), d3 Technologies, Hippotiser, VDMX, MadMapper, Modul8, PCDJ, Virtual DJ, Mixvibes

Pro Audio (DAWs)
Ableton, Reason, Nuendo, Logic, ProTools, Cubase, Acid, Pro, Cakewalk, Soundforge, Yamaha PM5D, Digidesign, VFX Pro Audio iLive,

Live Performance
DJ Applications: Traktor, Ableton, Virtual DJ, Mixvibes, ProDJ, MixMeister, PCDJ, PCDJ Karaoke

And many more!!!

* NOTE: Due to the way Serato midi-maps controllers, SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro will not work with Serato. 

What devices can you use with SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro?

SmithsonMartin Hardware:

SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro Dual View System (DVS) 46”

Kontrol Surface 1974 (KS-1974)

SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro Studio Kit (32”, 42”, 46”)

The Monster

Suggested non SmithsonMartin Hardware:

Lenovo A720

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga

Samsung Slate 7

Microsoft Slate (x86 model)

Dell XPS One 27

Dell XPS 12 Convertible Touch screen Ultrabook

HP Envy 4 Touchsmart

And any Multi-Touch PC !

Recommended computer specifications to run SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro


  • 2.0 GHz core 2 Duo Intel i5 or AMD Athlon Dual Core CPU, 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 7 or 8 (32/64 bit)


  • 1.7 GHz Intel Core 2 i5, 4 GB RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Snow Leopard) or 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro supports resolutions form 1024×760 to full HD (1920×1080)
  • 10.6 (Snow Leopard) 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

About SmithsonMartin:
SmithsonMartin Inc. is a software development company that focuses on programs for the future of DJ'ing. Our flagship program, SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro provides the platform for most popular DJ software programs to be used on multi-touch screens. SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro is the futuristic new way of DJ'ing!! with Traktor, Serato, Ableton, Virtual DJ and more will all be able to be controlled using large touch screens. Even cooler than that will be DJ'ing on a clear multi-touch surface allowing the crowd to see exactly what the DJ is doing. SmithsonMartin Inc. was started by two veteren DJ's Alan Smithson (Canada) & Pablo Martin (Argentina) who are both very passionate about music, DJ'ing and technology. Pablo is the creator of SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro and technical behind SmithsonMartin inc, Alan is the business & sales manager.

SmithsonMartin Logo

SmithsonMartin warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

SmithsonMartin: 888-770-0757