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SmithsonMartin Emulator DJ System

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Every year, DJ's from all across Europe flock to the small city of Birmingham smack dab in the middle of the United Kingdom for the BPM Show held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC). DJ legends, Grandmaster Flash and Pete Tong were on hand to impart your wisdom and skills upon the youth of the DJ world in the Gatecrasher Arena. One of the highlights of the show had to be the judging of the prestigious DJ Mag Tech Awards. Companies competing for the highest tech honours included Numark, Pioneer, Serato, Stanton, Vestax and of course Toronto, Canada based, SmithsonMartin Inc. SmithsonMartin's first product SmithsonMartin Emulator was up against some fierce competition with the Stanton SCS.4 and the Pioneer DJM-T1, but no one could deny that the most innovative product of the year was the first of a kind, "Star Trek Like" multi-touch DJ system, SmithsonMartin Emulator.

"We are so proud to be recognized by our peers as the most innovative product of 2011. Companies that win Tech Awards typically go on to do great things and we are so excited about the future of touch screen DJ"ing." said SmithsonMartin CEO, Alan Smithson "I am thrilled to announce that we will be releasing the Modular version of SmithsonMartin Emulator where you can fully customize your touch screen DJ experience for any midi software".

Introduced to the public in March 2011, SmithsonMartin Emulator has made waves all over the world being seen on some of the largest music programs around the world including the German Chart Show, several music videos and the Romanian Music Awards. "I´m definitely overwhelmed by the EMULATOR! People now can see what I´m doing, and it´s incredibly fast, all the buttons I need for my set are on one screen straight under my hands – I am addicted." said Jay Frog, producer formerly of Scooter

"SmithsonMartin Emulator is the only product in the history of DJ"ing that unites the DJ with the crowd visually. The union of music, visuals and the work of the DJ become one unlike anything else that has ever existed before." Said SmithsonMartin Emulator creator, Pablo Martin "We have been working around the clock to deliver the most accurate, flexible midi controller ever made."

SmithsonMartin Emulator is the most revolutionary experience for DJ's in the last 30 years! SmithsonMartin Emulator is the first REAL and USABLE Multi-Touch DJ System that allows the crowd to see exactly what the DJ is doing on a huge transparent touch screen.

SmithsonMartin Emulator is the World's first and only multi-touch midi controller PC software for professional DJ and music.

"Imagine a futuristic transparent touch screen in a club - it is an instant magnet for attention," says Alan Smithson, co-founder and CEO of SmithsonMartin Inc., the company that developed the SmithsonMartin Emulator system exclusively for the professional DJ scene. "At our launch party, everyone wanted to touch and play with it, there were 3 people deep trying to take photos of it."

The technology was developed by Pablo Martin, an Argentinean-based DJ with a passion for technology and the CTO of SmithsonMartin Inc. He partnered with Alan Smithson, a DJ in Toronto, to create fully functional multi-touch SmithsonMartin Emulator packages. Their company, SmithsonMartin Inc., provides the first and only professional DJ application for multi-touch technology available in the world. And SmithsonMartin is the exclusive global distributor of the SmithsonMartin Emulator Multi-Touch screens for the DJ and Music Production market.

Early buzz was created in August when a user released an SmithsonMartin Emulator YouTube video. DJ's from around the world were amazed and were asking how they could get your hands on this technology. While that video showed only the pre-release software, it generated over 1.3 million views, making it obvious that the DJ community is ready for this technology.

SmithsonMartin Emulator is multi-touch MIDI software that presents everything the DJ needs on a high-resolution transparent multi-touch screen; the only screen accurate enough for professional use that doesn't generate false or ghost touches. SmithsonMartin Emulator is the first native multi-touch software for windows 7, this makes it possible to convert even a simple Tablet PC into a powerful multi-touch midi controller.Is ready to use and does not require any special programming or configuration, follow the basic set up instructions and you are ready to play within 5 minutes. Is a complete multi-touch MIDI controller, for example, the Traktor version has more than 130 MIDI buttons, knobs and sliders covering all common features of Traktor Pro and more. SmithsonMartin Emulator Multi-Touch System has an extreme low latency, with our touchscreen units the latency is only 7ms, this results in fast real time touch points, without the fear of false touchs or ghost points. Is fully upgradable, buying the SmithsonMartin Emulator software or any of our multi-touch packages, you receive lifetime product software upgrades with direct support from our private support forum. Software use low CPU resources, all graphics in SmithsonMartin Emulator are accelerated by hardware, our graphical engine guarantees low cpu usage. SmithsonMartin Emulator is the most durable midi controller available, touch screens support extremely hard usage, the continuous usage will never deteriorate the sliders, knobs or buttons.

SmithsonMartin Emulator is the only MIDI controller that can show all the information needed on one single screen.
Our exclusive technology gives the user a "heads-up" display of all tracks and information.
Supports multiple controller layouts, covering the most important DJ"ing software on the market.
Versions for Ableton, Serato and Virtual DJ are in development.
The Traktor Pro version is available now.

What is Included:
SmithsonMartin Emulator Touch Screen DJ System
SmithsonMartin Emulator SoftwareVersion 1.3A
Optoma Pro450w Short Throw Projector 2300 Lumen
SmithsonMartin Emulator Custom Folding Stand with Projector Shelf
Lifetime software updates
Rear Projection Film
Power Supply: Dual USB
Supported OS: Windows 7

What is Required:
Traktor Pro
Audio 2 DJ Sound card or better
Computer with Minimum
WindowsR 7 Home Premium or better (32/64 bit),
Dual Core CPU 1.3 Ghz (no Atom), 1 GB RAM
ASIO sound card.

SmithsonMartin Emulator is the World's First and Only Transparent
Multi-Touch Midi Controller for Professional DJ use.
SmithsonMartin Emulator 32?- Dual Touch Professional DJ System
SmithsonMartin Emulator Professional DJ Software
Glass: 3mm tempered glass
Touch Points: Detects 2 touch points simultaneously
Touch activation force: no pressure required
Touch response time: 7ms
For use with LCD, plasma or rear-projection
Rear-projection film included upon request.
Power Supply: Dual USB Powered
Interface: USB 2.0 (Full speed)
Supported OS: Windows 7

It is available as stand alone software for use in your Tablet PC or your prefered multitouch devcies and is available as complete hardware & software system  with transparent touch screens prvided by us, 32? & 42? with custom sizes also available by request.

Technical Specifications

Screen Actual Size Boxed Size 32" Length: 79.3cm Length: 96.7cm Width: 1.9cm Length: 5.5cm Height: 48.9cm Length: 61.0cm Weight: 4.1kg Weight: 5.9kg 42" Length: 102.9cm Length: 119.7cm Width: 1.9cm Width: 5.5cm Height: 61.7cm Height: 73.9cm Weight: 6.4kg Weight: 9.3kg

Glass: 3mm tempered glass
Frame Colour: Piano Black
Touch Points: Detects up to 6 points simultaneously
Touch Technology: LED Cell Imaging
Construction: Aluminum, Tempered Glass, Printed Circuit Boards
Touch Activation: No pressure required
Touch Response: 6ms – 12ms
Power Supply: Dual USB or 1000mA Power Adapter
Interface: USB 2.0 (Full Speed)
OS: Windows 7, Mac OSX
Warranty: 1 year parts and labour

Stand Actual Size Boxed Size Length: 58.4cm Length: 87.5cm Width: 70.9cm Width: 82.0cm Height: 22.0cm Height: 23.0cm Weight: 16kg Weight: 18kg
Construction: Black anodized aluminum
Design: Z-Style Folding Stand
Sizes: Adjustable between 32" – 42"
Height: Adjustable between 27.9" – 35.6"

Projector Actual Size Boxed Size Length: 32.4cm Length: 49.0cm Width: 23.4cm Width: 32.5cm Height: 9.7cm Height: 18.5cm Weight: 3.1kg Weight: 3.8kg
Aspect Ratio: 16:10 Native, 4:3, 19:9 Compatible
Brightness: 2300 Lumens
PC and Mac compatible
Resolution: 1280 x 800 Native
Lamp: 180W P-VIP; 5000 / 3000 Hours
Warranty: 1 year parts & labour


Minimum system requirements: Apple Mac Intel Core Duo 1.6ghz 2GB RAM Lion OS Core audio compatible sound card System suggested: Apple Mac Intel Core 2 Duo (or better) 4GB RAM Lion OS Core audio compatible sound card


PC Computer Minimum system requirements: Windows 7 Home Premium or better (32/64 bit), Dual Core CPU 1.3 Ghz (no Atom), 1 GB RAM ASIO sound card. System suggested: Windows 7 Home Premium or better (64 bit), i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM or better. Native Instruments Audio2DJ sound card or better.

SmithsonMartin Emulator FAQ's

1. What is SmithsonMartin Emulator?
SmithsonMartin Emulator is multi-touch midi control software and hardware for Musicians, DJ's, Lighting Designers, Video Editors, VJ's, Radio Broadcast Stations, Recording Studios and much more. Our patent-pending technology allows you to make a custom multi-touch layout on top of any software you wish to control. Our easy to use control editor gives you unlimited options for how you create your dream midi interface. SmithsonMartin Emulator really is the best midi controller you will ever own. When new versions of your software come out, you can quickly and easily change your multi-touch controller so your hardware NEVER becomes obsolete (well, unless we invent something that doesn't require a screen).

2. What Operating System(s) does SmithsonMartin Emulator work with?
SmithsonMartin Emulator was designed to be used with Windows 7 and it's native Multi-Touch configuration. SmithsonMartin Emulator will now work on Windows 8 and we are working on a special version for Mac OSX.

3. What DJ Software does SmithsonMartin Emulator work with?
SmithsonMartin Emulator will work with ANY midi software to make it multi-touch. Our online community forum allows you to share knowledge and also share different editable layouts for all sorts of programs. We will have layouts available on our website for Traktor, Ableton, Virtual DJ, Grand MA, Light Jockey and more. SmithsonMartin Emulator for Traktor (FT) is available for free when you buy the lifetime license.

Here is a sample of software titles that SmithsonMartin Emulator will work with. This list is not comprehensive by any means, feel free to email us with other software you find to midi map!

DJ Applications
Traktor Pro 2.0, Virtual DJ, Serato (with external mixer), Torq, Deckadance, Mixvibes, Ableton, ProDJ, MixMeister, PCDJ, PCDJ Karaoke

Music Production
Cakewalk, ProTools, Ableton, Reason, Kore, FL Studio, Sonar Pro, Acid, Bitwig (soon we hope)

Resolume, Arkaos, Grand VJ, PCDJ, Virtual DJ, Serato SL, Mixvibes, VFX

Pro Audio
iLive, Cakewalk, ADK, Soundforge, Yamaha PM5D, Digidesign

Light Jockey, ShowXpress, GrandMA 2, Venue Magic, WYSIWYG, Martin Show Designer, Softplot

4. What computer do I need to run SmithsonMartin Emulator?
Minimum system requirements:
Windows 7 Home Premium or better (32/64 bit)
1.7GHz Dual-core Intel i5 CPU, 2 GB RAM
ASIO sound card
MIDI Software
System suggested: Windows 8 (64 bit)
Intel i7 CPU, 8 GB RAM or better
Native Instruments Audio2 sound card or better
SmithsonMartin Emulator FT runs ONLY at 1280x800
SmithsonMartin Emulator Modular support resolutions form 1024x760 to full HD (1920x1080)

5. What does come with SmithsonMartin Emulator complete HARDWARE solution?
SmithsonMartin Emulator Dual View System (DVS) comes with the following:
SmithsonMartin Emulator Multi-Touch Screen (6 simultaneous touch points) 32", 42", 46"
Etched, Tempered Chemically strengthened glass
Custom folding SmithsonMartin Emulator stand with projector mount
Optoma GT7450e ultra short throw gaming projector (3000 Lumen, 3D, HD 720p)
6" VGA cable
USB & all power cables
SmithsonMartin Emulator Software (lifetime upgrades and support)
1 Hour Personal Technical support

6. Can I buy the SmithsonMartin Emulator software to use on my own touch screen?
The answer  is YES!,  emulator not only work in our hardware.
If you need ultra portable solution we suggest this devices:

Tablet PC HP TM2  with i3 CPU or better. 
Tablet PC HP EliteBook    (Multi-Touch model 2740p or better)
Tablet PC Fujitsu T900
Desktop LCD 3M  M2256PW

Emulator Software:

SmithsonMartin Inc., is proud to announce the release of your flagship software SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro for Apple’s Mac OSX operating system. "The launch of SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro has been long overdue, but we wanted to ensure that our software and hardware systems were fully functional with not just one or two templates, but with the power of our full Modular custom multi-touch software." Said SmithsonMartin Inc. CEO Alan Smithson.

SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro represents 4 years of development in multi-touch applications within the music industry. "SmithsonMartin Emulator X is the most advanced multi-touch software on Earth" Commented CTO, Pablo Martin. "X gives you the ability to have unlimited control over your DAW, DJ, VJ or Lighting software. In fact, we have been approached by several other industries such as pipelines and medical companies to make your software multi-touch."

In addition to releasing SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro, SmithsonMartin Inc.’s SmithsonMartin Emulator will also be featured in an upcoming television ad for a major computer brand as part of the launch of your Windows 8 touch enabled computer line. SmithsonMartin Emulator is featured in an Elektro Magazine article built-in the back of the new Hyundai Veloster concept car. SmithsonMartin Emulator has been featured at Intel, Sony, Dell and Absolute Vodka events globally. "It’s funny that we are launching our OSX version at the same time Windows 8 will be introduced" Said Smithson. "The game officially changes on October 25th when Microsoft releases Windows 8. Win 8 is fully multi-touch and every PC manufacturer will introduce your touch device in time for the holiday season. What this means to consumers is now there are a plethora of devices to use SmithsonMartin Emulator with."

About SmithsonMartin:
SmithsonMartin Inc. is a software development company that focuses on programs for the future of DJ'ing. Our flagship program, SmithsonMartin Emulator provides the platform for most popular DJ software programs to be used on multi-touch screens. SmithsonMartin Emulator is the futuristic new way of DJ'ing!! with Traktor, Serato, Ableton, Virtual DJ and more will all be able to be controlled using large touch screens. Even cooler than that will be DJ'ing on a clear multi-touch surface allowing the crowd to see exactly what the DJ is doing. SmithsonMartin Inc. was started by two veteren DJ's Alan Smithson (Canada) & Pablo Martin (Argentina) who are both very passionate about music, DJ'ing and technology. Pablo is the creator of SmithsonMartin Emulator and technical behind SmithsonMartin inc, Alan is the business & sales manager.

SmithsonMartin Logo

SmithsonMartin warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

SmithsonMartin: 888-770-0757