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Slappa HardBody PRO 90/90 DVD Case

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Our HardBody DVD cases were designed to be the absolute best DVD storage cases on the market. We started with the outer shell, engineering them from Duro-Shock xEVA , a super durable but not rigid material that protects your discs from fire, water and being banged around. We then laminated the shells with rich fabrics to insure a high-end look and feel. The inside of SLAPPA DVD cases feature our exclusive d2 Layered Pockets, which is a layered pocket system that enables you to store your discs and covers in dedicated pockets, so you can keep your DVD covers while saving at least 200% space (when compared to standard DVD cases). Every page is stitched (not sonic sealed), to insure they do not tear like typical DVD pages. If you want to step-up to our exclusive d2i Interlocking Pages, you get the same layered pockets but now can slide-n-lock each individual square to one another, allowing you to easily sort your collection and move each square to any other SLAPPA d2i case OR d2i box. And if you have "double-disc" sets (like special edition movies) we have our exclusive d3i pages, that can slide-n-lock to our d2i pages. In short, this is the most flexible disc storage on the market today.

The 90/90 HardBody PRO DVD Case is perfect for 90 discs and 90 DVD covers . Combined with a velvet lined interior, our spine labeling system, a disc cleaning cloth and industrial strength zipper teeth and 2 molded zipper pullers, we feel quite strong that these are the best disc storage cases on the market.

This Case is perfect for anyone looking for portable storage for your DVD collection.

Slappa is a world leader in innovative DVD storage solutions. Our DVD cases, DVD Sleeves and DVD Storage Solutions are renowned for being the most stylish, versatile and durable in the industry. We are passionate about providing our customers with the very best DVD Storage Solutions in the market and we are always improving our product offering. All of our DVD Cases, Sleeves and and DVD Storage Solutions come with a 180-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

Molded Duro-Shock xEVA HardBody shells
d2 Layered Pockets for disc & cover storage
Green Strike SLAPPA print on rubberized PVC exterior
View d2 Video or view d2i Video
Holds 90 discs and 90 DVD covers
Manufacturer-direct 360 Day Extended Warranty


Gets the job done AND with style
I own a lot of games and if you have the chance to play any game disc frequently, you come to find out the case holders can cause disc breaking cracks in the long run. Now, before I purchased my 90/90 Videogame case, I was already storing everything in various cd cases I could find. It did the job alright but if we are talking whether I want my game manual, the various game disc I have, and any other crap I want to fit in one singular case then a basic CD case won't do. But this case right here? Gets the job done AND with style. Well done, Slappa, well done!
Raven R.
Tampa Fl.

A Very Well Made Good Product. Just a Few Picky Issues
I just purchased 2 D2i cases and one box of D3i pages last week. Over the weekend, I worked on transfering a portion of my collection to the cases. So far, these are really good products. A few observations that prevents me from giving the products an 'Excellent' rating: One, you have to 'tri-fold' the DVD covers in order to get them to fit in the sleeves. After you get the hang of it, the process goes quickly. You also have to cut up the cardboard ones, but that was to be expected. Two, it would be nice if Slappa sold a D3i case. Then I wouldn't have all these 'extra' D2i pages laying about. Three, I'm running into an organizational delima when it comes to the 3-disc or 4-disc '3D-Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray, DVD, & Digital Copy' collections. Do I use the front and back of one D3i page for one of these packages? Or do I just split it across two D3i pages and then cut the Cover to have the front showing on one page and the back the other? I hate to cut the covers. I will be purchasing more of the D2i cases and D3i pages for the rest of my collection, unless Slappa comes up with a D3i Case! *Hint* *Hint*.
Fayetteville, NC

excellent cases and customer service
EXCELLENT!!! My customer service representative was Barbara. She was informed, helpful, attentive, prompt with email replies and overall excellent customer service skills. She made my order RIGHT!!! The 90-DVD Case (and the CD cases) make organizing simple, affordable, and attractive!! Thank you SLAPPA!! . I am so happy!!

fantastic case
I ordered the 90 DVD case. It is fantastic. I chose this product over similar ones because it let me include the entire cover sleeve of the DVDs I put in it. I wish it were a little more square and could fit better on a shelf.

excellent cases
I purchased two DVD cases to try them out. Our family loves them. They fit the DVD and the cover very well, even the extra DVD fits well in the front pocket. We pruchased the d2 pages and they are great till you get to the very back. It takes some patience to get the covers in those holders, but still a great product.
Christy M
Rio Rancho NM

perfect for family dvd's
I shopped around on the internet looking for a "case" that I could create a library of family DVD's I have made over the past 18 years. I wanted to be able to put the DVDs in a case and then when my oldest daughter graduates high school this year (2012) I would present her the "case" with all of the DVDs, catalogued, so it would be easy for her to watch and enjoy family times again. When I stumbled across the Slappa website and found these cases my mind was made up. Then my wife encouraged me to purchase 3 of them; 1 for our oldest daughter, another 1 for our younger daughter who graduates high school next year, and then one for my wife and I. I am now making 3 complete DVD family libraries!! These cases are perfect for this family project and I feel our daughters will be delighted to have received the family DVDs and in these cases too.
Roger W
Bella Vista AR

very convenient
I chose SLAPPA to help organize our DVDs into one place and gain back some space on our shelves! I love these cases! It's so nice to just grab the SLAPPA and look through the DVDs without having to pull out stacks of cases to see more behind them (and then have to put all the cases back when I just want to watch the movie!!)!

Great product for sorting movies
This is a great product that is built superior to the competition. The sleeves are all sewn into the binding and feel very secure. The DVD pockets allow you to easily add/remove each DVD and the cover art. Great product.
Eric P
Liverpool NY

I haven't seen anything like it!
I can't compare with similar product because I haven't seen any like them. I love the cd and dvd cases as they save so much space and the quality is better than I thought it would be based on the web site. The laptop sleeve fits perfectly, thanks to your accurate measurements, and the strap seems very secure but I work from home so I don't use it all that much.
D Mackenzie
Scarborough ON

the best
I have DVD40, the DVD90 (6) and 4 of the 420 crates. Simply awesome cases
David H
Hazel Green AL

great case--need more
I purchased two DVD cases which each holds 90 Disks and your covers in the d2i slide and lock pages. I love it that we can slide out a few movies for travel and they are in your own protective sleeves. My only disappointment was that on the pages at the very front and back of the case it was a little hard to load the movie nearest the binding. Now that we know about your product we will be ordering more!
Julie M
Porter OK

Better quality than anything I've seen in stores
Found out about Slappa via Bought the 90/90 Hardbody Pro DVD, a 240 Hard Body CD (Jamaica) and a Hardbody 360 CD. I reorganized my DVD collection, compressed my music collection, and gave one to my brother to compress his collection. Quality materials, the double zip is nice, the felt on the inside of the covers is a nice touch as is the webbing on the front inside. Appreciate the cd/dvd felt cleaning cloth. The stitching on the d2i and d2 is stand up. Everything is great. The units are physically larger than I expected, but I shouldn't be surprised about that given how much they hold. Also, now trying to figure out what to do with all the DVD and CD cases I no longer need :) I recommend these to anyone. Better quality than any similar product I've seen in a store. They are more expensive, but I expect they'll last forever.
Michael G
Cincinnati OH

great for my kids movie collection
I love my new binder. it is working well to keep my 18 month old from emptying an entire cabinet of DVDs on a daily basis. I am currently using it only for our children's DVDs -- it was easy to categorize and it is simple for my kids to flip through to choose a movie (and much less messy than filing through a whole cabinet of movies!).
Monica H
Springfield VA

Simply the best
My large dvd collection is now happily and safely stored in Slappa cases. The quality of this product is great. The removable pages are the most clever and convenient you could find. You cannot go wrong with these for your dvd collection
Stephanie S
San Mateo CA

I love these cases
I got the regular DVD cases and LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can put the cover art in the DVD spot so that I put them back in order. I wish now though that I had chose the snap loose DVD case but I was afraid that it would wear out to quickly.
Jennifer S

Just what we needed!
We love the way it consolidates our movies.
Cheri Gobel
Azle, TX

very happy
I was so happy with my initial purchase of the DVD 90/90 I immediately bought more. Great product and very fast shipping. I will absolutely buy more in the future and tell my friends, too.
Robert G
Cerritos CA

awesome space saver
I am using it for my dvds. (I had more than I thought), so the size is perfect. Like the design, solid build and takes up way less space.
Julia W
Eugene OR

super products
i bought many 90/90 HardBody DVD Case's am very happy with them they are excellent at easily finding what i want to watch. For being practically the only ones that carry dvd cases i find there quality superior to many cases. I also bought the a cd case which i love, the fact that it can hold cd's and your books...or if i lost the book i can just put another cd there. i also bought a backpack for the ps3 for when i plan to travel back and forth between my homes or travel to a friends place...and it fits very nicely(not perfect, but better than anything else i could find). the artwork on the inside pocket is awesome, i love to see it everytime i open it up.
Derrick F
Las Vegas

I love these cases-they are great space savers and protect my CD's and DVD's
Bibeka L
Silver Springs MD

Extraordinary quality
I already have 2 Slappa CD cases and 1 DVD cases. I bought another DVD case, as they are brilliant and save so much space. Extraordinary quality.
Adelaide Australia

Great cases
I have 14 of these 90/90 hard cases, they are great and i will need more. The item is great on all aspects. Beter made than other cases,thanks for being there!
Stephen L
Sterling AK

The only thing about this product is that many of my DvD's in my collection had the cardboard wraps instead of the paper sleeves and makes the case very tough to close when full. Great presentation and I will be buying another soon!

Slappa 90 DVD is best for holding my Blu Rays
I use my Slappa 90 DVD and it's the best for holding my Blu Rays. Holds up, the pages don't tear and the ZIPPER is sturdy. This is critical since other cases have seen the zipper fail. I just ordered another 90 dvd in RED. Nice.
Mike Muyal

THRILLED with Slappa's quality and your sleek designs
Slappa offers the best products out there, hands-down! I extensively searched for DVD cases that could efficiently and stylishly hold all my DVDs, along with your covers and multi-disc sets; Slappa was the only brand that actually met, and exceeded, all my requirements for DVD storage. They actually seem to know what real customers are looking for! I'm THRILLED with Slappa's quality and your sleek designs, and I'm very happy to have "reclaimed" all the unnecessary space my DVDs were occupying in my house! After using Slappa, I doubt I'll ever use another brand for my DVD or CD storage needs ever again.
Tami Smith
Tualatin OR

The Quality is terrific!
The quality of the DVD albums is terrific, they store my DVD's just as I expected. Other similar products I saw in the stores were cheap in quality. I will be back for more slappa products.
Kelly Valdez
Spanish Fork, UT

excellent crafstmanship
I got the 90 DVD case for my bluray movies and I love ability to display the full cover art for each of my movies. People who I've showed the case to comment that they've never seen anything like this case in stores. I've previously purchased a cd storage case from Slappa for my standard dvds which I was very impressed with. This new dvd case has the same quality and craftsmanship, I wont buy a cheap store-sold case ever again.
Steve M
New Berlin WI

The best you'll find.
I bought this, I live in Bolivia so there was no chance for mistakes. This is an excellent case for DVD and I'm sure the best you'll find in the internet. Can last a great ammount of years and I doubt there will be any other like this. Only problem I had is that some of the plastic covers for the manuals (I use this for PS1, 2 and 3 games) were marked with a line, like some of the pockets have been twisted for long...but it's no big deal at the end. Other stuff is that the pockets could have had a little more quality, the edges bend themselves with time. But nothing is perfect but at least this 90 DVD case from Slappa is closer to perfection than many other cases and I'm sure if I need another one when my games fill all the pockets, I will definitely buy exactly the same one.
Oscar Ricardo

excellent dvd case
I liked the hardshell design, which made it more appealing than some of the other brands I looked at. Most importantly though, was that you could put the DVD cover in there with the DVD, which none of the other brands had (that I found). The only quibble I had is that for most DVDs I have gotten, they are usually a "limited edition" and have 2 or 3 DVDs, plus the outside cover as well as a "brochure" or whatever on the inside. Stuffing all of this into a single slot gets challenging. all the same, love it, I have already ordered a second since I had way more DVDs than I thought, and let my sister know about them as well, since she has been looking for some way to get rid of all those DVD cases and reclaim some shelf space.
Dan L
Wolfeboro NH
Best DVD Case in Existence
I am absolutely in love with these dvd cases. The pictures on the website do not do it justice. I was amazed at the quality and durability. I am ordering 2 more next week!
Compelled to write...
I have to say...I typically am not one to jump online and write reviews on products that I have purchased. It should't shock you after reading the rest of these reviews that SLAPPA makes fantastic products. I bought four DVD 90/90 d2i cases. They are beautifully made (which sounds weird to say about a storage case). High-grade ballistic material with heavy zippers. These are very classy, refined cases. I just haven't seen anything close to this quality out in the store retail market. The hot-swap of the d2i cases is very cool. I use one of the cases for my PS3 and Xbox 360 games. They fit the game covers very well. I use my other three for my DVD collection. I have seen a few people on here talking about the width issues with some of your DVDs. Some of the older DVD cases that I have have the cardboard (thick stock paper) covers. I used a paper cutter to trim all of my covers. It didn't take hardly any extra time and they look fantastic. The DVD 90/90 will easily fit 90 DVDs and 90 covers. I had no issues fitting 2-disc sets into one sleeve. Most of those 2nd DVDs are bonus material & footage usually. I put the main DVD in the top sleeve...trimmed the DVD cover...slid it into the plastic sleeve...and then pushed the 2nd DVD right behind the cover below the main sleeve. No issues whatsoever. Truly a beautiful product. Don't compromise...this is the product that you want. Great website...even better product in person. They are very responsive as well and very helpful if you have questions. I called them to request that they consider creating a sleeve for the newly released iPad. The next week they had changed the site and your netbook sleeves to reflect the iPad as well. Coincidence...maybe...but, maybe not. Maybe they care enough to listen to your customers. Enough out of me. Enjoy this product!!
Northern California
Gorgeous products
I bought 5 D2iDVD90's & 4 D21CD360's. I am using 1 DVD90 for my PS3 and Xbox360 games...and the other 3 for my DVD collection. I have about 600 CDs for the CD360 cases I purchased. I love the durable construction of the product...the refined look of the product, and the technology behind the hot-swap D2i system. I have one suggestion...when the product is shipped you use a cardboard liner inside to hold the unit's shape. The problem is that shipping causes the cardboard to sluff off and when you open the case there are flecks of the cardboard everywhere. For a product this classy & refined I would prefer your company use a different form filler. I had to take a lint brush to the inside of the case before I could put anything in it. A variation of the foam filler they use when shipping PCs would be a better choice. Much cleaner. With that being said though...the product is gorgeous and more than I expected.
Kevin H
Folsom CA
Slappa DVD 90/90
I have three of these cases.I've purchased them over the years and filled them up with my library of movies.Quality product,covers that protect without scratching,sturdy outer case.This is the best portable storage system for dvd's that I've seen.Try them out,you won't be disappointed.
The DVD organizer/binder that I ordered is fabulous.. Everything from its quality to the fact that you can easily insert and display the DVD covers which make it so nice when you are looking through for a movie to watch--a quality that is rarely offered in other brands
Abby R
Salem NH

Almost perfect
This is definitely the best "binder" type product to hold DVD's along with inserts/cover art that I have seen. My only complaint would be that I need to fold my cover art in half along the spine in order to fit the Slappa sleeves. A little bit more width would be perfect.
Augusta, GA

Best DVD Case Ever
I bought 3 90/90, 2 of them d2i. I used the d2 fixed for my kids wii games, and the d2i's for dvd's. The cases are excellent quality, and well constructed. It is amazing how much space I gained by getting rid of the plastic dvd covers that seemed to be reproducing like rabbits! I could not fit any more dvd storage furniture so these were a godsend. I will be purchasing more.

Beyond expectations!
Purchased these as Christmas present for those hard-to-shop-for people in my family. They were all beyond happy to get them and couldn't wait to get home and fill them up (not kidding!). I would absolutely recommend SLAPPA to any movie/video game/music enthusiast. In fact, these were so successful as christmas gifts, it's a no-brainer what I will be giving for gifts for any occasion from now on. Just put a gift card for DVD/CDs/Video Game purchase and Viola! It doesn't get any easier than that!


90/90 Dvd case
searched long and hard for a dvd case I could put all my dvd covers and dvds in and Slappa provided me just that. I'm here to tell ya if you have any doubt about these cases...Don't!! I bought 6 cases with the regular pages it comes with and I couldn't be any happier. I will be buying more.
Mark Stewart
Citrus Hieghts, Ca

I love my Slappa Gear
I'm very pleased and impressed with the Hard Body 90/90 Wave Pro DVD case. In fact, I just ordered another one. I've filled the first with a mixture of d2i and d3i pages and was able to fit 118 discs in there. That's almost my entire Blu-ray movie collection. The excellent build quality of the case was immediately obvious the moment I took it out of the box, though I'll admit I had some concerns about the zipper. I think a larger zipper might be more sturdy for something that can weigh as much as the case can when full, especially when filled with d3i pages that double its capacity. But I've put that concern to rest since closer examination suggests that the zipper may be just fine over time. Lastly, there's one other quibble I've found - The pages could be a tad wider. I haven't tried any DVD covers but I had to fold my Blu-ray covers precisely in half (along the middle of the side image) to get them to fit. If I fold them so that the front and side images are both visible they don't fit. This is a minor issue but sadly it does detract somewhat from the presentation of my movie collection and the case itself. But all things considered, I love my Slappa Gear and I've already recommended it to friends and will continue to do so. P.S. The welcome letter and sticker were a very nice touch.
Wossen W
Brisith Virgin Islands

very nice
Very nice, well-made case. The slide and lock pages are ingenious. I only wish there was an option to load it with d3i pages.
Oreland, PA

So much better then case logic
The 90/90 DVD case is just amazing. I luckily bumped into while searching for a DVD case on the internet. I am glad I didn't buy a case logic because the quality of the SLAPPA 90/90 case was far greater and the same cost. These cases should be sold in retail stores so other people can buy the best dvd case and avoid the cheap case logic case.
Patrick B.

Really good case
I bout the 90/90 dvd storge case. I love it, the only thing I would change is make the plastic cases a little bigger I had a tough time loading DVD cover art into them.
Chris W.
Atlanta GA

Just about perfect
I purchased the 90 d2i dvd case. I found it by searching online for a better dvd case than I currently had. It is just about perfect, but I would have greatly appreciated a d3i version instead of having to but separate pages
Scott C.
Twin Falls ID

great case
Great case for holding 90 dvds. Each sleeve could be slightly larger to hold not only the inside booklet (if any) but the outer cover as well (the cover under the plastic wrap). I had to fold along the spine.
Harold V.M.
Dallas, Tx

SLAPPA blows away the competition
My wife finally had it with my hundreds of DVDs taking up all of her shelf space. I got online and looked for different CD and DVD binders. My experience with these in the past however is that they eventully come apart or damage disks, also I wanted soemthing that would display the DVD art. After a little research on the web I came across SLAPPA. I immediately ordered 4 90/90 DVD Cases and a couple other products. I then got home and realized that this wasn't going to be enough so I got back online and ordered several more. When I received the products I was very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the cases. These blow the ''competitors'' products out of the water. The ''lagniappe'' (google it) included with the order was also a classy touch. I spent a good deal of the past weekend moving my DVD collection from boxes to the SLAPPA cases. What took up 10 shelves now neatly fits in 5 SLAPPA 90/90 cases which all fit on one shelf and the Garbage man has 5 big garbage bags full of of DVD cases to haul away. And now the wife has 9 shelves to fill with book and other knick knacks. Thanks guys you have a customer for life. about manufacturing a 10 inch netbook case.
Doug M
Dulles VA

The DVD case was amazing. First off, the build, durability, and quality is unmatched. Second, the d3i is genius, it let's me organize my DVD's anytime when needed! For example I like to keep sequels together so if one comes up, I can easily rearrange them. The sleeves are also very nice. I also bought the 160 CD case, which all the above applies. I also bought the DVD Box when my DVD case fills up.
Howard R.
Lancaster Texas

Almost perfect

90/90 DVD case, great product. Everything I've looked at can't hold the same number of inserts as discs which is ridiculous. Plus these seem very sturdy and able to withstand abuse over time.
Tony M.
Des Moines IA

A Perfect 10!!
HardBody 90/90 standard page I chose this product, because I wanted to be able to use the cover from the DVD case in front of the DVD. Thank you for the wonderful product.
Linda L. S.
Columbus Ohio

Wish I had found these sooner
I LOVE THESE CASES! I have 5 and will be ordering two more. I don't have to worry about buying furniture to accomodate my DVD collection and the sleek cases makes my living room look so much more streamlined. Now I can use the open cubbies in my bookcases for art, candles, and other knicknacks.
Bowie, MD

Purchased lots of the Slappa DVD storage, great product and now my DVDs are better organized!
very nice
I like the product because it is better made than the competition. The disc sleeves are of a higher quality and wont tear. The cases are made of better materials than the other products I looked at. The interlocking sleeve system is the icing on the cake and very nice. I like being able to rearrange my discs easily.
Shawn K
Aurora Il
Better than anything out there
I have the hard case dvd holder which holds 90 dvds. The quality of this case makes me deeply regret ever purchasing any other product for my disks. It is sturdy and compact and nicely holds both the covers and disks. It is surprising how many other brands don't do that. The shape of these are handy for stacking and are strong enough to not buckle. Thank you so much!
Centerville, UT
Love em
I have been using Slappa products for years now to store DVDs and CDs. love them.
Scott T.
Love it!!
Hardbody 90/90 DVD case with d2i. Loved it! Thank you for the great quality and practicality along with an affordable price! I don't think there are any others that can compare to what you have tooffer. I am more than pleased and will be purchasing more from you in the future as my collection grows.
I LOVE these cases - we bought 2 cd and 1 dvd case. As fulltime RV'ers, our storage space is quite limited and these cases were the perfect solution for our collection. I'm ordering another dvd case today. Only suggestion would be the different colors - this would make it easier to catagorize them and make finding the desired disc easier. Thanks for having such a quality product.
Linda N
Now a lifelong customer
We are using our slappa products for our dvd's. We bought 3 cases. we love the look, durability,and the great convenience of the slide lock system. I surfed a lot of websites when we decided to purchase cd/dvd storage cases. None of the other products i found even came close to the quality or convenience of slappa products. We also liked all the different sizes of cases with the various styles and colors with very compareable prices to far inferior products. I believe the only choice for anyone who happens across your website is not wether to buy slappa, but rather wich one to buy. We will be purchasing all our cd/dvd storage needs from you. thank you
Dwight H
Parker CO
Almost Perfect
Using the DVD 90/90 item. I chose it because it held both the covers and disks in an easy to view setup and fit in the drawer I wished to place it in. Only complaint is that the quality control on the width of the DVD cover slots could be better. The width varied slightly on some sheets.
Katy, Tx
very high quality
Purchased 4 of the 90 dvd cases. Very durable product. Chose it because the cases didn't look cheeply made, and they aren't compared to other products
Excellent case 2 thumbs up
Love love this case, well made very durable excellent. Gave as Christmas gifts to my brother and boyfriend and they loved it that we will buy more.
Lyzeth Holguin
Compton, Ca
Great DVD Case
I desperately needed storage for my huge DVD collection. I believe I will have to purchase @ 7 more cases, but I will take my time and do so over the next year. It was worth the purchase.
Bowie MD
Nine cases and counting....
I could not begin to calculate how much space I have saved by using these amazing DVD cases for storage! I have 9 cases filled so far and am getting ready to order more. (Yes, I'm a movie fanatic) I only have one slight problem; when they are full, the DVDs fit start fitting very tightly and they and your covers are difficult to insert and remove. The pages need to be adjusted slightly in future production I would recommend. These are the fixed pages. Other than that, I love these cases and they are incredible quality, very durable, and save untold hundreds or even thousands in furniture storage alternatives. Overall, I'm extremely pleased and highly recommend these outstanding cases!!
Johanna Wilhelm
Wash, DC, metro area

This is a great case, the 90/90 is just what my wife and I were looking for. This case will travel well, keep our DVDs in perfect condition and organized just the way we need them to be without taking all the space they have in our entertainment furniture, no more bookcases, shelves or closets full of DVDs! The quality is apparent as soon as you pick up the case. I'll buy at least two more cases within the next month for sure. Thank you Slappa for a FANTASTIC case it is a winner!
Silver Spring, MD

Great DVD cases
Using to store DVDs by genre

Love them but give me more colors
PLEASE!!!! create more colors for your DVD books. I like to identify my collections by color, and it seems silly to be limited to black, seeing how nice the CD books look.
Rob M.

Great DVD cases
The dvd case saves so much space! My wife and I love them.

Very nice cases
I really like your cases. It would be great to see you in some retails store like Target or somewhere like that would be great, even though it doesn't really matter because the shipping was so fast it's not like you have to wait weeks.

Great DVD case
The product is amazing. the amount of space I save is incredible.

excellent customer service
There was a apparently a glitch in my paypal payment to you and my order was not sent in timely manner. When this was straightened out the two 90-DVD holders and hanging CD holder I had ordered as Christmas presents were not available. They were all on back order...and would not arrive in time for Christmas. Slappa came thru though and sent me the 20 DVD holders/CD case (free). they then shipped my original order once they were back in stock. The cases are excellent and the customer service is fantastic

nice case, would like more colors
the black exterior is really cool, but maybe some people would be interesting in different colors? also, more and more DVDS are coming out with 2 discs or box sets, so a case that would be able to hold this would be nifty.

like the cases but really want the removable pages
the website does a good job representing these cases. I like them and had a slight issue with a couple of the front pouches on the dvd cases tending to be too tight. i really can't wait for the removable page models. overall a very good product

completely satisfied
I got a product that was not only exactly as advertised, but exceeded the ad in quality, looks and function.Thanks for a great product. I will be back to buy more
Great Product
I spent a week or so looking for quality cases and was so pleasantly surprised at how awesome these were when I got them. I could tell they were good quality on the web, but they were better than I expected in person. There's not much point in getting the cheap stuff if this is where you're going to house your investments. I will definitely order from you again. I noticed that you have distribution in Jacksonville, which is where IĆ¢??m moving in two weeks, and wanted to know if you have a store there as well. Thank you for a great product.


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Slappa warrants its products to be free from defects for 180 days from the date of purchase.