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Slappa Hardbody Pro 360 Disc CD Case

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Slappa Hardbody Pro 360 cases were designed to be the best CD storage cases on the market. Slappa started with the Slappa Hardbody Pro 360 outer shell, engineering them from Duro-Shock xEVA which is a super durable material that protects your discs from fire, water and being banged around. Slappa then laminated the Slappa Hardbody Pro 360 shells with rich fabics to insure a high-end look and feel. The inside of the Slappa Hardbody Pro 360 case features their exclusive d2 Layered Pockets, which is a layered pocket system that enables you to store your discs and covers in dedicated pockets, so you can keep your coveted liner notes while saving at least 100% space (when compared to standard jewel cases). Every page is stitched (not sonic sealed), to insure they do not tear like typical CD pages.

The Slappa Hardbody Pro 360 is perfect for 180 discs and 180 covers or 360 discs (if covers are not stored). Combined with a velvet lined interior, our spine labeling system, a disc cleaning cloth and industrial strength zipper teeth and 2 molded zipper pullers, Slappa feels that these are the best disc storage cases on the market.

The Slappa Hardbody Pro 360's polypropylene windows on d2 pockets will not stick to or damage discs and all pockets are stitched (not cheaply sealed). In addition, soft, non-woven waffle panels keep discs completely protected from scratches. Finally, two industrial strength zippers with molded rubber zipper pullers mean your case will open and close with ease.

Each Slappa Hardbody Pro 360 case comes with 2 spine labels for cataloging and a disc cleaning cloth.

- The d3i & tab accessories are only compatible with d2i Slide-n-lock version
- Designed to store CD and cover, will not hold plastic jewel cases

Product Dimensions:
18.5"(w) x 13"(h) x 4.75"(d) - standard, 19.5"(w) x 13.5"(h) x 5"(d) - d2i

Product Weight:
4.84 lb - standard, 5.94 lb - d2i

Molded Duro-Shock xEVA HardBody shell
d2 Layered Pockets for disc & cover storage
Camouflage nylon-weave outer finish
Holds 180 discs w/covers or 360 discs w/o covers
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Manufacturer-direct 360 Day Extended Warranty

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Slappa warrants its products to be free from defects for 180 days from the date of purchase.