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Sefour X60 Home Recording Studio Desk

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The ground breaking Sefour XR600-901 Studio/DJ Console - the studio console with style and functionality, the amazing profiled metal fascia in combination with the z-shape panels makes a truly stunning solution for producer's of any media the world over.

The new Sefour XR600-901 Studio/DJ Console has been designed with the new generation of digital savvy musicians and designers in mind. If you are a dj who likes to create or a producer who likes to dj, the Sefour XR600-901 Studio/DJ Console is the only solution on offer today. With our new durable multi position drawer you can transform your studio into a dj set-up in seconds and vice versa. Also the rigid exclusive 'z' shape cabinet is without doubt the most innovative studio furniture design to date.

The stylish profiles fascia is not only a stunning design but also a tidy 'u' equipment holder (x4). There is also an in-built shelf and pre-positioned holes for the attachment of optional speaker brackets (sp030-901).

PLEASE NOTE: All Sefour products ship direct to you from Sefour USA. Sefour does not provide tracking numbers for your shipments, so please do not ask for one, as it will not be provided to you in a timely manner by Sefour.

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