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Samson Technologies Expedition 308I Portable PA System

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When you pick up the Expedition XP308i, you're going to immediately notice how lightweight it is — definitely important for a portable PA system. The second requirement, though, is clear and powerful sound. And the Expedition XP308i certainly delivers in that category. You can hook up an entire band using the 8-channel mixer, and there's even a built-in iPod dock, so you can play music between sets. When the show's over, both speakers and the mixer fit together into an ingenious, carry-it-with-one-hand package: the Expedition XP308i.

Samson Expedition XP308i Portable PA System at a Glance:

  • Ingenious design lets you carry a PA in one hand
  • Instantly optimize the sound for speech or for music
  • Connect a band — and dock your iPod — with the 8-channel powered mixer
  • Add reverb to any microphone channel for a professional sound
  • Powerful system comes with dual 2-way speakers, so the whole crowd can hear
  • The mixer tilts for desktop use, the speakers tilt for monitor use

Ingenious design lets you carry a PA in one hand:

There's no joking about this one — this portable PA system really is portable. In fact, the whole thing weighs under 40 pounds and it joins together into a portable package that's smaller and lighter than the last suitcase you packed. Everything you need to get heard, though, is right there — tucked neatly into the Expedition XP308i's innovative case design. The speakers join together and the included mixer fits right into the back of one of the speakers. It's the perfect take-anywhere system for singer/songwriters, schools, businesses, bands, theater groups, community groups.

Instantly optimize the sound for speech or for music:

Cool trick here. It can take a while to dial in the right sound for speech and the right sound for music — especially if anyone unfamiliar with EQ is going to be running the system. To make things easy, Samson added a Music/Speech button. It's a set-it-and-forget it way to make sure you've got your system optimized for the application. Now you can be sure the speech or presentation is crisp and articulate for everyone out there... and that the music sounds full and rich when it's on. DJs are going to love this feature- flip it when you go to make an announcement or announce the next artist- flip it again when you go back to the music.

Connect a band — and dock your iPod — with the 8-channel powered mixer:

With the 8-channel mixer, you've got enough channels to get the whole band heard. Up to four vocalists, in fact, can sing right through the Samson Expedition XP308i. You've also got a set of stereo inputs to plug in a keyboard, a drum machine, a CD player, or whatever you need. How cool, though, not only can you get the whole band heard, you've also got a dock for your iPod. That way, you can rock tunes between sets or you can quickly cue backing tracks. Maybe you need to play a "please turn off your cell phones" message before the meeting or performance begins? Whatever you need to do, just load it onto the iPod the way you load up your music, dock it on your Expedition XP308i system, and hit play — simple and very handy. Good work, Samson.

Add reverb to any microphone channel for a professional sound:

One of the secrets behind a professional "live sound experience," is adding a bit of reverb — especially to each vocalist. The Samson Expedition XP308i has that feature built-in, so you don't have to go out and buy an expensive effects processor to get that pro "sheen." Just flip the switch on any vocal channel you want to add reverb to, and you're done. It's yet another example of how the Samson Expedition XP308i makes it easy to create an awesome live sound experience.

Powerful system comes with dual 2-way speakers, so the whole crowd can hear:

In the end, it's about getting sound to the crowd's ears, right? And Samson definitely didn't skimp on the speaker side of things. With the Expedition XP308i, you get two 150-watt speakers that pump out a surprising amount of power... an even more surprising amount when you take in how lightweight the whole system is. From the low notes to the high notes, you can be sure the sound is coming across. Also nice, the speakers pump out sound at a wide angle — that way, even if you're pretty far out to the left or the right of center stage, you're still getting the benefit of clear, intelligible sound.

The mixer tilts for desktop use, the speakers tilt for monitor use:

Samson really thought this one through. The Expedition XP308i does the job, yes... but it also does it with finesse. The 8-channel mixer, for example, can sit flat on your desktop, or you can use the kick-back stand to set it up so it's easier to see and use. Likewise, you can use one speaker to get the sound out to the crowd and another speaker to get the sound to the stage. Both of the Expedition XP308i's speakers tilt back and send the sound right to your ears, so you can use them as floor monitors.

Samson Expedition XP308i Portable PA System Features:

  • Compact 300-watt PA system with dual 2-way speakers.
  • Practical design allows all pieces to connect into a single, portable case.
  • Internal 2 x 150 watt lightweight Class D amplifier.
  • 8" woofers in 2-way vented enclosures.
  • 1" titanium tweeter in custom horn with 60 x 90 degree coverage.
  • 8-channel removable mixer with four mic/line inputs, two stereo inputs and phantom power.
  • Bass and treble control on mixer's channel inputs.
  • Monitor out on two-inch jacks allows connection to external powered monitors.
  • Internal effects processor to add digital reverb to any microphone channel.
  • Integrated iPod dock.
  • Music/Speech switch to set overall system equalization.
  • Six-segment level meter with limit indicator.
  • RCA record outputs to connect to external recorder.


Samson warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Samson: 631-784-2200