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Samson Technologies 5KIT Drum Microphone Package

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The Samson 5KIT drum microphone package has everything you need to add microphones to your drum setup in professional live or studio applications. All of the microphones in the Samson 5KIT feature a cardioid pickup pattern designed specifically for the drum that they are capturing. The Samson 5KIT drum microphones feature Gold-plated XLR connections to ensure a low noise signal path. The complete five-piece kit comes packaged in a handy travel case that doubles as secure storage. The Samson 5KIT drum microphone package is an afordable solution for your 5-piece drum set. The Samson 5KIT drum microphone package features one Q Kick microphone for bass drum, one Q Snare, three Q Tom mics, rim clips and a road case.

We understand that the sound of your drum kit is extremely personal and important to your livelihood, so we carefully designed the 5KIT as a complete solution specifically for miking your drum kit. The 5KIT has the QKICK for your bass drum, a QSNARE for your snare drum, and for your tom-toms, three QTOM mics will more than "fill-in". Special attention in the construction of the neodymium elements, together with precise capsule porting has a frequency response that has been carefully contoured for each of the specific drums in your kit. Thunderous low end from the bass drum, crisp and punchy attack on snare plus thick and defined tom-tom sounds are easy to get with this powerful complement of percussion mics. In addition to the great sound, the QSNARE and QTOM feature an integral mounting clip that easily installs on any standard drum rim. The multi-adjustable mounting clip allows you to carefully position the microphone and completely eliminates the need for external microphone stands which can be difficult to position around cymbal stands. Thanks to the great sound and flexible mounting solution, the 5KIT excels in both live performance and recording applications.

The Samson 5KIT utilizes state-of-the-art microphone technology and each microphone is engineered to the finest detail for the drum it is to be used on. Here are some of the 5KIT's main features:

Five piece percussion microphone kit including one QKICK bass drum mic, one QSNARE snare drum microphone and three QTOM tom-tom mics.

The QKICK, QSNARE and QTOM are neodymium, dynamic percussion microphones, designed from bottom to top, specifically for the drums they mic. Extended frequency range, contoured and optimized for each drum providing deep low end and snappy attacks.

Integral, multi-adjustable mounting clip allows the QSNARE and QTOM to be easily mounted on any standard drum rim, therefore eliminating the need for an additional microphone stand.

Tight super cardioid polar patterns minimizes feedback problems and effectively rejects unwanted signals from other drums in the kit. Capable of withstanding high SPLs, lending themselves to a wide range of close miking applications above or below and inside and outside the drums.

The QKICK, QSNARE and QTOM employ ultra sensitive neodymium elements that pick up all of the nuances of any performance.

Lightweight and compact, the QSNARE and QTOM can be mounted on any standard tom-tom and easily positioned to stay out of the way of your playing. Rugged Die-cast and ABS case construction ensures reliable performance in even the most demanding environments.

Included foam-lined, impact resistant carrying case for convenience when transporting the microphones from event space to event space .

Gold plated XLR Connectors.

Samson began 30 years ago as an audio technology company designing wireless microphone systems. Today, we are an industry leader with three distinct brands: Samson, Hartke and Zoom. Over 250 products designed and distributed by Samson are sold in 130 countries throughout the world.

Our position as an innovator and leading audio technology company has produced a variety of industry-changing audio products, and has provided the experience to create products with strong crossover from the pro audio and music segments to the consumer market.

Over the years, Samson has pioneered a number of technical breakthroughs in wireless such as the incorporation of dbx Noise Reduction, synthesized wireless with selectable frequencies, the first 19" rack-mount receiver, microprocessor-controlled true diversity (dual receiver) designs and cost-effective UHF wireless for live sound applications, system contracting and video. Samson also was the first company to introduce micro-transmitter wireless systems that don't require belt packs: The Airline System.

In 6005, we began production on our line of USB Microphones. Now the industry standard and top selling USB microphones on the market, the Q1U, C01U, C03U and G-Track provide affordable solutions for anyone wishing to enter the latest trends in new media like podcasting.

With Hartke Systems, innovation first came from the American bass amp and cabinet manufacturer with your unique aluminum cone drivers. Samson Technologies is now the exclusive worldwide distributor of Hartke amplifiers, cabinets and combos. Hartke's new HyDrive Bass Cabinets represent a revolutionary improvement in bass speaker technology, fusing paper and aluminum in a roadworthy speaker design that is more robust and efficient than anything available.

As the exclusive U.S. distributor for Zoom, Samson Technologies is also a leading design and development partner for products like the legendary 505 guitar effects processor, the best selling effects pedal. More recently, in partnership with Zoom, we launched the popular Q3 Handy Video Recorder, which uses our renowned audio technology to make it the best sounding video camcorder on the market. Also, H1 Handy Recorder has taken its place as the easiest, most portable handheld recorder ever.

Over three decades, Samson has grown from a small two-person operation, to a multinational enterprise with over 100 employees and a 126,000-square foot corporate and distribution headquarters. With products like our USB microphones, Handy Recorders, and a nearly exhaustive variety of products and accessories for audio, Samson expects its phenomenal growth to continue for the next 30 years and beyond.

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Samson warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.