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RocknRoller Multi-Cart R2RT

RockNRoller R2RT (Micro) Equipment Transporter

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The critically acclaimed RockNRoller R2RT (Micro) Equipment Transporter reduce time and effort moving equipment up to 50%. The exclusive design instantly transforms into any of 8 configurations to fit any equipment size or shape replacing the need for 8 different carts. Multi-Carts quickly and ergonomically move huge amounts of gear and supplies yet fold small for storage. All models now equipped with new patent-pending G-Force wheels and casters which are strong, lightweight and ride super quiet. New glossy textured finish resists equipment slippage better than smooth finishes and is super tough.

The exclusive RockNRoller R2RT (Micro) Equipment Transporter ingeniously change shape and length to carry huge amounts of equipment yet fold small for storage. They instantly transform into any of 8 configurations replacing the need for 8 different carts. The revolutionary design results in a moving machine that is very lightweight, super durable, affordable, and ergonomically efficient. Designed for professionals where speed and efficiency is crucial, RockNRoller R2RT (Micro) Equipment Transporter can reduce time and effort moving equipment by 50%. They are specifically designed to work with vehicles and airlines. 5 models are available to fit the needs of every musician, DJ, soundman, or photo/video professional.

RockNRoller R2RT (Micro) Equipment Transporter are the #1 selling carts in the history of the music industry and now used by major TV networks, news crews, professional sports teams, major corporations and thousands more.

Professional 8-in-1 Equipment Carts
Reduces Time & Effort Moving Equipment by 50%
Transform Into Any of 8 Configurations in 2 Seconds!

The Multi-Cart RockNRoller R2RT Micro Equipment Transporter 8-in-1 cart makes load-in at every music gig a breeze! Load-ins and load-outs are undoubtedly the worst part of a music gig. Either you're sweating before you play or dreading the number of trips you'll have to make after the music gig through narrow corridors, cellars, and staircases, or the length of several football fields.

Instantly transforming into any of 8 configurations, The RockNRoller R2RT Micro Cart equipment transporter is a great back saver for guitarists, bassists, and horn players who don't need a large cart to safely move your gear. The R2RT micro cart also doubles as an amp stand for stage or rehearsal. RockNRoller makes the multi-cart with super durable steel construction, a durable finish, and stair-climber bars for convenience.

The RockNRoller R2RT Micro equipment cart uses specially designed 6" x 1-1/2" rear wheels that are extremely strong yet lightweight. Polyurethane tread bonded to a polymer hub rolls smooth & quiet. Unique modern design lets you stand out from the crowd.

The Multi-Cart R2RT carries up to 350 lb. on a 2-rail frame that extends from 26-1/2" to 39" in length with 25"/20" (front/rear) foldable sides. It rolls on 6" x 1-1/2" rear wheels and 4" x 1" front swivel casters (w/o brakes). Weighing just 17 lb., the R2RT carries huge loads but folds small to fit in airline overheads or large suitcases.

RockNRoller R2RT Micro configurations: Storage-Transport, Short Furniture Dolly, Short Platform Cart, Short Hi-Stacker, Long Hi-Stacker, Long Platform Cart, Long Furniture Dolly, And 2-Wheel Handtruck.

Applications: Guitar/bass equipment, karaoke, photo/video, airline travel, general use

Rock n Roller Multi-Cart 8-in-1 R2RT Micro Equipment Transporter Cart Features:

  • Transforms in seconds into any one of 8 configurations
  • Specially designed 6" x 1-1/2" rear wheels that are extremely strong yet light weight
  • Polyurethane tread bonded to a polymer hub rolls smooth & quiet.
  • Unique modern design lets you stand out from the crowd.
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Textured powder coat finish is extremely tough and environmentally friendly
  • Stair-climber bars
  • Carries up to 350 lbs
  • Folds small enough to fit in airline overheads or large suitcases
  • Weight: 17lbs.
Rock N' Roller Light Duty - 200-350lb capacity
Rock N' Roller RMH1 Rock N Roller MultiCart - Mini Hand Truck (200lb capacity) $ 99.98 672485345404
Rock N' Roller R2RT Rock N Roller MultiCart - R2RT "Micro" w/ R Trac (350lb capacity) $ 149.98 672485344841
Rock N' Roller Medium Duty - 500lb capacity
Rock N' Roller R6RT Rock N Roller MultiCart - R6 "Mini" w/ R Trac (500lb capacity) $ 204.98 672485344858
Rock N' Roller R8RT Rock N Roller MultiCart - R8 "Mid" w/ R Trac (500lb capacity) $ 239.98 672485344865
Rock N' Roller R10RT Rock N Roller MultiCart - R10 "Max" w/ R Trac (500lb capacity) $ 259.98 672485344872
Rock N' Roller R12RT Rock N Roller MultiCart - R12 "All Terrain" w/ R Trac (500lb capacity) $ 339.98 672485344889
Rock N' Roller Heavy Duty - 600-700lb capacity
Rock N' Roller R14RT Rock N Roller Multicart - R14 "Mega" w/R Trac (700lb capacity) $ 319.98 672485345428
Rock N' Roller R16RT Rock N Roller MultiCart - R16 "Max Wide" w/R Trac (600lb capacity) $ 349.98 672485347224
Rock N' Roller R18RT Rock N Roller MultiCart - R18 "Mega Plus" w/R Trac (700lb capacity) $ 369.98 672485347231
Rock N' Roller Casters
Rock N' Roller R4CSTR/Y/B 4" G-force caster w/ brake (for R2RT , R6) $ 12.98 672485340829
Rock N' Roller R5CSTR/Y/B 5" G-force caster w/ brake (for R8, R10) $ 14.98 672485340843
Rock N' Roller R6CSTR/Y/B 6" G-force caster w/brake (for R14) $ 24.98 672485346128
Rock N' Roller R8CSTR/RT 8" x 2.5" R-Trac caster w/Brake (for R12) $ 34.98 672485340881
Rock N' Roller R6x3CSTR 6" x 3" R-Trac Wide caster w/brake (upgrade for R14) $ 29.98 672485347248
Rock N' Roller R8x3CSTR 8" x 3" R-Trac Wide caster w/brake (upgrade for R12) $ 39.98 672485347255
Rock N' Roller Wheels
Rock N' Roller R6WHL/O R2 Rear Wheel, soft tread (for R2RT ) $ 12.98 672485340867
Rock N' Roller R8WHL/RT/O 8"x2" R-Trac Rear Wheel (for R6, R8) $ 21.98 672485344827
Rock N' Roller R8WHL/RT/S 8"x2" R-Trac Wheel (for R12 Caster) $ 21.98 672485344834
Rock N' Roller R8x3WHL/O 8"x3" R-Trac Wide Wheel w/Offset Hub (rear wheel upgrade for R6, R8, R14) $ 24.98 672485347262
Rock N' Roller R10WHL/RT/O 10"x3" R-Trac Wheel (for R10, R12) $ 24.98 672485344797
Rock N' Roller Shelves & Decks
Rock N' Roller RSD2 R2 Solid Deck - Carpeted PLY $ 58.98 672485341215
Rock N' Roller RSD6 R6 Solid Deck - Carpeted ply $ 63.98 672485341222
Rock N' Roller RSD10 R10 Solid Deck - Carpeted PLY $ 73.98 672485341239
Rock N' Roller RSD14 R14 Solid Deck (works for R14 and R18) $ 94.98 672485346951
Rock N' Roller RSH2 R2 Shelf-no handles $ 58.98 672485341277
Rock N' Roller RSH6 R6 Shelf-no handles $ 63.98 672485341284
Rock N' Roller RSH10 R10 Shelf - no handles $ 69.98 672485341260
Rock N' Roller RSHM2 2 Tier Multimedia Shelf $ 105.98 672485345985
Rock N' Roller RRK1 Cargo Extension Rack (works withR6, R8, R10, R12) $ 49.98 672485345411
Rock N' Roller RLSH1 Laptop Shelf $ 44.98 672485341147
Rock N' Roller Misc. Accessories
Rock N' Roller RBCB Flex-Straps (4pk) $ 24.98 672485340973
Rock N' Roller RCH1 Headphone - Cable Rack $ 39.98 672485341031
Rock N' Roller RCLMP1 Multi-Clamp $ 12.98 672485341048
Rock N' Roller Parts
Rock N' Roller RH2 (2) R2RT Perforated handles (for shelf retrofit) $ 39.98 672485341079
Rock N' Roller RH6 (2) R6 Perforated handles (for shelf retrofit) $ 34.98 672485341086
Rock N' Roller RH10 (2) R10 Perforated handles (for shelf retrofit) $ 39.98 672485341062
Rock N' Roller RWNGBLT1 3/8" wingbolt w/ spring 2pk (all cart models) $ 7.98 672485341291
Rock N' Roller RWNGBLT2 5/16" wingbol 1pc.(works with all shelf models) $ 5.98 672485341635
Rock N' Roller RLPB Frame Lock Push Button $ 4.98 672485346180
Rock N' Roller RPLGS20 20mm (3/4") plastic end cap $ 1.00 672485341185
Rock N' Roller RPLGS25 25mm (1") plastic end cap $ 1.00 672485341390
Rock N' Roller R2TAPE 2pack non skid tape for R2RT cart $ 2.98 672485341536
Rock N' Roller R6TAPE 2pack non skid tape for R6 cart $ 2.98 672485341543
Rock N' Roller R10TAPE 2pack non skid tape for R8, R10, R12 carts $ 2.98 672485341550
Rock N' Roller RPPK1 RnR Parts Pack. Works with all models. $ 19.98 672485346081
Rock N' Roller RHDWR2 Hardware Pack for R2RT Cart (2x Cotter Pins, 2x Nuts, 2x lock washers) $ 4.98 672485341116
Rock N' Roller RHDWR6 Hardware Pack for R6 Cart (2x Cotter Pins, 2x Nuts, 2x lock washers) $ 4.98 672485341123
Rock N' Roller RHDWR8 Hardware Pack for R8 Cart (2x Cotter Pins, 2x Nuts, 2x lock washers) $ 4.98 672485341130
Rock N' Roller RHDWR10 Hardware Pack for R10 Cart (2x Cotter Pins, 2x Nuts, 2x lock washers) $ 4.98 672485341093
Rock N' Roller RHDWR12 Hardware Pack for R12 Cart (4x Cotter Pins, 2x Clevis Pins) $ 4.98 672485341109


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RocknRoller Multi-Cart warrants its products to be free from defects for 2 years from the date of purchase.

RocknRoller Multi-Cart: 800-950-1095