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Reloop RHP-5 Headphones

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The Reloop RHP-5 headphones are compact, lightweight, deliver a robust sound, plus they have an integrated iPhone controller. The Reloop RHP-5 have rotating ear cups and a collapsible design. Reloop RHP-5 headphones also include a microphone and an answer/mute button and work with all smartphones with 3.5mm jack including iPhone and BlackBerry. Reloop RHP-5 headphones also have a volume slider and a convenient shirt clip. The Reloop RHP-5 boasts high quality drivers that deliver a full, rich sound with crisp highs and deep bass comparable to much more expensive models.

Reloop RHP-5 Features:

  • Professional, compact headphones, closed rotary and retractable construction
  • Rubber-paint finish
  • Aluminium inlays on ear cups
  • Flat-comfort construction: compact and light ear cup housing (diameter of only 70 mm) for comfortable wearing for hours
  • Powerful, deep, finely resolvent sound for perfect listening pleasure
  • High-quality headband with extremely sturdy aluminium bar
  • Double headband casing: water-repellent, artificial leather (upper) and sweat-absorbing Climabsorb net nylon (lower side)
  • Exchangeable ear cups, made of artificial leather: large cut-out for enclosing wear, small cut-out for incumbent wear
  • One-sided cord routing
  • Gold-plated connections
  • Phone control including integrated microphone for all current mobile phones with 3.5 mm jacks (iPhone & other smartphones)


Reloop warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

USA Distributor Mixware: [email protected]