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Reloop Mixage DJ Controller

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With the Reloop Mixage DJ Controller,two touchsensitive XXL jog wheels can be used either for scratching and pitch bending or for quick track searching. With the big transport section (play, cue, cup & sync) the track is quickly mixed and via shift function this section can also be used triggering cue points. Thanks to the precise sync feature every blend-over is perfectly beat-matched and the DJ can focus on more important things such as creative remixing. Reloop Mixage DJ Controller has effects such as delay, flanger or reverb can be easily selected and manipulated via a large soft-touch encoder. A designated rotary control for filter (and pan) can be used for amazing high-pass and low-pass sweeps (HPF/LPF). The loop section comes with auto loop, manual in & out buttons, and a further encoder for rapid beat looping. The high-resolution 14 bit pitch fader and the illuminated pitch bend buttons round off the player section.

Besides 3-band equalizer and gain on the Reloop Mixage DJ Controller, the classically arranged 2 channel mixer also offers an LED level meter and convenient MIDI data & power status lights. The large and handy Trax encoder makes digging in the music library and finding just the right track easy as pie. Master and headphones volume and the cue-mix function as high-performance fader are always at hand.

On the rear panel of the Reloop Mixage DJ Controller the LED backround light and the jog wheel's sensitivity can be adjusted to one's own preferences. The shift lock switch is also highly practical as it is used to activate the shift function as toggle or hold mode. A further highlight is the DJ Team switch: Two Mixage controllers can be hooked up to one computer. This way one DJ team can control four decks in one software without mixing up the MIDI command (Traktor PRO required).

A pre-configured Traktor LE version is already included with the Reloop Mixage; easily connected via USB and selected through the Setup Wizard you are ready to mix. Of course Reloop Mixage is also compatible with any other software that is enabled for MIDI control.

Reloop Mixage can be transported easily due to the compact shape and carried effortlessly in every music gig bag. This slick controller is characterized by a plain user interface; everybody will quickly get well along with it. High-quality components including sturdy metal panels and a aluminium cover plate are almost unique in this affordable price range. Save your bucks - but don't save on quality!

Those who do not possess a multi-channel soundcard should go for the Mixage Interface Edition. A professional multi-channel interface is built in this version. Easily connect your sound system and headphones for direct monitoring of the tracks. The ASIO driver architecture facilitates lowest latency and fast mixing without delay. For hosts, MCs or singers a microphone connection on the front side has been integrated. The signal can be routed directly to the master-out or to a computer for recording; the volume can also be adjusted directly.

No matter what age ? it's time for Reloop Mixage DJ Controller!

Reloop Mixage Features
Professional DJ USB/MIDI controller with integrated audio interface
Integrated 4 channel USB audio interface with 16 bit/48 kHz
6.3 mm microphone connection (with volume controller of its own)
Stereo RCA outputs for the connection to the master sound system and 6.3 mm headphones connection for direct monitoring
ASIO driver with minimum latency and best audio quality
Clearly arranged mixer/CD player design for quick and easy access
Optimized for the worlds leading mixing software Traktor LE
All controllers in full size
Altogether 54 MIDI controllers (30 buttons, 5 faders, 4 encoders, 1 push knob, 12 knobs, 2 touchsensitive jog wheels)
All MIDI controllers freely assignable
USB bus power: power supply also possible via USB
Anti-theft system: Kensington safety slot
Compatible with Mac OSX and Windows XP/Vista/7

Mixer section:
- Classic 2 channel design
- 1 x PRO Longlife crossfader
- 2 x volume controller with PRO Longlife faders
- 2 x 3 band equalizer
- 2 x gain knob
- 2 x cue button
- 2 x LED level meter

Player section:
- 2 x touchsensitive (adjustable sensitivity), two-part jog wheels for scratchingm cueing, etc.
- Large transport section fpr play, cue, cup, and sync (also useable as cue point section)
- 2 different jog modes (scratch & pitch bend, fast search)
- 2 x high resolution 14 bit pitchfader without latch position
- 2 x pitch bend buttons
- 2 x assignable encoders and 4 x buttons for effect and loop control
- Designated knobs for filter and pan effect
- Shift button for double function assignment
- Glistening white, red, and orange LED illumination

Master section:
- Cue mix, volume, and master controller
- Especially large Trax encoder for quick, easy brosing in the music library (with load buttons)
- Power and MIDI data status LEDs

- LED dimming function
- Adjustable jog sensitivity
- Shift-lock feature
- DJ team mode: change the MIDI channel and connect 2 controllers to a computer for 4 deck control (Traktor PRO)

Minimum system requirements PC
- Windows XP (SP3), Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit)
- At least Pentium IV / Intel Core Duo, 1.4 GHz (We DO NOT recommend AMD processors!)
- At least 1 GB RAM
- CD-ROM/DVD drive

Minimum system requirements Mac
- OS X 10.5/10.6
- Intel Core Duo Family (only Intel Macs), 1.66 GHz
- At least 1 GB MB RAM
- CD-ROM/DVD drive

- Dimensions: 370 x 44 x 258 mm
- Weight: 1.9 kg
- Incl. DJ Software Traktor LE, mains adapter, and USB cord


Among the world-wide suppliers of DJ equipment Reloop takes an exceptional position in many aspects.

Reloop is the most important German brand on the global DJ equipment market thus also taking the leading position among European manufacturers. With its unrivalled product philosophy Reloop is the only European brand that could establish itself among the big ones on the market which is otherwise solely dominated by the Japanese and Americans.

As opposed to most of the other suppliers that were originally active on the Hifi and audio market Reloop has always been a manufacturer for DJ technology. Reloop has evolved from a German garage company, founded by a group of specialized engineers who had a high affinity for DJs, to a globally operating company that equips mixing musicians in more than 40 countries.

The product philosophy also distinguishes Reloop considerably from other suppliers. From the first mixer that came on the market in 1996 up to the release of the first vinyl system in 2008 an approach was followed that can be described as grass-roots democracy:

Reloop's intention has always been to make its innovations accessible for a wide range of DJs - beginners, advanced and professionals - and not only concentrate on a small elite group of professional musicians. Due to a close connection to the DJ base, technology trends, design currents and user requests that were exactly tailored to the big audience of urban mixing artists have been taken on time and time again.

The combination of a well-balanced price-performance ratio and distinct German quality awareness is responsible for the enormous popularity that Reloop enjoys throughout all professionalization levels of deejaying.

Reloop stands exactly for true "Solutions for Deejays".

100% Features + 100% Quality + 100% Innovation = 100% DJing


  • Reloop is designed & engineered in Germany
  • The Reloop brand was established in 1996
  • Reloop has been the best-selling DJ brand in Germany since the early 21st century
  • Reloop has the perfect choice of equipment for lounges, discos, night clubs, DJs and producers
  • Reloop offers in excess of 250 DJ products:
    The product range has turntables, DJ mixers, CD/MP3 player, Vinyl Systems, DJ MIDI Controllers, USB- Interfaces, DJ headphones, microphones, amplifiers,
    processors, loudspeakers, bags, cases, flight & road cases, lifestyle products, cables & adapters
  • Reloop is produced at select production sites in Asia
  • Reloop is distributed in more than 40 countries (mainly Europe & Eastern Europe and Asia):
    Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France,
    Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Luxembourg
    Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
    Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, Thailand
    Tunisia, Turkey ...

Unique Design:

  • Reloop's product engineers are domiciled in Germany. They can fall back onto more than 10 years of experience in the development and production of DJ products, in combination with 20 years of activities in "Sound & Light" events. Backing Reloop's development team are also numerous young DJs, producers and creative sound enthusiasts, who focus on the development of new technologies and functionalities which give DJs and producers new creative freedom. Reloop invests in product novelties and innovative products which reflect the pulse of the time.

Quality Concept:

  • Reloop uses only quality components and greatly rates added value for optimized functional design which
    assists DJs in performing your art. Also, comprehensive quality inspections and intensive controls for extreme
    durability of all prototypes are carried out prior to mass production.


Reloop warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

USA Distributor Mixware: [email protected]