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Reloop INP-2 Earphones

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Reloop IN-2 Flash Black earphones are equally appropriate for use as stage or studio monitors while performing as well as for casual use with MP3 players. Thanks to the especially isolated ear plugs with 10mm drivers, ambient noise is shout out while a powerful and brilliant sound unfolds in your ears. The included silicon buds in 2 different sizes guarantee high wearing comfort for an outstanding listening experience.

Reloop IN-2 Flash Black earphones Features
  • Professional In Ear headphones
  • Special sound-isolation ear plugs for brilliant sound
  • Ambient noise is shielded out perfectly
  • Perfect listening pleasure due to crystal-clear highs and powerful bass
  • High wearing comfort thanks to silicon buds
  • Ideal for portable media players, production and stage monitoring
Reloop IN-2 Flash Black earphones Specifications
  • Frequency range: 10 hz - 20 kHz
  • Acoustic pressure: 103 dB
  • Cable: 1.0 m
  • Incl. 2 differently sized silicon buds


Reloop is the most important German brand on the global DJ equipment market thus also taking the leading position among all of the European DJ manufacturers. With its unrivalled product philosophy Reloop is the only European brand that competes with the Japanese and American brands. Reloop's intention has always been to make its innovations accessible for a wide range of DJs - beginners, advanced and professionals - and not only concentrate on a small elite group of professional musicians. Due to a close connection to actual DJ's, technology trends, design currents and user requests that were exactly tailored to the big audience of urban mixing artists have been taken on time and time again.


  • Reloop is designed & engineered in Germany
  • The Reloop brand was established in 1996
  • Reloop has been the best-selling DJ brand in Germany since the early 21st century
  • Reloop offers in excess of 250 DJ products:
    The product range has turntables, DJ mixers, CD/MP3 player, Digital Vinyl Systems, DJ MIDI Controllers, USB- Interfaces, DJ headphones, microphones, amplifiers, processors, loudspeakers, bags, cases, flight & road cases, lifestyle products, cables & adapters
  • Reloop is produced at select production sites in Asia

Quality Concept:

  • Reloop uses only quality components and greatly rates added value for optimized functional design which assists DJs in performing your art. Also, comprehensive quality inspections and intensive controls for extreme durability of all prototypes are carried out prior to mass production.
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Reloop warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

USA Distributor Mixware: [email protected]