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Rane MLM-42S Mixer

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The evolution of the entertainment industry has necessitated the creation of an outboard mic/line device to compliment existing mixing consoles. Whether you're recording, mobile mixing, or broadcasting, there are occasional needs to expand your existing arrangement. Frustrations abounded when it came to adding mics for interviews, karaoke, and live performances because it was cost prohibitive. Now it's quite inexpensive to enhance your existing gear and expand the number of live mics for any music gig. The Rane MLM 42S is unique. These microphone preamps give you the studio-grade quality you need.

Applications are everywhere. The Rane MLM 42S is designed to fit into a variety of situations where cost is an issue and Rane quality is a must:

Live Sound
Studio and Remote Radio & Television Broadcasting
Professional Night Club
Fixed Commercial Installations
DJ Mixer (Mic) Expansion
Each input has all the features you need:

Input Level control with Overload indicator
15 Volt Phantom Power
Dedicated microphone and line input jacks
3-band Accelerated-Slope, full-cut tone controls
Four quality microphone preamps, quiet to -126 dBu EIN
Post-mix Effects loop has Wet/Dry pan control
RCA unbalanced; XLR & 1/4" TRS balanced parallel outputs
Balanced outputs are Mic or Line selectable

Rane MLM 42S Specifications
Parameter Specification Limit Conditions/Comments
Mic Inputs: Type Active balanced Burr-Brown INA 163
Connectors (Mic/Line) XLR / TRS Pin 2 = (+) hot / Tip-Ring-Sleeve
Input Imped. (Mic/Line) 836 / 3.32k Ω 1% each leg, 1 kHz
Gain Range (Mic/Line) 12 to 50 / 0 to 12 dB 2 1 kHz
Max Input (Mic/Line) +10 / +22 dBu min gain, 1 kHz
Max Input (Mic/Line) -28 / +10 dBu max gain, 1 kHz
Frequency Response 10 Hz-50 kHz mic gain = 50 dB; +.5,-3 dB
Equivalent Input Noise -126 dBu max mic gain = 50 dB, Rs=150Ω 20-20 kHz
Common Mode Rejection 60 dB min 1 kHz, Rs = 150Ω
THD+N 0.01% typ mic gain = 40 dB, +4 dBu, 20-20 kHz
Phantom Power 15 VDC 5% disabled in line mode
Tone Controls: Type Accelerated-Slope 2nd-order Linkwitz-Riley
Boost/Cut Range +6 dB to full cut (off)
Lo/Mid and Mid/High 300 Hz / 4 kHz 5% Separation frequencies
Effects Loop: Type Active unbalanced 1/4" TS connector
Input Impedance 30.1k Ω min 1 kHz
Output Impedance 300 Ω 1% 1 kHz
Maximum Output +20 dBu min load = 10 kΩ, 1 kHz
A/B unbalanced outputs: Active unbalanced; Mono RCA connectors; (same as A & B)
Output Impedance 300 Ω 1% 1 kHz
Maximum Output +20 dBu min load = 10 kΩ, 1 kHz
Balanced Outputs: Type Active balanced 1/4 TRS and XLR connectors
Output Imped. (Mic/Line) 51.1 / 150 Ω 1% 1 kHz
Max. Output (Mic/Line) -16 / +24 dBu min load = 10 kΩ, 1 kHz
SN 90 dB typ 20-20 kHz, 1 Line Input, unity, +4 dBu
THD+N .0035 % typ 20-20 kHz, +4 dBu, Line Input, unity
Control Feed-through -80 dB typ all front panel level controls @ 1 kHz
Crosstalk -75 dB @ 1 kHz max re +4 dBu, any channel to any channel
Unit: Agency Listing UL/cUL/CE
Universal Line Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 7 watts
Unit: Construction All Steel
Size (1U) 1.75"H x 19"W x 5.3"D (4.4 cm x 48.3 cm x 13.3 cm)
Weight 4 lb (1.8 kg)
Shipping: Size 4.25 x 20.3 x 13.75 (11 cm x 52 cm x 35 cm)
Weight 8 lb (3.6 kg)
Note: 0 dBu=0.775 Vrms


Rane warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.