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QUIK-LOK QLX-11 Keyboard Stand

Quik-Lok QLX-11 Keyboard Stand

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Single-Brace, Single-Tier, "X".

Quik-Lok's new line of stands represents a major breakthrough in "X" stand designed by incoporating the "QLX RECALL" locking disc system. By integrating the "Original Quik-Lok" locing disc, thie new exclusive design features two important modes of operation:

RECALL MODE allows the user to choose one of four height positions as a preset and have the stand return to that height every time the stand is opened. SImply lock the Position Pin in the "A"(highest), "B", "C" or "D"(lowest) hole and the stand "recalls" the desired height

TRANSPORT MODE enables the stand to be locked closed to prevent it from opening accidentally. When the stand is folded, move the Position PIn to the "T" hole. The stand is now firmly locked in the closed positions.

Available in black and titanium finish

The Quik-Lok QLX-11 Single-Tier Single-Brace Keyboard Stand with "QLX Recall" Locking Disc has two important modes of operation such as recall mode and transport mode. The locking mechanism is exclusive.

The QLX-11 is extremely durable, easy-to-use and dependable.

QLX-11 has incorporated the "QLX Recall" Locking disc system. This feature of QLX-11 allows you to choose one of the four height positions as preset, denoted as A (for the highest), B, C and D(for the lowest). The stand returns to the same preset height when it's opened next time. Lock the QLX-11 stand to prevent it from opening accidentally during transportation. Once the stand is folded, just move the Position Pin to the designated hole for this purpose.

The QLX-11 has many options like QLX-1, QLX-2, QLX-3, QLX-4, QLX-5, QL-622.

Options: QLX-1, QLX-2, QLX-3, QLX-4,QLX-5, QL-662
Leg depth: 19.9" -50.5cm
Tier depth: 14" - 35.7cm
Folded height: 40.5" -102.2cm
Brace tube size: 30mm X 20mm(X2)
Tier tube size: 30mm
Weight capacity: 180lb - 80kg
Weight: 9.8lb - 4.4kg

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Quik-Lok warrants its products to be free from defects for 5 years from the date of purchase.

Quik-Lok: 800-877-6863