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Procases F-WS1 DJ Console Workstation

Procases F-WS1 DJ Console Workstation

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Procases F-WS1 DJ Console Workstation is the solution for organizing your gear, weather in the pro studio environment or at home. It's perfect for producers, remixers, composers, & DJs. Its long length allows the user to put keyboards, midi controllers, computer, turntables, and/or mixers on the top.

There are 10 spaces of vertical rack space in the middle of the Procases F-WS1 DJ Console Workstation to organize your rack mount gear and another 9 spaces of horizontal sliding rack rails located just a few inches below the desk. Now the user can hide your mixer, CD controller, computer keyboard, or any other rack mountable effects while using the table without interfering with your body.

Four storage spaces are located under the table, re-enforced with steel beams for maximum protection, to hold records, cases, amplifiers etc...

Plenty of 1.75" holes located in all the right places to pass through your cable and hide them for a neat and clean look.

A 14"x 10" adjustable stand is located in the middle on the table that is perfect for laptops or computer monitors.

A side LP storage holder holds 20 records and a hook is located under the table for hanging your headphones.

Dimensions (overall): 67"x 20" x 38"
Dimensions of adjustable pedestal: 14" x 10"
Dimensions top storage space: 22" x 15.75" x 18.5"
Dimensions bottom storage space: 22" x 17.5" x 15.5"
Dimensions of shipping box #1: 41.54" x 23.2" x 5.75" (UPS/FedEx = Yes)
Dimensions of shipping box #2: 71.5" x 2: 21.34" x 3.78" (UPS/FedEx = Yes)
Weight of shipping box #1: 99 lbs.
Weight of shipping box #2: 89 lbs.
Color: Black
Item: F-WS1

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Procases warrants its products to be free from defects forever.

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