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Primacoustic IsoWedge Speaker Isolation Kit

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The Primacoustic IsoWedge Speaker Isolation Kit monitor isolation pads are designed to decouple the sound from the loudspeaker so that it will not resonate with the desk or shelf. This helps reduce an effect called comb-filtering that occurs when various frequencies add or cancel with each other when coupled.

ThePrimacoustic IsoWedge Speaker Isolation Kitis angled while the IsoPlane is flat. This allows the user to select between either platform shapes to optimize the studio setup. The IsoPlane can also be used to decouple turntables and other devices that can be adversely affected by sound resonating through the floor and furniture.

Sold in sets of four units, thePrimacoustic IsoWedge Speaker Isolation Kitand IsoPlane are designed to be used in pairs and spaced under the monitor as a means to distribute the weight. The cost effective design makes them perfect for home studio use and other applications where vibrations are an issue and decoupling is required.

Primafoam components combine exceptional performance with great looking and easy to install acoustic foam.

The Primacoustic IsoWedge Speaker Isolation Kit┬áis a monitor speaker isolation kit that allows for decoupling speakers from console tops or any other surface that will resonate and thus compromise the speaker's performance.

Each kit contains four, 12.8" x 4" x 2" pieces of high-density low compression foam, cut with a 6 degree slope that can provide for effective down-firing placement in elevated installations (on a meter bridge) or the pad can be reversed for up-firing tabletop installation.

  • Eliminates resonance from loudspeakers to shelf
  • Made from high density open cell acoustic foam
  • Down-fire angle to optimize monitor placement
  • Cost effective solution for home studio recording
  • All Primacoustic foam products are embedded with a fire retardant
  • Eliminates low frequency coupling, that provides for more accurate mixes
  • Install instantly and allow vertical or horizontal monitor placement
The Science of Isopads

Given enough energy, sound will travel through anything. Just stand outside a night club and you can hear the bass travel right through the walls. This occurs when the source of the sound vibrates and the vibrations, if sufficiently strong, will couple through the air or through the product itself, the floor and substructure which will cause the following device to also vibrate and emit sound.

In the studio it is no different. Sound from a near field monitor will vibrate through to the shelf or desk on which it is resting. This will cause the shelf to vibrate. The size and mass of the shelf will determine the frequency at which this will occur. If the frequency being generated is in phase with the loudspeaker, then this frequency will rise in amplitude. If the two sounds are out of phase with each other, then a cancellation will occur. This not only happens at the fundamental frequency, but will also occur at related harmonics. The effect is commonly known as comb-filtering.

By insulating the loudspeaker from the shelf, you can eliminate the coupling which causes the problem. This is precisely what the IsoWedge and IsoPlane are designed to do. They effectively decouple the monitor which in turn brings greater clarity to the loudspeaker. The energy in fact will be dissipated into heat via a process called thermo-dynamic transfer.

Critical to the performance is the quality of the acoustic foam and the thickness. It is critical that the acoustic foam be sufficiently dense to ensure the loudspeaker properly 'floats' without coupling into the shelf. If the foam is too thin, the bass frequencies will merely jump across the boundary therefore using a thin layer of foam will have little or no effect.

The IsoWedge and IsoPlane have been specifically design to provide sufficient space between the loudspeaker and the shelf to ensure these are decoupled and the high density open cell acoustic foam is custom 'baked' to achieve the desired stiffness. Once in place, these will bring greater clarity to the mix, thus making it easier to get the job done.


IsoPads were conceived to improve the accuracy of your studio monitors and home theater loudspeakers by minimizing the transfer of vibrations from loudspeakers to the structures supporting them. IsoPads are available in two profile shapes for horizontal and angled applications.

The IsoPlane system consists of 4 pieces of high density, low compression polyurethane foam, enough for two loudspeakers or two turntables. Each piece measures 12.75" x 4.5" with a maximum overall height of 1.5". The IsoPlane is cut with a planar profile making it useful for isolating equipment that requires a level surface.

The ISO Wedge system consists of 4 pieces of high density, low compression polyurethane foam, enough for two loudspeakers. Each piece measures 12.75" x 4.5" with a maximum overall height of 2". The ISO Wedge is cut with a 6 Degrees slope and is intended to accommodate monitors when placed on a tall meter bridge or low table top where the monitor speakers will need to be aimed down or up for the best on-axis positioning.

How to Use

IsoPads consists of 4 pieces of high density, low compression polyurethane foam, enough for two loudspeakers. Each piece measures 12.75" x 4.5". and available in two profiles.

The IsoWedge is cut with a 6 Degrees slope and is intended to accommodate meter bridge or tabletop mounting where the monitor speaker will need to be aimed up or down for the best on-axis positioning.

The IsoPlane is cut with a planar profile making it useful for isolating equipment that requires a level surface such as DJ turntables and CD players.

IsoPads are used to counter the effects of vibration-loading, or the physical transfer of vibrations from one solid directly to another solid. In the case of loudspeakers, vibration loading occurs when speaker cabinet vibrations are transferred to structures that support the loudspeakers.

Vibration-loading is perceived as an artificial boost of mid and low frequencies. The direct result of vibration-loading is that a listener will hear a combination of direct sound from the loudspeaker and the effects of structural resonance. They hear a frequency content altered by resonance instead of an accurate picture of what is actually on the recording. If that listener makes mix and equalization decisions based on what they are hearing, the mix will lack low and mid-range frequency content when reproduced on other play-back systems.

Monitor Height and Angle

By rotating the IsoWedge pads the slope can be either positive 6 Degrees (up-firing), or negative 6 Degrees (down-firing). For table top use, place the IsoWedge pads so they are in the up-firing position where the Primacoustic logo is facing away from the user. Place the loudspeaker on the pads so they are tilted up. For meter-bridge use, place the IsoWedge pads so they are in the down-firing position where the Primacoustic logo is facing the user. Place the loudspeaker on the pads so they are tilted down.

IsoPads FAQ I notice that there are several companies making similar products. Is there a difference?

The main difference will be in the density of the foam. Some manufacturers employ lower density foam as it is less expensive to produce.

How do these compare to the Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizers?

The Recoil Stabilizers are designed for professional studios where the IsoWedge and IsoPlane target the home studio enthusiast. The IsoWedge and IsoPlane are much less expensive because they do not employ the mass component that makes the Recoil Stabilizer unique. The IsoWedge helps eliminate destructive coupling while the Recoils do a lot more.

Can I use the IsoPlane to help my CD player from skipping?

Yes. By decoupling the shelf from floor-borne resonance, you can often help your CD player and turntable so that they track better.

Why are these made from acoustic foam?

Open cell acoustic foam works well, is not too expensive and so long as it has sufficient density, does a very commendable job.

Can I build my own using packing foam?

Sure, why not? Just be careful... closed cell foam tends to be very hard and will act as a conduit for certain frequencies which of course could cause resonance.

I have large loudspeakers... can I use four IsoWedges for each one?

Yes. This is a good solution when your loudspeakers are large and heavy.

Can I use IsoPlanes for my home hi-fi system?

Absolutely. If you have bookshelf speakers, you will likely improve the sound by eliminating the resonance from the shelf.

If the foam eliminates resonance by converting energy into heat, am I not loosing some sound?

Yes. This is a ‘best of two evils" choice. If you have disruptive resonance, getting rid of it is a benefit. You will however likely loose some bass and the foam will affect the transient response. More expensive devices like the Recoil Stabilizers are designed to solve both problems at once.

It sounds like the Recoil Stabilizers are a better choice?

Well, it depends on your budget and your plans. If you are making music for fun, then you do not need to have the type of performance that one would when producing a world class CD. Most top engineers use Recoils because they want the most accurate monitoring environment possible.

Why do so many people use MoPads and IsoWedges if Recoils are so much better?

Probably because they are not aware of the difference and assume that they are similar. As soon as you pick up a Recoil, you notice the tremendous weight due to the steel platform. Recoils are also more expensive.

Why is the urethane foam Grey?

When we produce the foam, we impregnated the urethane with carbon to get a dark grey color. Carbon naturally resists UV and oxidization. This ensures your IsoWedges will last longer. This is the same reason outside electrical wires are black. Carbon makes them last longer in the sun!

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Primacoustic Limited warranty

Please inspect products immediately after receiving your purchase. Primacoustic acoustic products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of thirty (30) days after purchase. In the unlikely event that a defect is uncovered, please call 604-942-1001 to obtain an RA number (Return Authorization number) from Primacoustic before the thirty (30) day warranty period expires. Once you have obtained an RA number return the product, freight prepaid, within fifteen (15) days after the date the RA number is issued.

Please return the product in the original packaging (or another, affording an equal degree of protection) with all of the following:

  • 1. RA number clearly marked on the returned package
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You are solely responsible for all shipping and insurance costs for returning the product to Primacoustic, and you will not be reimbursed or compensated for any loss or damage incurred during return shipping.

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