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Ploytec PL2 MIDI Synthesizer

Ploytec PL2 MIDI Synthesizer

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Despite its small housing the Ploytec Pl2 is a complete duophonic mono synthesizer!

The Ploytec Pl2 MIDI Synthesizer creates a huge variety of sounds with the help of twoe pulse oscillators which can be interconnected in variable and innovative ways. Not only the classic waveforms such as saw-, sine- or pulse-waves will be simulated, rather newly and interesting sounds - from warm to destructive - are also generated. 

The Ploytec Pl2 MIDI Synthesizer receives data via MIDI channel 1 and all setting parameters can be edited by MIDI controller commands. 
Up to 32 self-programmed sounds can be stored in the memory area. In addition, further 32 factory sounds are located within a fixed memory area which provides perfect starting material to experiment with.

Ploytec Pl2 MIDI Synthesizer follows the principle of subtractive synthesis in which the waveform (generated by the oscillators) first runs through a wide range adjustable digital filter stage (low- high- and band-pass) to edit the frequency spectrum and/or amplify the resonance area if desired. After the digital filter an additional analog low-pass filter follows which particularly ensures the necessary warmth especially for destructive- and digital-like sounds.

Ploytec Pl2 MIDI Synthesizer has several additional options in terms of sound and playing manipulation like LFO modulation, PWM, ADSR envelope and various play modes. Another interesting detail: LFO- and envelope-speed synchronise automatically to an external applied MIDI clock - whereby the PL2 perfectly adjust to your song tempo. 

Future Ploytec Pl2 synthesizer extensions and new features can be easily added by updating the firmware via MIDI system exclusive (SysEx) transmission. 

Ploytec Pl2 MIDI Synthesizer Features:

2 Oscillators
4 Waveforms
32 Presets
32 User presets
Square Wave Synthesis
Digital Filter (LPF, BPF, HPF)
Analog Filter (LPF)
Pulse Width Modulation
MIDI clock synced

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Ploytec warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.