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Pioneer XDJ-R1 Wi-Fi iOS DJ Controller

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The Pioneer XDJ-R1 is the world's first Wi-Fi DJ controller that can wirelessly play your music from your phones, iPads and laptops. The Pioneer XDJ-R1 Controller also allows you to plug in any USB memory stick with music on it and DJ from that, as well as DJ from any laptop like a traditional DJ controller. The XDJ-R1 can also create its own wireless access point when Wi-Fi isn’t available in the nightclub or place that you're laying which easily enables convenient connectivity with your music devices.

Featuring two decks with CD slots, a mixer, USB port, balanced XLR outputs and a brand new app that let's you wirelessly take control of the unit. The Pioneer XDJ-R1 is a first for Pioneer and builds on the success of your Aero DJ unit's wireless Rekord Box capability. 

  • The XDJ-R1 is DJ-ready out of the box, so there's no need to add other equipment or fiddle with multiple cable connections. The unified deck packs in USB playback, two CD drawers, two touch-sensitive jog wheels, a two-channel mixer – plus effects and performance features taken from Pioneer DJ's industry-standard set-up.
  • Mix from multiple sources including rekordbox USB, CDs and VirtualDJ LE
  • DJs can simply load tracks from USB or CD to play a range of media – including MP3, AAC (USB only), WAV, AIFF and 24-bit files. Just like the pro-DJ range, tracks prepared in rekordbox can be exported onto USB, allowing DJs to take advantage of features such as the track database, beat grids and Hot Cues. Or they can effortlessly switch to MIDI to control other DJ software on your laptop via wired connection – including the free download of VirtualDJ LE with its four-channel and video mixing.
  • Crammed with performance features from Pioneer's pro-DJ range

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 is equipped with a full array of audio ports for connecting other sThe XDJ-R1's intuitive controls put the power of live edits for impressive performances at the DJ's fingertips:

  • rekordbox Beat Sync: automatically syncs tracks to the master deck using rekordbox beat grid information
  • Auto Beat Loop: automatically loops tracks at specified beat lengthsHot Cues: DJs can instantly access up to three Hot Cue points on each deck
  • Sound Colour FX: NOISE, PITCH, CRUSH and FILTER FX are inherited from Pioneer's pro-DJ mixers, offering a HI and LO Pass sweep on each channel for even mightier manipulation
  • Beat FX: dedicated buttons on each deck for TRANS, FLANGER, ECHO and ROLL beat effects with Tap Tempo
  • Four-beat Sampler: access three pre-loaded samples
  • Shift Mode: fast access to advanced features, including:

−Quantize: locks the beat timing of effects to rekordbox beat grids for perfect sounding performances
−Search: quickly scan through whole tracks with the jog wheel
−Edit: delete Hot Cues and samples

INDUSTRY FIRST: Remote mixing and FX control with remotebox for iPhone/iPad

  • DJs can download the free remotebox app for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch (available from the App Store) to use your device as a remote control for all the XDJ-R1's amazing features*1. The XDJ-R1 creates a private wireless LAN for reliable connection to the DJ's iOS device.
  • Intuitive touch-screen control has browsing, loading and mixing tracks, as well as triggering FX, Auto Beat Loops, Hot Cues and samples. Plus – unique in the Pioneer range – remotebox introduces the innovative XY Pad: a two-dimensional way to engage and manipulate Beat FX and Sound Colour FX in combination.\DJs using remotebox on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch are liberated from the booth to interact more, showcase your talents and even let the crowd get involved with choosing tracks.

Custom-designed accessories, ease of set up and portability

  • The XDJ-R1 all-in-one system contains everything DJs need in one sleek box, including a handy iPhone/iPod touch stand to position the screen in line of sight at all times. Plus the DJC-SC3 sturdy carry bag (sold separately) is custom-designed for the XDJ-R1, with multiple pockets and a vertical structure to give DJs easy access even in confined booths.

Multiple input and output options for maximum flexibility

  • The XDJ-R1 is equipped with a MASTER OUT (XLR), BOOTH OUT, AUX and MIC, to enable connection to external hardware and professional PA systems. The central mixer can therefore be connected to turntables and CDJs and used as a stand-alone mixer.

High-quality audio circuitry for pristine and powerful sound

  • The XDJ-R1 inherits sound design from Pioneer's pro-DJ equipment, including a built-in 44.1 kHz/24-bit soundcard and a high-performance CPU.

Other features include

  • Independent three-band isolator with total kill
  • Dual headphone output ¬- mini jack for inner-ear headphones and standard jack for full-size headphones
  • VU meters for each channel and the master output give a visual reference for signal levels

ources such as DJ CD players and it can even be used as a regular 2-channel DJ mixer.

Pioneer XDJ-R1 Jog Drum - Launch, scratch and manipulate samples by turning or tapping the jog platter.
Pioneer XDJ-R1 Sample Launch - Includes four built-in sounds: Scratch, Horn, Siren and Laser.
Pioneer XDJ-R1 Beat Effect - Four effects including Trans, Flanger, Echo and Roll.
Pioneer XDJ-R1 Sound Color Filter - Each channel has Sound Color Filter.

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 also features two automatic mixing functions; Auto Mix & Beat Sync. Beat Sync synchronizes the music loaded in each deck on beat with matching beats per minute (BPM). In Auto Mix mode any playlists that you create on your USB drive, phone, tablet or laptop are linked with cross-fade or fade-in/fade-out effects.The Pioneer XDJ-R1 also lets you record DJ mixes directly onto a USB storage drive in WAV format. The XDJ-R1 combines two digital players and a mixer into a single slim and stylish unit, taking similar design cues from Pioneer CD players and Pioneer DJ mixers. The unit features a smoke-colored acrylic panel & blue and white LED lights.


Pioneer products are warranted by DJDeals to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.