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Pioneer SEP-C1 DJ Controller

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The SEP-C1 Professional Software Entertainment Controller is a dual MP3 music controller that lets you manage and control playback of audio files stored on your PC. It emulates the full-scale DJ performance of Pioneer's CDJ series without the need of a mouse or keyboard thanks to the included, Windows DJ software application DJS. 

The 4.3 color LCD panel and dual-area color Organic Electroluminescence display makes it easy to keep track of the most important track information no matter what your lighting situation is. Using the display's rotary selector combined with the DJS's intelligent GUI, you can rapidly search for specific tracks no matter how large your collection is. Simple button pushes allow you to control pitch bend and trigger eight DJS effects like Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Auto Trance, and more. You also get four pitch ranges available to the slider, seamless and hot loops, an auto BPM counter, and an auto mix function. 

The SEP-C1 also supports control of other software, such as SERATO Scratch LIVE without the need for the control discs, and can work as a MIDI controller with any MIDI-compatible PC application.

Pioneer SEP-C1 Professional Media Controller Features:

Includes Pioneer's DJS all-in-one DJ software for playback from a Windows-based computer without using its keyborar or mouse
Supports control of other software, such as SERATO Scratch LIVE without the need of the control discs
Can act as a full MIDI controller for any MIDI-compatible PC application
High-resolution 4.3" color LCD panel
Intelligent GUI and rotary selector enables rapid track search through large collections of digital audio files
Play list function also speeds the track selection process for recalling frequently played songs
Auto Mix function automatically mixes playback of the tracks registered on the play list in four modes such as ECHO or ZIP
Audio is seamlessly beat matched and mixed instantly
Area-Color Organic Electroluminescence (OEL) Display: Two-area display offers outstanding visibility for pitch, playback time, and position information which combined with the main 4.3-inch color LCD, ensures smooth DJ play regardless of lighting conditions
Eight effects within Pioneer DJS (Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Auto Trance, Auto Filter, Flanger, Reverb and Pitch Shifter) add versatility to mixing performances, and can be synchronized with the music tempo (BPM) at the click of a button
Tempo Control Range: Choose among four pitch ranges available for the tempo slider: ±6 , ±10 , ±16 , and WIDE
Pitch Bend Button: Enables fine adjustment of the track speed by simply pressing a button
Seamless Loop: A loop can be set from as small as one frame up to an entire CD's length and repeated without interruption
Hot Loop: Restarts the loop seamlessly from its entry without interruption of the music
Auto BPM Counter: Measures and digitally displays a track's tempo
Rack-mount ready which is useful for club/studio installations

Pioneer SEP-C1 Professional Media Controller Specifications:

Control Unit:
USB Terminal: USB B terminal x 1
Video output terminal: Monitor Out (RCA)
Power Requirements: USB bus power
Dimensions: 19.01"W x 5.23"H x 3.30"D
Weight: 3.74 lbs.

Required System
CPU: Pentium-M 1.5 GHz or better
Memory: 512 MB or more (Windows Vista: 1GB or more)
HDD: 250MB or more
Disc Drive: CD-ROM/CD-DA playable
Display: 1024 pixel x 768 pixel (XGA) or more, and High Color (16-bit or more
Sound Card: Sound card with 2 or more terminals or external sound device

DJ Software DJS:
Compatible OS: Windows Vista/XP/2000
Compatible File: MP3


Pioneer products are warranted by DJDeals to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.