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Pioneer DVD-V5000 DVD Player

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The DVD-V5000 professional DVD player from Pioneer is designed for easy integration into new or existing DVD-driven applications. This machine is perfect for point-of-information (POI) kiosk, training, education or corporate use. The slim, lightweight and compact design can be rack mounted and is equipped with features like: RS-232C control, frame accurate search and NTSC/PAL playback to name a few.

  • Multiple Discs: The V5000 supports multiple disc formats including: DVD-Video, Video CD and CD-Audio. It also supports multiple media types such as: DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW.
  • Slow Motion: Detail oriented viewers or professional analyzing demo-tapes can use the slow motion feature for in-depth critique.
  • 16:9 Wide: With a widescreen TV, select the 16:9 setting and your DVD software is shown using the fullscreen.
  • Letter Box/Pan & Scan: Letter box mode gives you the option of viewing a full screen version of the DVD with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. In Pan & Scan mode the sides are cut off, allowing the image to fill your entire viewing area.
  • Progressive Scan: Pioneer's V5000 brings the theatre home with PureCinema progressive scan. Images are totally stable with no flicker, giving you a quality picture with the same frame refresh rate as the original movie.
  • TruSurround: This audio process is approved by Dolby Laboratories for Virtual Dolby Digital sound. Using just two speakers the V5000 replicates surround sound, enhancing any visual elements.
  • Parental Lock: If a disc has the parental lock feature, the V5000 lets you exercise this control over which videos are played in your home.
  • Disc Loop: With an A-B Repeat function you can select two points and form a loop which can be played over and over. This is perfect for trade shows and museums.
  • Program List: Program the play order of titles, chapters or tracks on a disc, turn your professionally produced company videos into versatile evergreen promotional pieces.
  • Zoom: Magnify part of your screen image by 2x or 4x to better examine specific portions of your DVDs.
System DVD-Video Player
Laser 650 nm wave length semiconductor laser for DVD media
780 nm wave length semiconductor laser for CD media
Component Video Output Y (luminance) Output Level: 1 Vp-p (75W)
Pb (color) Output Level: 0.65 Vp-p (75W)
Pr (color) Output Level: 0.65 Vp-p (75W)
Jacks: RCA
S-Video Output Y (luminance) Output Level: 1 Vp-p (75W)
C (color) Output Level: 265 mVp-p (75W)
Jacks: S-Video
Video Output Level: 1 Vp-p (75W)
Jacks: RCA
Signal to Noise Ratio: 73dB or more
Horizontal Resolution: 540 lines or more
Audio Output (1 stereo pair) Output Level: During audio output 200 mVms (1kHz - 20dB)
Number of Channels: 2
Jacks: RCA
Frequency Response 4 Hz - 44 kHz (DVD fs: 96 kHz)
S/N Ratio 118dB
Dynamic Range 105dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0025%
Wow & Flutter Limit of Measurement (+/-0.001% White PEAK or lower)
Safety Standards Safety: UL, FDA
Radiation: FCC Class B
Other Terminals Coaxial Digital Output: RCA Jack
RS-232C: D-Sub 9-pin Male
RS-232C and Extended: D-Sub 15-pin Female
RS-232C Serial I/F: D-Sub 9-pin 19200 and 9600 bps
(Default Setting: 19200 bps)
Power Requirement AC 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 11 W
Power Consumption (standby) 0.7 W
Operating Temperature +41 degreeF to +95 degreeF
+5 degreeC to +35 degreeC
Operating Humidity 5% to 85% (no condensation)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 16.5" x 2.2" x 11.1"
420mm x 55mm x 283mm
Weight 5lb 8oz / 2.5 kg



Pioneer products are warranted by DJDeals to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.