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Phonic Summit 16 Studio Mixer

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The concept behind the Phonic Summit 16 is a good one; allowing bedroom music producers full access to a professional recording studio mixer with professional level tech-specs and a comprehensive, do-anything feature set.

The Phonic Summit 16 Digital Mixer is a 16-input channel mixer with a flexible input/output system that's hardly unusual but is certainly comprehensive. Each of these 16 channels can take either microphone or line inputs, and has a 4-band EQ. Additionally, the entire row of 16 channels benefits from grouped phantom power. The Phonic Summit 16 Digital Mixer has 25 dynamic processors, 25 four-band para' EQs, 25 delays and two digital FX processors, which between them mean that shaping, modelling and editing your sound for both live and studio performance is a happily fluid process. If you're simply using any of the numerous preset possibilities, then you can dial them in quickly enough on the transport controls yourself. The controlsare big enough to tap around without getting in the way but what sets this product apart from its peers is how well thought out the display is. EQ representations, individual parameters of an effect and stacks of patches and FX all look fantastic on the coloured screen, and everything about the Phonic Summit 16 Digital Mixer is very self-explanatory when you're in front of the unit.

The audio fidelity is of the Phonic Summit 16 Digital Mixer is impeccable. The AD/DA converters are very high quality, andyou'll find no inconsistencies or problems recording across the full bank of channels at once. When it comes to the bells and whistles, you're either convinced by digital processing to this extent or you're not, but either way the core sound will be true even if you use the various patches and FX sparingly.

There's not much to criticize about the Phonic Summit 16, especially taking into account the features that you're getting for this price.

Phonic's Summit Digital Mixer offers an amazing number of high-end features at an affordable price. Included are sixteen versatile mono inputs offering incredibly low-noise balanced XLR microphone inputs and 1/4" phone jack inputs for line-level signals. Digital AES/EBU inputs and outputs are also included for the integration of digital signals directly into and out-of the Summit - ensuring there is no loss of your digital signal. Output is achieved through four balanced XLR connectors for the Main and Control Room signals, and eight balanced 1/4" phone jack connectors make up the multi-output with you able to assign any number of AUX and Group mixes to these outputs. Incredibly detailed EQ, EFX and dynamic processing abilities are also included, controllable through the onboard full-color touch-screen. The minimal size and weight of the mixer allows it to be extremely mobile, making the Summit perfect for both live performances and permanent professional studio installations.

16-Input 8-Bus Digital Mixing Console with Color Touch Screen
  • 16 balanced microphone and line input channels
  • 8 balanced 1/4" multi-purpose outputs
  • Stereo balanced XLR main and control room outputs
  • 8 auxiliary and 8 subgroup mixes
  • 17 ultra-smooth automated faders encompassing a 3-layer design
  • -20 dB PAD button on all inputs for attenuating hot inputs
  • Insert points on all input channels
  • RCA 2 track input and output
  • Dedicated headphone output with individual trim
  • Phase invert on all input channels
  • Digital AES/EBU input and output onboard, assignable to main
  • Pair and link feature on all input channels
  • Individual delay adjustable on all inputs and outputs
  • A full digital meter bridge available on all inputs and outputs (pre/post)
  • Flexible soloing with user-selectable AFLs and PFLs and safe soloing
  • 25 onboard 4-band parametric equalizers for all inputs and outputs
  • 25 dynamic processors with expander, gate, compressor and limiter
  • Two effect processors with 8 effects; processor 1 with an additional 24 reverbs
  • Signal generator with sine waves and pink noise assignable to outputs
  • User-selectable processing order through delay, EQ and dynamics
  • Scenes function allows you to store and recall settings on SD cards
  • Optional 16-in, 16-out FireWire / USB 2.0 interface card (32-bit, 96 kHz)

Weight: :37lbs.
Dimensions: 540mm(D) x 175.9mm(H) x 483mm(W)

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Phonic warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.