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Ortofon O2 DJ Headphones

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The Ortofon O2 DJ Headphones (a clone of the Ultrasone DJ1) provides loud signal output and super durable construction to easily withstand the rigors of  DJing. The high sensitivity of Ortofon O2 allows to be used with any DJ mixer and can even compensate for mixers no matter the quality of the headphone amplifier.              

The Ortofon O2 DJ Headphones is perfect to be used with a virtually unlimited array of equipment - including portable music players, and the inclusion of a gold plated 3.5/6.3 mm jack adaptor ensures compatibility with virtually any audio device.

Additionally, its 114 dB SPL guarantees that DJs can achieve the volumes that they require, regardless of environment in club, studio or home. With the closed design and flexible earcups, DJs can choose the amount of isolation they require for cueing and mixing.

The Ortofon O2 DJ Headphones's super durable headband and earcup construction ensures hard-wearing, road worthy performance.

With highly accurate sound reproduction, the Ortofon O2 DJ Headphones sonic capabilities are loved by DJs, musicians and discerning listeners alike.

The Ortofon O2 DJ Headphones sound is optimized for DJing and mixing which  allows the user to distinctly hear the details they want   to focus on without losing control of other aspects of the sound.

Technical specifications
Frequency range: 10-22.000 Hz
Impedance: 64 Ohm
Sound pressure level: 114 dB
Weight: 275 g

Enclosed accessories
Jack adaptor, gold plated 3.5/6.3mm
Transport bag

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