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Ortofon Concorde Arkiv Turntable Cartridge

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The Ortofon Concorde Arkiv Turntable Cartridge provides accurate sound reproduction, with remarkably pristine highs and stereo imaging, to provide optimal quality when transferring vinyl to PC, CD, or other digital storage media. With the overwhelming popularity of time-coded vinyl solutions, PC-based music production and sampling, and personal digital music players, the Ortofon Concorde Arkiv Turntable Cartridge was created to conquer the task of extracting every last detail from vinyl records before they are finally transcribed into the digital domain.

The Ortofon Concorde Arkiv Turntable Cartridge has one replacement cartridge and one spare stylus, packed in a protective case. It is compatible with all DJ turntables, as well as turntables with a standard 4-pin removable headshell.

Twin package consists of (2) cartridge bodies with (2) preinstalled styli

Single Cartridge consists of (1) cartridge body and (1) preinstalled stylus

You are buying a brand new ORTOFON CONCORDE ARKIV TURNTABLE CARTRIDGE KIT. The turntable cartridge kit has never been opened and comes in mint condition in its original packaging. The CONCORDE ARKIV KIT includes 1 white colored needle cartridge as well as 2 white colored styli. The needle is ready to use right out of the box and does not require any additional accessories. Designed specifically to provide optimized sound quality during recording, ORTOFON'S ARKIV cartridge employs an elliptical stylus to deliver clear and accurate sound reproduction, making it perfectly suited for sampling, transcription and numerous other professional applications.


Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec:  6 mV 

Channel balance at 1 kHz:  2 dB 

Channel separation at 1 kHz:  23 dB 

Channel separation at 15 kHz:  15 dB 

Frequency range at - 3dB:  20-22.000 Hz 

Frequency response:  20-20.000 Hz - +2dB  

Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force:  80 µm 

Compliance, dynamic, lateral:  9 µm/mN 

Stylus type:  Spherical Elliptical 

Stylus tip radius:  r/R 13/25 µm 

Tracking force range:   2,0-4,0 g (20-40 mN) 

Tracking force, recommended:  3,0 g (30 mN) 

Tracking angle:  20° 

Internal impedance, DC resistance:  750 Ohm 

Internal inductance:  450 mH 

Recommended load resistance:  47 kOhm 

Recommended load capacitance:  200-600 pF   

Cartridge weight:  18,5 g 

Replacement stylus unit:  Arkiv  

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There is no warranty on any turntable cartridge or stylus.