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Novation DICER USB Audio Interface

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Novation introduces Dicer, a performance controller designed especially for the digital DJ, and seamlessly integrated with the cue-point and looping features of Serato Scratch Live. Supplied in pairs, the compact USB-powered devices are compatible with any Scratch Live setup, whether using turntables or CDJs. Dicer is the ultimate performance upgrade for Scratch Live. With a pair of Dicers in your DJ setup, you can mash-up your beats instantly, and create a unique performance every time you play. 

Multi-colour backlit soft-touch 'dice' buttons provide real-time visual feedback from the software, and Dicers are so small and super durable that they can be dropped into your laptop bag at the end of the night. Their compact form factor and versatile mounting options enable them to be fastened securely on the corner of turntables, CDJs or a laptop: Dicer mounts into the 45RPM-adaptor hole on a Technics 1200-series turntable, or on to any flat surface using Novation's removable DJ putty. Battle-style or standard, Dicer fits ergonomically into any turntable setup, and one-deck configurations are fine too: just use the reusable DJ putty to secure the second Dicer to your laptop. 

Just like Launchpad, which revolutionised the way electronic musicians play Ableton Live, Dicer will change the way the Scratch Live DJ performs. With Dicer on the corner of the turntable, CDJ or laptop, you have instant control of Cue-Point, Loop Roll and Auto-Loop features literally at your fingertips, allowing you to throw tricks into your set without touching the computer. Now, you have the freedom to turn your DJ set into a true performance.

A pair of Dicers requires just one USB socket; an included mini-jack cable provides data connection and bus power to the second unit. Dicers are class-compliant MIDI controllers, and they can be used straight out of the box on a Mac or PC without installing any custom drivers or additional software. What's more, using Dicer's shift functions, up to 60 MIDI assignments can be made, to control everything from effects plug-ins to software samplers and instruments. 

Serato Scratch Live has a new partner: The Novation Dicer.

Developed with Serato, this palm-sized cue point and looping controller was specifically designed to fit exactly where you need it: on your turntables, CDJs, mixer or laptop. Dicer always ships in pairs - one for each side.

Plug Dicer in, slot it on your turntable/CDJ, and you can instantly set cue points and use them to trigger 'Hot Cues'. Or, flip Dicer into 'Auto-Loop' or 'Loop Roll' modes, to trigger loops, or 'roll' sections of the track to create climaxes, drops and glitchy breaks. Each 'mode' illuminates Dicer's pads a different colour, so you can instantly see what mode the pads in, even in dark clubs and venues.

The forthcoming Scratch Live 2.1 update will automatically map the Dicer to these functions and provide full LED feedback - red for Hot Cues, green for Loop Roll, and amber for Auto-Loop. Dicer can control all cue-point and looping functions in the current version of Serato Scratch Live 2.0. This requires you to simply 'learn' cue-point and looping to Dicer's pads, using Scratch Live's MIDI-learn function. The public beta of Scratch Live 2.1 is available now.

Dicer's buttons can also 'learn' other software functions. So, you can assign different FX to the pads, or trigger samples over the top of your mix, or even browse tracks in your iTunes library!

Full Serato integration Scratch Live is so much more than mixing digital music. It's creative features such as cueing and looping, take DJ performance to a totally new level. Dicer unlocks these features by putting them right at your fingertips whilst you're mixing.

Dicer's 3 'mode' buttons allow you to jump between 3 different performance modes. The videos below demonstrate how they work:
1) Hot Cues: (Pads light-up red) Each of the five pads can be set to different cue points in the track, and re-triggered whenever you hit them. So, you can set 5 'cue' points in your track, and jump back to them when you choose to. When you want to remove a cue point and assign a new one, just hold down the mode button, hit the pad again, and its clear!
Watch the video
2) Loop Roll: (Pads light-up green)
This mode loops tiny fragments of your track, from 1 beat down to 1/16th of a beat. This allows you to create climaxes and drops, as well as glitchy breaks or stuttered 'roll' effects. When you release the pad, the track resumes from where it was before you hit it.
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3) Auto Loop: (Pads light-up orange) Serato automatically detects loop-points in your track. With Dicer's 5 pads, you can access loops of different lengths and re-trigger them whenever you want.

Dicer works straight away with Scratch Live 2.1. Just connect one to a USB port, link it to the other Dicer, and you are ready to go. Serato Scratch Live 2.0 will also work with Dicer (without LED feedback) after you have learned cue-point and looping functions to the pads.

Right where you need it Dicer fixes solidly to Technics 1200/1210 turntables. An attachment enables you to drop them into the 45-adapter slot so they sit squarely in the corner of the turntable.
Dicer also comes with re-usable 'DJ putty' that will stick Dicer firmly to CDJs, laptops, mixers - or any hard surface. The putty is strong enough to withstand tough treatment, so even with more vigorous performances Dicer will stay exactly where you put it.

Control anything

In Serato Scratch Live, as well as the three main modes, there are 2 additional 'layers' of the 5 pads, on which you can control other functions in your software (a total of 20 controls across a pair of Dicers).
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You can assign these to trigger samples over the top of your mix, or to activate FX such as reverb, flanger or EQ cuts. You can also use Dicer to navigate your track list in iTunes, or flick between crates and tracks in Serato.

Compatible with other DJ software

Although Dicer was specifically designed to integrate with Serato, it also works with other DJ software.

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Novation warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.