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Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro 2

Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro 2

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Traktor Scratch Pro 2 lets you spin digital files on four track decks using super-tight vinyl and CD control. The next generation of the award-winning digital vinyl system is easier to use than ever. Set it up in seconds thanks to the included TRAKTOR AUDIO 10.

The TruWave hi-res colored waveforms and new, simplified user interface give you a new perspective on your mix and allow for instant creativity with the Sample Decks, Loop Recorder and studio-quality effects.

Now withTRAKTOR 2 Technology Inside, you'll get a DJ product guaranteed to be intuitive, creative and addictive!

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 features an intuitive software interface, as well as TruWave frequency-specific colored waveforms for a new experience in mixing.

Thanks to Auto Detection and configuration for NI audio interfaces, you can set up in seconds, while TRAKTOR AUDIO 10's Direct Thru function makes switching DJs in the club a breeze. The SoftSync feature adds a new level of tempo-awareness to TRAKTOR SCRATCH that expands your mixing options when using vinyl control. 

Powering this premium system is the ultimate DJ audio interface. TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 features ten inputs and ten outputs for ultimate connectivity, Cirrus Logic converters for supreme audio quality, and low latency drivers. Its robust build, punchy outputs, club-readable LEDs and slim profile make it the interface of choice for the world's biggest DJs.

Connect up to four turntables via the four stereo phono preamps, and spin super-precise 2kHz control signal on 120g vinyl - it feels just like your digital track was cut to a 12-inch. 

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 offers an incredible range of creative options to define your individual sound. The intuitive looping and cueing functions have been enhanced with the addition of Sample Decks, making live remixing and re-editing a cinch. Grab and layer your own loops, use the library of included loop content or fire off one-shot samples such as the included scratch sounds. Record from any channel via the Loop Recorder and add dynamic layers to dramatically heighten your mix.

Use the expanded effects section like an external effects unit and even sync up with gear such as MASCHINE to create powerful set ups for stage and studio.


  • Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Software
  • TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 audio interface
  • 2 control vinyl records & 2 control CDs
  • 6 x RCA cable, USB cable, power supply
  • Setup guide, pdf manual, beatport giftcard

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 now comes with the brand-new, fully professional TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 interface.

  • Auto Detection for NI audio interfaces and controllers; comes with mappings for all relevant controllers
  • Two additional inputs and outputs on the front side for FX send/returns or as dedicated Sample Deck channels
  • Direct Thru mode allows analog signals to pass without a computer connected, making DJ switchovers a breeze
  • New status LED design for clearer signal chain monitoring

With an easy on the eye interface and the new TruWave hi-res colored waveforms, TRAKTOR software is now easier to use than ever.

  • TruWave waveforms offer a whole new dimension to your mix - superior wave drawing technology results in amazing detail
  • Selectable color schemes to differentiate between kicks, hi-hats and snares and anticipate your mix
  • Thanks to various zoom levels, set up tighter cue points than ever before
  • The overview of the whole track ('stripe") clearly displays the track's arrangement with full detail

With the innovative Sample Decks with four slots each, you can enter the world of live remixing and editing in ways unimaginable before.

  • Grab and layer your own loops or use the included loop content. Create one-shot samples or use the included DJ Craze scratch sounds
  • Grab loops live out of a running deck, store your favorites in the loop library, and develop your own arsenal of beats and sounds
  • Layer up loops in perfect sync with the decks
  • Tweak the volume and filter for each Sample Deck slot separately
  • 2 different sizes for the Sample Decks; each of the 4 decks can be switched from track deck to Sample Deck and vice versa, instantly

TRAKTOR 2 software has amazing loops and sounds from in-demand sound providers to be used with the new Sample Decks.

  • 40 original loops and 10 full tracks drawn from Loopmasters" new DJ Mixtools series, plus additional scratch sounds by DMC Champ DJ Craze
  • Drum, bass, percussion and synth loops in dubstep, minimal, house, techno and trance styles
  • Grab loops from any playing track in seconds, and save them in the loop library

With the new Loop Recorder you can record live loops from any channel (single or multiple), the live input feeds, or the master output.

  • Trigger the recording using a foot pedal, a DJ controller such as TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 or a keyboard hot key
  • Overdub on top of the running loop in real time, creating additional layers and heightening dramatic FX buildups and peaks
  • Works like a 5th deck. You can transfer the layered loop into a Sample Deck slot instantly, freeing up the Loop Recorder for further use

Many new features and enhancements make this TRAKTOR the most advanced yet easy-to-use version yet.

  • Auto Detection for Native Instruments audio interfaces and controllers; comes with mappings for all relevant controllers
  • New layouts, including Essential View for maximum ease-of-use when using TRAKTOR with external mixer and controller(s)
  • PRO versions only: 30+ effects, now with the much requested Tape Delay, plus Ramp Delay, Bouncer and Auto Bouncer

ABOUT Native Instruments:
Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based music production and performance. The company's mission is to develop innovative, fully integrated solutions for all professions, styles and genres. The resulting products regularly push technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike. The Native Instruments main office is located in Berlin, Germany and an additional office was established in Los Angeles, California in 2002. 

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