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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 DJ Controller

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Native Instruments announces TRAKTOR KONTROL S2, a versatile integrated DJ performance system that was designed to set a new professional standard in the two-deck category. Based on a compact version of the market-leading KONTROL S4 hardware, the KONTROL S2 provides a "2+1" setup with sample decks as well as comprehensive mixing and effect features, all based on the included full-featured TRAKTOR PRO 2 software.

To offer DJs a more portable alternative to the professional 4-deck TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 system, the KONTROL S2 is centered around a new compact controller hardware. It provides the same patent-pending high-resolution jog wheels, combined with ergonomic controls for cueing, looping and effects. The integrated 24bit/96 kHz sound card with its dual stereo outputs is based on the award-winning technology of the TRAKTOR audio interface range, and provides the same acclaimed audio fidelity with its supreme clarity and especially high output volume.

The two full-featured playback decks of the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 are complemented by the versatile Sample Decks of the latest TRAKTOR PRO 2 software, which can add up to eight simultaneous one-shot samples or beat-synced loops to the mix. This effectively equips the KONTROL S2 system with a third channel that opens up a wide range of additional creative performance techniques beyond the typical two-deck paradigm in its product category.

Traktor Kontrol 2 benefits from the same seamless bi-directional software-hardware integration as the KONTROL S4, featuring convenient plug&play configuration, dynamically backlit control elements and the high-resolution NHL protocol, for maximum efficiency both during the setup and the actual DJ performance.

Native Instruments brings you TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 - the two deck, all-in-one DJ controller system built to professional standards throughout, and the perfect introduction to the world of TRAKTOR.

Traktor Kontrol S2 is the most professional 2-deck controller on the market. With pro credentials throughout, the 2.1 design couples the most essential items for any DJ - 2 decks and a mixer - with controls for multi-effect units and a third channel for samples. Set it up in an instant and dive right into the mix.

Rugged and highly portable, TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 is the only controller of its size to come with the full version of TRAKTOR PRO 2 included - the same software that pro DJs of all genres use. With TRAKTOR 2 Technology Inside, the S2 is tuned for maximum intuitiveness and creativity - resulting in an intensely fluid and fun mixing experience. 

The included TRAKTOR PRO 2 is the culmination of 10 years of experience as the industry-leading DJ software platform. Its ease-of-use and astounding creative arsenal are built on the concept of TRAKTOR 2 Technology Inside.

TruWave colored waveforms let you see track positions easily, and identify high-energy sections or breakdowns ahead of time - so you can plan the perfect moment to drop your next track. And with the advanced sync engine, your beat-matching will be locked down every time. 
This compact and portable unit was built by the same team and with the same components that brought you the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 - the wildly-popular market-leader that revolutionized the all-in-one DJ system. Robust knobs and backlit buttons let you know what's going on at all times. Two high-quality, pressure-sensitive jog wheels deliver total track control and easy pitch bending and tempo nudging.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 is the perfect hardware for new DJs who want to access the same great features used by the pros in an easily accessible and focused format. 

There's no steep learning curve with the S2 - the perfect integration between hardware and software means everything is ready to go, so you can focus on selecting the hottest tracks from your hard drive or iTunes library. Get deep into the powerful looping features, and use the four dedicated ‘hot-cue" buttons to effortlessly remix and re-edit tunes instantly - all perfectly in time.

The Samples knob lets you mix the eight Sample Deck slots into your mix - either record loops from the playing track or use any of the included sound content. Two flexible FX units give you access to 30 pro effects that automatically sync to tempo, so you can easily stamp your own style on the mix. Welcome to the future of DJing.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S4, the S2's bigger brother, is now one of the most successful DJ products the world has ever seen, having become the tool of choice for numerous top-flight artists. Now, the S2 delivers the same pro credentials to a new generation of DJs.

DJing with the S2 feels instantly familiar thanks to its ergonomic mixer section, including headphone pre-listen cue buttons and 3-band EQ for full sonic control. The super durable, long-life faders are designed for a lifetime of tough use, and excel in providing sharp, cutting performance in the most demanding environments.

The 2.1 concept adds an additional ‘Samples" knob alongside the 2- deck channels - allowing the smooth mixing of all eight Sample Deck slots as a third channel -a unique and innovative feature for a compact unit.

A ‘mirrored" design means the S2's controller reflects the layout of the software - ensuring effortless ease of use. Sturdy knobs and backlit buttons let DJs focus on the crowd rather than the software. FX assign buttons send audio to the two FX sections per deck, while the pitch faders work relatively - smoothing out any sudden tempo jumps.

Two high-res jog wheels are pressure-sensitive and make track seeking, pitch bending, tempo nudging and scratching a breeze. And with 30 times more data transfer than competing controllers using the standard MIDI protocol, there's no tighter feeling unit out there.

An all-in-one system needs great audio fidelity, two separate audio channels to pre-listen the next track, and punchy output to rock the biggest parties. Consequently, inside the S2 is a powerful audio interface, built to the same award-winning standard as Native Instruments" renowned audio interfaces for DJs.

Incorporating high-end Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters, hi-gain balanced 1/4" TRS outputs and an audio response of up to 24-bit/ 96Khz, this unit packs seriously professional punch.


Native Instruments warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Native Instruments: 866-556-6487