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Native Instruments TRAKTOR 3 TUTORIAL DVD

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Native Instruments" Multicore Cable creates a simple and efficient method of connecting the components of any digital vinyl system (DVS), like Traktor Scratch, Serato Scratch Live, Torq, Virtual Vinyl or Final Scratch. By unifying all the cabling from turntables, CD players, mixer and audio interface into two locking XLR connections, it allows the DJ to easily transport his/her laptop and audio interface to any other traditional DJ setup (turntables/CDJs + mixer).

1. Connect the RCA plugs to your audio interface, mixer and turntables
2. Snap in the XLR connections!
3. Connect another set of just the mixer segments to your 2nd DJ rig
4. Snap in the XLR connections from the cables already attached to your audio interface!

The Multicore Cable system has proven to be an excellent tool for music gigging DJs as well as venues. Stadiums, nightclubs, bars and restaurants can install the cable once and allow for your DJs to use the DVS system of your choice without forcing them into a particular solution. Should a event space choose to install the audio interface of a particular DVS, swapping for another interface requires only connecting the RCA plugs into the interface and not rewiring the entire system.

The days of cable chaos are over. TRAKTOR SCRATCH is designed for maximum plug and play usability with 2 color coded connector cables grouping all necessary connections into one pro quality audio cable.

No longer will you lose precious time sorting and hooking up cables. The newly developed, patent pending "One click per deck" Multicore Cables ensure quick and easy connection between mixer, decks and AUDIO 8 DJ interface.

The mixer at home or in the club only needs to be hooked up once. Thanks to the professional XLR plugs, the AUDIO 8 DJ can be connected and disconnected in an instant. As the cable is specially wired, the phono signal is always routed, allowing you to play traditional vinyl without connecting the AUDIO 8 DJ. Changeovers between DJs can be achieved with a minimum of disturbance.

The Benefits

Multicore Cable with XLR-plug connecting each decks inputs and outputs at once
High quality cables and components for lossless transmission and hassle free setup
Integrated direct connection from turntables to mixer (independent from connected audio interface)
When pre-installed, TRAKTOR SCRATCH connects with 2 clicks to mixer and turntables
120cm cable length allow to place the audio interface anywhere in the booth
Hot-pluggable while connected turntables are playing - digital track continues playing

Quick And Easy

Each Mixer segment cable is comprised of 4 male RCAs for connecting Phono and Line-In plugs to your mixer, plus 2 female RCAs for connecting the turntable.

Patent-pending audio fidelity - how it works

The TRAKTOR SCRATCH Multicore cables are specially engineered to be not only the most practical, but also the best-sounding cabling solution for a digital DJ system. The patent-pending design effectively prevents any degradation in signal quality that is usually associated with Y-cables and phono-through functions of DJ audio interfaces.

The engineering of the Multicore cables has a special capacity balancing of the cable segments, high-quality shielding and wiring, and a short additional signal travel of 40cm from the turntable to the mixer

The cable design is complemented with a special high-impedance 1mOhm 'timecode vinyl" mode on the AUDIO 8 DJ interface, which minimizes the electrical load on the sensitive turntable signal.

Altogether, these features guarantee that an unharmed, pristine signal is coming from the turntables into the TRAKTOR SCRATCH system and into your mixer.

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Native Instruments warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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