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Music Hall MMF-2.2WH White Turntable

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The music hall mmf-2.2wh is a 2-speed belt driven audiophile turntable with special high gloss white plinth at a budget price. It is constructed using high quality components and it comes complete with an arm and cartridge. The construction of the mmf-2.2wh has been simplified to focus on the critical components; the bearing, the motor, and the arm. It comes complete with a high quality music hall cartridge mounted.

The music hall mmf-2.2wh version has a heavily upgraded alloy tonearm, height-adjustable vibration-dampening feet for setting level, upgraded tonearm wiring and a new contoured dustcover. This table comes with a pre-mounted Music Hall Tracker moving magnet cartridge. The MMF-2.2WH is the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of analog and in many ways, no CD player can compete with the sound from this turntable!

Unwind with warm analog sound If you've never experienced the warm and natural sound that vinyl is famous for, the music hall mmf-2.2wh is a great place to start. This solidly built Music Hall turntable makes an excellent choice for seasoned audiophiles and vinyl newcomers alike who want to get outstanding audio fidelity without spending a fortune. Music Hall's minimalist design philosophy focuses on the features that benefit sonic performance , no unnecessary bells and whistles here. With its simple, elegant appearance and gorgeous high-gloss white finish, this table will look and sound fantastic atop your audio rack.

High-quality construction for top-notch performance The MMF-2.2WH's sturdy MDF chassis rests on vibration damping rubber feet that provide a solid, low-resonance foundation. Its heavy steel alloy platter spins on a high-precision stainless steel and bronze bearing assembly for excellent speed stability and smooth, silent rotation. The motor mount and belt drive system effectively isolate the motor's vibration from the chassis to prevent noise from being transferred to the cartridge. An external AC power supply helps further reduce any traces of interference or hum. Finally, the table's rigid, one-piece aluminum alloy tonearm provides superb tracking ability to faithfully follow the grooves of your albums, and has a silicone-damped lift for gently raising and lowering the arm , protecting both the stylus and your records.     

Quick and easy to assemble Music Hall knows that turntable setup can be a challenge for the novice. That's why the music hall mmf-2.2wh comes out of the box virtually ready to play. Its pre-matched, factory-mounted phono cartridge and tonearm take the guesswork out of installation, and give you optimized audio fidelity with minimal effort. A few simple steps to dial in key settings like tracking force, anti-skating, and platter speed are all it takes to get this player primed and ready to deliver spacious, detailed music.


  • heavy steel alloy platter with felt mat provides excellent speed stability
  • high-precision stainless steel and bronze bearing assembly for smooth, quiet platter rotation
  • one-piece aluminum alloy tonearm provides superior rigidity and low resonance
  • includes pre-mounted Music Hall Tracker moving magnet cartridge
  • tonearm features adjustable height and anti-skate settings for optimizing sound with different cartridges
  • medium density fiberboard (MDF) base with vibration damping feet
  • AC motor decoupled from base for reduced vibration transmission and better sound
  • manual operation with silicone-damped tonearm lift
  • 33-1/3 and 45 rpm speeds
  • speed variation: ±0.9%
  • wow and flutter: ±0.15%
  • rumble maximum: -70dB
  • frequency response (with included cartridge): 20-20,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • channel separation (with included cartridge): 20dB (at 1kHz)
  • attached gold-plated RCA audio cable
  • external power supply reduces likelihood of electro-mechanical interference
  • 16-3/4"W x 4-3/8"H (with dust cover down) x 12-5/8"D
  • warranty: 1 year

Music Hall LLC was founded in April 1985. It is a company dedicated to manufacturing, importing and distributing well priced, top quality, high-end audio components. Its emphasis is almost exclusively 2-channel (stereo); a rarity in this day of iPods and multi-channel products. It has grown over the years to become one of the pre-eminent distribution and manufacturing companies in the industry. Music Hall manufactures its own range of turntables in the Czech Republic. These are produced in a factory that has been making turntables for over 50 years. All Music Hall turntables come fitted with arms, cartridges and dust covers. They consistently make the "Recommended Components" list in Stereophile Magazine. Our electronics are developed and designed in the US and manufactured to our strict specifications in Shenzhen, China. The range consists of integrated amps,CD players, receivers, phono amps and D/A converters.

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Music Hall warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.