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Beat Hook Headphone Holder DJ's

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Beat Hook DJ Headphone Holder is an innovative solution to DJ headphone storage when you're at one of those all-to-common music gigs that have no reoom left in the booth to safely put your $200 headphones. With the Beat Hook DJ Headphone Holder you can store your favorite pair of headphones on any clothing or bag pocket. We understand better than anyone, that those tricked out, blinged out, color splashed ear companions are your babies. Keep them safe in the coolest way possible.

Sometimes it's the simplest ideas that are the most brilliant. You are DJing a music gig and you don't have a spot to put down your headphones. Or you are spinning and you don't want the headphone cable to get tangled with all of the other cables. You are walking around listening to your Ipod and need to take off your headphones while you talk to someone. Enter the Beat Hook DJ Headphone Holder. The sturdy beathook slips into your packet giving you the perfect place to hang your headphones between mixes. They also function as a keychain so you don't lose your keys either.

Beat Hook DJ Headphone Holder is made out of a slightly flexible, lightweight, and tough plastic. There is perfectly sized gap in the product that allows you to slide it quickly into your pocket, but also allows you to clip it onto laptop stands or other nearby objects. Beat Hook DJ Headphone Holder also has a hole on it so that you could permanently attach it to your dj equipment cases or DJ stand.

Beat Hook DJ Headphone Holder is available in 3 colors: Red, White, and Blue.

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