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It's all about value. Our job at DJDeals is to search for products that represent the best balance between performance and cost...value. Your job is to take the products that we find and use them to do what you do best, make great entertainment.

Until recently, you had to put up with cobbled together solutions, either strapping together a series of small monitors or using screens that were too big and cumbersome. Numark offers the entry level NUMARK VM03; multiple screens in a nice package, but they missed a few things. First, the screens are too small. Second, individual controls for each screen are not included. Third, a stand option, to put the screens where they need to be for best viewing and reduced glare, is not provided.

Enter the MC–100NP from MConnection. It is designed for monitoring VJ, and video or broadcast applications, and the quality & features outperform any competitor.

25% Larger Screen Area
In the same space that our competitors offer a 5" screen, the MC-100NP MKII offers a 5.6" screen. It may not seem like a lot, but you can definitely see the difference. These screens are class-A glass, made by Sharp, so you know that you are getting a great LCD panel.

Controls for Each Screen
All video sources are not created equal so you need to have some controls. Each screen has its own contrast, brightness, color and tint control as well as source switch so that you can use each screen to view two sources.

We know what happens to equipment that has to be moved often. It gets damaged! The high quality screens are mounted in solid, steel chassis - not plastic. It is designed to be rack mounted (it can be tilted while in the rack) or, using the optional stand, brought up above your other equipment for better viewing.

MC-100NP MK2 - Triple Monitor Screen System
For use with DVJ systems and post production studio applications


  • Three 5.6" TFT color LCD 3 in 1 screens
  • Each screen individually controllable
  • 19' EIA rack mountable
  • 2 inputs per screen
  • 960 x 234 pixels
  • User control: brightness, color, tint, contrast (for each screen)
  • 6 selectable composite video inputs (2 per screen)
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Single power supply
  • One year warranty
  • Six composite inputs
  • NTSC / PAL auto detection


Display Type: TFT LCD x 3 Screens
LCD Resolution: 960(w) x 234(h)
LCD Screen Size: 5.6"(diagonal) x 3 Screens
LCD Active Area (MM): 113.3(w) x 84.7(h)
LCD Dot Pitch: 0.118(w) x 0.362(h)
Color System: NTSC/PAL Auto Detection
User Control: Bright, Color, Tint, Contrast (per screen)
Limited Warranty - One Year Parts and labor

Technical Specs:

Input Type: Video Input x 2 (per screen)
Input Jack Type: RCA Pin Plug
Input Video Level: 1VPP at 75 OHM

Input Voltage: 12V DC, 2A Max
AC Power: 110-220v Single Power Supply

RackDimension: 3U High, 19" EIA Rack Standard
Accessory: RCA to BNC Adapter
Option: Tilt, height, adjustable stand

Created in 2003, M-Connection enhances all Video DJ performances by offering top-of-the line gear available in today's marketplace. M-connection was created to support DJ products with accessories to compliment your craft.

It is our goal to bring state of the art, cutting-edge products which meet the high standards and image prevalent in the industry. Our equipment is designed and engineered to stand up to the demands and needs of the performing DJ.

M-Connection's philosophy is to bring high quality, hard-to-find products with specific applications to enhance an artist's presentation and performance in this world of multimedia tools. We are proud to deliver the most advanced line of DJ gear available today. Using our gear, DJs will become empowered to create multi-sensory experiences which were merely science fiction just a few years ago.

There are currently no videos for this product.

M-Connection warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

M-Connection: 310-707-8486