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M-Audio FAST TRACK C600 Audio Interface

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For 2012, M-Audio set out to a complete redesign the Fast Track series of interfaces, and the result is the brand new M-Audio Fast Track C600. The 6-in/8-out Fast Track C600 has been completely designed from the ground up for simple, yet sophisticated performance with built-in reverb and delay for inspiring headphone mixes to the newly designed monitoring signal path. Combined with the included Pro Tools SE Digital Audio Workstation software, you'll discover exciting recording potential in the M-Audio Fast Track C600.

Built-in DSP:
To capture your best performance, sometimes you need something more than the dry monitor signal through your headphones. Avid's Fast Track C600 sports built-in MX Core DSP effects processing to give you reverb and delay on each headphone output, for low-latency recording with effects. And thanks to the MX Core software mixer, setting up sophisticated monitoring chains is quick and intuitive.

Flexible Monitoring and Routing:
Avid's Fast Track C600 gives you ample monitoring capabilities, courtesy of dual headphone outputs and a total of eight balanced analog outputs. Hook up multiple pairs of monitors for easy A/B comparisons so your mixes translate better. Or, connect up to eight speakers for 7.1 surround monitoring. You even get S/PDIF I/O, allowing you to send an additional two channels to an external converter.

Pro Tools SE DAW Software Included:
To get you started making music fast, Avid's Fast Track C600 comes with Pro Tools SE DAW software. Featuring 24 audio and virtual instrument tracks, and over 100 virtual instruments and effects, Pro Tools SE is the perfect compliment to the recording capabilities of the C600. And you'll be able to enjoy the C600 with virtually any music production software thanks to full support for ASIO 2.0, WDM, MME, and Core Audio.

Top Features
6 x 8, 24-bit/96 kHz audio interface > capture and play back multiple sources with pristine audio fidelity
Top-panel controls and assignable Multi button > get immediate access to the most commonly used functions of your software
Built-in monitor management system > verify that your mixes sound great - and translate well

Near-zero latency monitor mixer with built-in reverb and delay effects > inspire great performances
The original, bestselling M-Audio Fast Track recording interfaces set the standard for quality and ease of use. Now the Fast Track C600 audio interface makes it simpler than ever to transform your ideas into professional-quality music. Stay in the creative flow and capture amazing performances with built-in transport controls. Sound incredible with an all-new signal path that delivers pristine audio quality. Easily check your mixes on multiple sets of speakers using the built-in monitor management system. And enjoy the flexibility to record with your favorite music software - including Pro Tools. Fast Track C600 gives you the freedom to make music at the speed of your creativity.

Work the Way You Want
The next-generation Fast Track C600 redefines the role of the audio interface in your creative process. With re-assignable transport controls and an assignable Multi button, you'll stay in the creative flow by performing critical tasks without touching a mouse. For example, press the Multi button once to start recording, a second time to stop and return to where you started, and a third time to capture another take. Imagine the possibilities of programming any sequence of up to eight steps - for any software program that supports ASCII key commands - or use the convenient preset workflows with Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Live, and Reason.

Capture Inspiring Recordings with Built-in MX Core DSP
Tired of tracking vocals and instruments dry? To inspire great performances without taxing your CPU, the onboard MX Core DSP technology gives you reverb or delay on the headphone outputs with the turn of a single knob. Setting up inspiring headphone mixes has never been easier. The MX Core mixer also provides sophisticated channel-routing options - accessible via an intuitive control panel.

Ensure Your Mixes Sound Great - and Translate
If you've been looking for an easy way to A/B your mixes on multiple sets of speakers, Fast Track C600 is the answer. There's no need to purchase additional hardware - the built-in monitor management system makes it easy to audition your mixes on up to three sets of studio monitors (or two sets of monitors and a subwoofer). So you'll know that your final mixes will sound great on any speakers.

Exceptional Sound Quality
The Fast Track C-series leverages technology from our higher-end products to deliver the best-sounding M-Audio interface line ever. We paid attention to every detail - from the shortest possible signal paths to boutique-quality preamps, superior converters, and other high-end components - to ensure that your sound will remain true to the source.

Dual Headphone Amp
Whether you usually track vocals or an ensemble, you're likely to need multiple headphone mixes. Fast Track C600 has two completely independent headphone outputs so you can take advantage of the DSP mixer's powerful routing and effects options to create the right mix for your performers - complete with reverb and delay.

Get Started with Pro Tools SE
The included Pro Tools SE software makes it easy to create polished productions with 24 audio and virtual instrument tracks, over 100 virtual instruments, and EQ, reverb, and other effects. For more tracks, effects, and content, check out Pro Tools MP + Fast Track C600.

Full Features
Ensure your recordings sound amazing with pristine, 24-bit/96 kHz audio fidelity

6-input/8-output design lets you capture and play back many sources
4 high-quality mic/line combo preamps on rear panel
2 front-panel 1/4" instrument inputs
20 dB pad on each preamp for capturing hotter signals without distortion
Phantom power for condenser microphones
6 balanced analog outputs with monitor management (speaker switching) system
2 discrete headphone outputs with independent volume controls
S/PDIF digital I/O
1x1 MIDI I/O

Inspire great performances using the near-zero latency monitor mixer with built-in reverb and delay effects
Customize the recording experience for individual performers by creating unique monitor mixes for each headphone output
Verify that your mixes sound great - and translate well - by connecting up to 3 sets of studio monitors (or 2 sets of monitors and a subwoofer) and easily switching between them

Get immediate access to the most commonly used controls
Master volume and headphone output knobs
Speaker select
5 re-assignable transport controls
1 assignable Multi button
Start making music immediately with the included Pro Tools SE music creation software
Enjoy the flexibility to record with Pro Tools and other popular music software thanks to full ASIO 2.0, WDM, MME, and Core Audio support

Core Audio

Minimum System Requirements (PC)
Fast Track C400 (hardware only)
Windows Vista 32/64 or Windows 7 32/64
Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
USB 2.0 port

Pro Tools SE software
Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, or Windows 7 Ultimate
1.8 GHz multi-core processor (Intel or AMD)
5400 RPM drive
2 GB RAM for Windows 7 64-bit;1 GB RAM for Windows 7 32-bit
Adobe Flash Player 10

Minimum System Requirements (Mac)
Fast Track C400 (hardware only)
Mac OS X 10.5.8 or greater, or 10.6.3 or greater
Intel processor
USB 2.0 port

Pro Tools SE software
Mac OS X 10.5.8 or greater, or 10.6.1 or greater
1.8 GHz multi-core processor (Intel)
5400 RPM drive
Adobe Flash Player 10

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