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Marantz PMD580 Digital Recorder

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The Marantz PMD580 expands on the legacy of your PMD560 and PMD570 solid state recorders. This single rackspace digital recorder boasts ethernet connectivity and an internal browser-style interface that allows you to control scheduled recordings, machine setup, and file transfer. An excellent choice for permanent installations, the PMD580 gives you 24-bit or 16-bit recording on to a convenient CompactFlash card or MicroDrive. Highly functional, and just as reliable, Marantz takes your installation recorders to the next level with the compact PMD580.

Marantz PMD580 at a Glance:
  • No moving parts! Records to CompactFlash cards
  • Ethernet connectivity and an internal web browser
  • Designed with convenience in mind
No moving parts! Records to CompactFlash cards
By storing audio data on CompactFlash (CF) media cards, all of the mechanical hassles of tape recorders are gone forever - as are the costs of servicing and maintaining them. Not only that, but CF storage allows you to choose different recording formats, and makes transferring audio files to computers a snap. With a 4GB CompactFlash card, the PMD-580 record more than six hours at 16-bit/44.1kHz.

Ethernet connectivity and an internal web browser
Let the PMD580 be the hub of your recording network - it offers a convenient ethernet connection that, when paired with its internal browser-style interface, gives you immediate control over your scheduled recordings, general machine setup, and file transfers. Plus, via its RS232C port, you can remotely control the PMD580 in your system.

Designed with convenience in mind
With multiple recording and editing features, Marantz kept the user in mind when they designed the PMD580. You can mark and divide files manually while it's recording, or you can predefine increments and have it happen automatically. Another handy auto-feature is its archiving - you can actually have recorded files upload automatically to any network location, so you don't have to take its CompactFlash card anywhere, effectively backing up the day's recordings to the server every day.

Marantz PMD580 Features:
  • Selectable 24-bit or 16-bit Recording
  • Records onto CompactFlash or MicroDrive
  • Ethernet Connectivity with Internal Web-based GUI
  • Automatic Archives Files to Server
  • One-touch Recording
  • MP3 and WAV File Formats
  • Balanced XLR I/O
  • AES/EBU and S/PDIF Digital I/O
  • RS232 Control Port
  • No Moving Parts