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Mackie SRM1850 18" 160w Powered Subwoofer

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When you want thumping bass, the powerful Mackie SRM1850 powered subwoofer gives you much more than you'd expect from its compact size. The SRM1850 delivers 1,600 watts of huge-sounding bass through a custom-designed 18" woofer. It's easy to dial in great sound instantly because the SRM1850 has presets specifically for use with Mackie SRM series loudspeakers. But with a variable digital crossover, it's easy to match with virtually any system too. For a powerful and portable bass reinforcement solution, the Mackie SRM1850 powered subwoofer will exceed your expectations.

Mackie SRM1850 Powered Subwoofer at a Glance:
A flexible but easy-to-use subwoofer
Smart DSP enhances your sound and saves you time

A flexible but easy-to-use subwoofer
If you play different rooms of different sizes, you'll love the flexibility of the Mackie SRM1850. And no matter what your system looks like on any given night, the SRM1850 is easy to set up. If you're using it to reinforce Mackie SRM loudspeakers, you'll find presets to match the SRM1850 to the specific speakers you're using (no tweaking required). With other speakers, the variable crossover makes it easy to fit the SRM1850 into the mix. And because it has dual full-range outputs in addition to dual highpassed outputs, you can integrate the SRM1850 into virtually any PA system.

Smart DSP enhances your sound and saves you time
The Mackie SRM1850 powered subwoofer is intelligent . It has built-in Smart Protect DSP to protect the amp/drivers from signal clipping and crossover presets for use with Mackie's SRM series speakers. These built-in options make setting up the SRM1850 a breeze at any event space . The SRM1850's super durable all-wood, internally braced cabinet uses a tough 18-gauge steel grille to protect its speaker from damage.

Mackie SRM1850 Powered Subwoofer Features:
1,600W, 18" powered subwoofer with amazingly high size/output ratio
18" LF woofer for rich, solid low-frequency reinforcement
Smart Protect DSP protects amp/driver from signal overloads
2 full-range outputs allow you to easily connect side-fill speakers
2 highpassed outputs for connecting to DLM Series loudspeakers
Built-in crossover presets specifically for Mackie SRM series loudspeakers
Pole mount allows you to attach a speaker pole for main speaker
Stackable for easy storage/transport
Compact design is highly portable

The Mackie SRM1850 delivers 1,600 watts of earth-shattering bass in a compact package!
Specification Detail
Powered Yes
LF Driver Size 18"
Power Amp 1600W
Enclosure Material All-wood design
Mounting Options Floor Only
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR (high range), 2 x XLR (full range)
Height 24.8"
Width 28"
Depth 29.6"
Weight 74 lbs.


Mackie warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.