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Incase Capsule Earphones Electric Purple/Fluro Pink EC30036

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Incase Capsule in-ear headphones have been custom designed for those who love the convenience of earbuds but desire better fit, comfort and audio performance. The unique oval profile of Incase Capsule matches the natural shape of the ear canal, creating a better seal for improved sound isolation and source audio accuracy. Three different eartip sizes allow for optimal fit and comfort. Incase audio drivers have been custom tuned to deliver clear, natural sound across the entire audio spectrum. To stay connected and in control, the Incase Capsule audio cable features an integrated microphone and remote to control audio playback and take calls on iPhone, iPod, iPad and MacBook.

  • Oval eartips match the natural ear shape for better comfort and sound isolation
  • Includes 3 different sizes of silicone eartips for custom fit
  • Custom tuned audio drivers
  • Seamless construction maintains a clean minimalist profile
  • Durable matte finish
  • Integrated microphone and remote control for MacBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Right-angled audio jack
  • Drive type = Diaphram
  • Driver size = 8.5mm
  • Frequency Response = 20Hz - 20 KHz
  • Impedence = 13+/- 10% (driver)
  • Sound Pressure Level = 105+/- 3dB @ 1KHz
  • THD = Max 3%
  • Number of Drivers = 2
  • Number of microphones = 1

The premiere Incase Audio line of headphones represents our continuing commitment to create an enhanced user experience, by providing mobile device you with a higher level of functionality, accurate sound and minimal design. This is embodied by our unique approach to design and engineering that we call Soundesign.

Synergy of Sound and Style
Incase Soundesign is a synthesis of custom design, advanced audio engineering and biomechanics that has a higher level of functionality, fit and comfort while delivering clear natural sound. All of this is wrapped in elegant minimalist designs to result in headphones that look and feel as great as they sound.

No Artificial Flavors
The Incase custom-tuned audio drivers deliver natural sound that accurately reproduces the source audio, no matter what you're listening to. They are engineered to deliver a smooth and even response across the entire audio spectrum.

Smooth Moves
Hidden joints and graceful curves are the signature of our exceptionally clean, minimalist headphone designs. An exclusive selection of soft-touch and matte finishes, premium fabrics and durable materials offer a subtle understated appearance.

Pillows for Your Ears
The Incase headphones are custom designed to match the natural shape of your ears and head while the generous adjustment range lets you get the perfect personal fit. In addition, exceptional cushioning lets you listen in total comfort for as long as you want.

Free to Command and Collaborate
Phone calls, voice commands, video chat and speech-to-text voice dictation all make clear two-way communications essential. That's why we've integrated a microphone and three button remote control into all of our headphones.

We are excited to announce that Incase Audio will launch a new line of headphones. A complementary extension of our product offering, the new headphones will reflect our expertise in designing and developing products that provide enhanced mobility and user experience. Employing an integrated development approach we call Incase Soundesign, the audio collection reflects a synthesis of precision sound engineering and minimal design.

"With Soundesign as our guiding ethos, we are focused on delivering headphones that bring together design simplicity and intuitive functionality with precision sound and maximum performance," stated Markus Diebel, Incase VP of Design. "We are working to carefully balance form and function in the new audio collection because in the end, we want you to enjoy an audio experience with headphones that sound and feel as great as they look."

The audio collection will comprise of four headphone models: Sonic Over Ear,Reflex On Ear, Pivot On Ear and Capsule In Ear. Each model features custom-tuned audio drivers that have been engineered to accurately reproduce the source audio for a natural, balanced response across the entire audio spectrum.

The natural acoustics of Incase headphones are mirrored by your physical design. Specifically designed to match the natural shape of the ear and head, Incase headphones deliver better sound isolation to reduce unwanted external noise. A wide range of adjustment and fully articulating earcups allow virtually anyone to obtain a custom fit. The seamless design uses hidden joints to maintain smooth contours for a low-profile understated appearance while the unique combination of matte soft-touch and gloss finishes offers a subtle visual appeal. In addition, each model features an integrated microphone and remote control to be used with Apple devices.

"People are increasingly finding themselves tethered to your devices - at work, at home and at points in between," said Chris Robinette, Incase VP of Product. "Audio listening and communications coupled with the product protection of our cases and bags delivers a fully integrated mobile experience, making Incase the brand of choice for modern day travelers."

Reflex ON EAR 
Pivot ON EAR 
Capsule IN EAR 
  • Removable Audio Cable
  • Ear Shaped Earcups
  • Fabric Coated Headband
  • Rotating Earcups
  • Oval Shaped Eartips
  • Memory Foam
  • Fully Articulating
  • Plush Soft Foam
  • Fully Articulating
  • Plush Soft Foam
  • Fully Articulating
  • Small, Medium and Large Silicone Eartips
CASE Padded, Zippered Soft Case Tyvek Soft Pouch Tyvek Soft Pouch Silicone Clamshell
DRIVER 40mm Titanium 40mm 40mm 8.5mm
WEIGHT 8.11oz / 230g 4.8oz / 135g 3.3oz / 94g 0.5oz / 14g
CABLE LENGTH 44.9in / 1.14m 46in / 1.16m 47.2in / 1.2m 47.6in /1.21m
  • 3 Button for Apple Devices
  • Play / Pause
  • Next / Previous
  • Volume Control
  • 3 Button for Apple Devices
  • Play / Pause
  • Next / Previous
  • Volume Control
  • 3 Button for Apple Devices
  • Play / Pause
  • Next / Previous
  • Volume Control
  • 3 Button for Apple Devices
  • Play / Pause
  • Next / Previous
  • Volume Control
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Incase warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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