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Gemini Firstmix PRO DJ Controller

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Gemini, an esteemed manufacturer of DJ and Pro Audio equipment, today introduced your newest USB DJ controllers, the FirstMix I/O and FirstMix Pro.

One year ago, Gemini changed the industry with FirstMix, a cost-effective, user-friendly USB DJ controller that made the digital DJ world available to anyone. Today, Gemini introduces the FirstMix I/O and FirstMix Pro, two intelligent DJ solutions that take features and functionality a few steps further.

Both units interface with a PC or Mac via a standard USB connection, so you can easily choose songs from your iTunes library with the included MixVibes LE DJ software. The new controllers also employ professional features like touch-sensitive jog wheels for scratching, pitch control for beat matching, plus effects and EQ for creative song manipulation.

"We want to help DJs grow from beginners to professionals," says Alan Cabasso, President of Gemini. "Our FirstMix Series offers a natural progression for aspiring DJs, providing feature-sets that advance with the you and complement your level of experience.

The Series has a solution for everyone, even veteran DJs who want a convenient, portable digital solution to use at parties and small events."

Tools to help you grow.

Gemini designed the FirstMix series of USB controllers to help aspiring DJs advance your skills with easy-to-use features and intuitive functionality.  The series was conceived in an effort to develop DJs from beginners to full-fledged artists and performers, and the FirstMix Pro rounds out the family with the most professional, comprehensive feature-set.  Now, budding DJs can use a smooth, accurate Pitch Fader for beat matching, along with other important tools like Hot Cues.

Mix, mash and manipulate with your iTunes library.

FirstMix Pro interfaces with your PC or Mac via a standard USB connection, so you can easily use the included MixVibes Cross LE software to choose songs and sound files from your existing music collections, even your iTunes Libraries.  Offering an impressive level of control, MixVibes Cross LE acts as a natural complement to the FirstMix Pro hardware with integrated iTunes browsing, automatic BPM detection and manual/auto beat loop capabilities.  You can even use the software to record your mixes then share your creations on SoundCloud or Facebook.  And for added convenience, the controller works with other popular DJ programs like Traktor, VirtualDJ and Algoriddim Djay.  It's easy to navigate folders and tracks using the Browse function.  Then once a file is loaded, use the touch-sensitive jog wheels to simulate the effect of scratching or alter the pitch of a track.  For even more professional song manipulation, the FirstMix Pro also features three Hot Cues (up to six when using the ‘shift" function with MixVibes), so you can create instant playback points on your tracks.

Beat match like a pro.

Like most professional DJ setups , the FirstMix Pro features Pitch Control Faders for pinpoint accuracy when beat matching.  This lets you manually increase or decrease the tempo of a track to match the BPM of the song on the opposing deck.  Of course, if you want to beat match quickly with one-touch operation, the Sync function lets you do just that.  The unit also has a built-in soundcard, allowing you to preview a track with headphones before you play it for your audience.

Be a mixing maven.

Employing the traditional, familiar layout of two decks and a central mixer, FirstMix Pro offers a tried-and-true setup with a natural, ergonomic feel. The central mixer section provides independent features for each deck, so you can tweak the sound of individual tracks with 3-band EQ and Gain control.  This gives you the ability to craft an expert mix by fading the highs, mids or lows of one track while artfully blending it with another.  FirstMix Pro also offers a variety of effects that can be incorporated to make your mix even more distinct and original.

Start a dance party... wherever.

Even if you"re an experienced DJ seeking a portable digital solution for parties and small events, FirstMix Pro gives you a powerful, lightweight option.  All you need to create a serious dance party is a laptop, your digital music library and this versatile controller.

Chase the DJ dream.

Bringing professional features to a convenient, user-friendly platform, FirstMix Pro lets you take the next step in your pursuit of the DJ dream. 
  • Traditional two-deck player layout with cross fader and mixer section
  • Central mixer section features volume faders and 3-band EQ with Gain Control for each deck
  • Two large touch-sensitive jog wheels for natural vinyl feel to scratch, cue and pitch bend
  • Advanced song manipulation tools, including Hot Cues, Loop controls and Effects
  • Smooth, accurate Pitch Fader for manual beat matching
  • Sync function for one-touch beat matching
  • Built-in soundcard with separate Master and Headphone outputs to preview and cue your tracks
  • Included easy-to-use MixVibes Cross LE DJ software lets you import your iTunes library
  • Use other digital music libraries with support for M4A, AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC and OGG audio files
  • Works with other popular DJ programs such as Traktor, VirtualDJ and Algoriddim Djay

- traditional two deck player layout with cross fader
- mixer section features volume fader and 3-band eQ with gain
control for each deck
- 5" touch-sensitive jog wheels for a natural vinyl feel
to scratch, cue and pitch bend
- advanced song manipulation tools including hot cues, loop
controls and effects
- smooth, accurate pitch Fader and sync control to beat match
- Built-in soundcard with separate master and headphone outputs
to preview and cue your tracks
- included easy-to-use mixVibes
cross le DJ software lets you
import your itunes
- use other digital music libraries with support for m4a, aiFF,
waV, mp3, Flac and ogg audio files
- works with other popular DJ programs such as traktor, VirtualdJ
and algoriddim djay
- mac and pc compatible
Dimensions: 14" x 5.25" x 1.75" (360 x 133 x 45 mm)
Weight: 1.62 lbs. (0.74 kg


Gemini warrants its products to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.