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Ecler EVO 4 DJ Mixer

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The EVO4 is the latest development by ECLER, a legendary European professional audio manufacturer with a background of 42 years designing and producing top quality professional audio products in Barcelona. The EVO4 is the perfect tool for today's DJs and producers thanks to its unique combination of a state of the art internal 12 channel FireWire sound card, the highest digital audio fidelity at 24bit/96kHz, flexible MIDI control and the most powerful built-in editable effects processor available in the marketplace.

Highest quality audio
24bit/96kHz A/D conversion The EVO4 features the best digital components in the market. The external analogue signal is digitalised through a professional A/D converter at 24bit/96kHz for the highest audio fidelity. A background of more than 40 years designing and manufacturing professional audio products make our circuits extremely efficient with regard to signal processing and routing. They are designed in order to get the most analogue-like audio quality and all of them are engineered, mounted and fully tested in our factory in Barcelona, Spain.

The EVO 4 is a 4 channel digital mixer addressed to professional DJ and club installations. It features the highest quality digital audio at 24bit 96kHz, 2 independent effects processors, 2 independent loop samplers and fully assignable MIDI control. In despite of the music style, the EVO 4 is tailored to any professional DJ as it is packed with plenty of features, such as a precise and ergonomic full cut EQ, send and return loop to external effects units, fader and crossfader shape adjustment, output limiter and much more. Its superb audio fidelity, robust format and output limiter make it the perfect choice for a club installation.

The EVO 4 equips the latest digital audio technology with 24 bit stereo A/D and D/A converters and 96 kHz sampling rate.

The mixer is powered with 25 assignable MIDI controls on channels 1 to 4 and a dedicated MIDI panel with 4 rotary and push encoders.

However, the main strength of the EVO 4 is a double effects processor at 24 bit 96 kHz. Processors EFFECTS 1 and EFFECTS 2 are placed on each side of the mixer for an intuitive and ergonomic use, and both of them feature DRY/WET crossfader and 3 parameter controls. Both processors feature 18 sound effects, including different kind of filters, delays, beat crusher, sweep, flanger, phaser and loop sampler with automatic beat detection, to name a few.

Last but not least, the EVO 4 is equipped with an output limiter protected with password for a safe use of the PA system, as well as extra large ergonomic EQ knobs, loop to external effects units, faders and crossfader shape adjustment and much more.

The EVO4 is based on the popular EVO5, with fully digital 24/96 sound, 2 effects processors with 16 effects, 2 loop samplers, and MIDI control. This model is ECLER's best 12" 4-channel FX mixer to date.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: All ECLER mixers have switching power supplies that can switch from 90-240 V so they can be used anywhere in the World. Simply change the power cord to your country's proper cord (a standard EIC cord, like you'd find on a computer) and plug it in. All ECLERS include two different for North America & one for Europe.

ECLER manufactures its equipment in Barcelona (Spain) since 1965 in partnership with international leading DJs and through a very strict in-house quality control. With over 40 years of experience in the design, engineering and production of professional audio, ECLER is still today the leading European mixer manufacturer. Whether you play hip hop, deep house or minimal techno, ECLER designs and manufactures today's finest and most innovative DJ mixers. From the awarded magnetic ETERNAL crossfader to the unique NUO4 with MIDI control, we are committed to reliability, audio fidelity and constant innovation.

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