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Dex DEX-2TS-CDJ DJ Turntable Stand

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DEX-2TS-CDJ is the ultimate addition to any DJs home, regardless of your set-up. Like the DEX-2TS, it features ample storage space for vinyl and travel bags, as well as an additional shelf for CDJs or laptop.

vertical storage of vinyl records for convenient browsing, on a slip-proof shelf
capable of storing up to 360 vinyl records OR up to 270 vinyl records plus a record bag
suitable for two turntables, a mixer and up to two CDJs
OR three turntables and a mixer
OR two turntables, a mixer, and a laptop
optional power rail and adjustable feet

Dimensions (W x D x H): 1440mm x 720mm x 1110mm
Weight: 44 kgs

DEX DJ STANDS products are designed to meet the demands of every dj, from the "bedroom bangers" to the "pros" mixing it up every week in the clubs, pubs and raves. Our superb dj stand designs aim to revolutionise the industry with close attention to detail, practicality, comfort and audio fidelity.

We are proud to deliver an extensive range of dj stands / dj furniture to cater for the needs of every dj. All our dj stands are carefully designed to maximise the djs comfort, maximise audio fidelity and impress even the harshest critics with your incredible looks.

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