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Denon DN-C635 DJ CD Player

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The durable DN-C635 CD player offers all the functionality of a high-end, installation-grade professional unit at a very affordable price.

Professional inputs and outputs, MP3 compatibility, CD TEXT, and many other valuable features give you the audio quality and flexibility they need for virtually any application.

Looking for a great sounding CD workhorse? Is the DN-635 durable? In a model of this magnitude things like balanced XLR analog outputs, digital output, and instant start buffering go without saying. But Denon has also included some excellent features such as pitch control, headphone jack with adjustable volume control, MP3 playback and a whole host of other great features.

If you've ever played CDs in demanding or chaotic situations then demand this kind of functionality!

A friendly user interface combined with RS-232, contact closure, and infrared remote control capabilities provide exceptional control and ease of use.

  • Shock-Proof Memory (Approximately 10 Seconds)
  • Instant Start
  • Auto Cue
  • Play Mode and Finish Mode
  • CD-R/RW Playback Compatibility
  • MP3 Playback

The DNC635 Professional CD Player offers a complete Compact Disc playback solution, plus CD-R/RW and MP3 disc compatibility. Featuring unprecedented track and user control options, the DNC635 provides a superb stand-alone or integrated system solution for professional audio playback. Ideal for pro install, live sound, and studio playback operation, its Shock Proof Memory assures uninterrupted audio, while a high-speed Instant Start allows for instantaneous playback when Play is engaged. An innovative Auto Cue function starts playback at the first point in a track where audio is detected (selectable from -36 to -48 dB in three increments) instead of at the marked beginning of a track. A unique user Preset feature lets you set pre-tailored playback functions such as Playback Mode (Single/Continuous) and Auto Cue (On/Off), while three different Function Presets Groups can be stored in non-volatile memory via buttons on the front panel. These allow you to preset 32 individual parameters comprising playback, function, and user interface options. Outputs include XLR and RCA analog, plus coaxial S/PDIF.

DNC635 Features:
CD-R/RW Playback compatability
+/-12% Pitch Control
Instant Start
Direct Track Select Buttons
Auto Cue (Preset Selectable)
Playback Mode: Single/Continuous (PresetSelectable)
Elaped / Remaining Time
User Preset functions (22 items)
Wired Remote Control terminal
*Stereo Mini jack
* Synchro Recording to the DN-780R viaRCA In/Out (Phillips RC5 compatable)
MP3 Playback
* Folder / Titlesearch
Shock Proof Memory (approx. 10 sec.)
Power On Play
Repeat mode (Single Track/All tracks/Program& RandomRepeat)
Random mode
Program Play: Max. 99 tracks
* A10-key pad (11 keys including 0/Clear) is provided for direct track selectionor to enter up to 99 tracks for programmed playback.
Frame Search (75 Frames Per Second)
Coaxial RCA Digital Output (SPDIF)
Headphone output
Standard 19inch, 2RU Aluminum Front Panel
IR Remote Sensor

Audio Channel: 2 stereo channel
Digital Filter: 8-times Oversampling Digitalfilter
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.007%
S/N Ratio: 107 dB (A weighted)
Channel Separation: 90 dB or more
Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz (at Normal Pitch)
Analog Outputs (1 kHz, 0 dBplayback)
* Output level: 2.0 Vrms, 10 kohms
Digital Output
* Transfer andConnector: Coaxial (RCA)
* Signal Format: IEC-958 TypeII (SPDIF)
Power Supply: AC120V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 13W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 19" x 3.5" x 11" (482 x 88 x 280mm), 2 RU
Weight 10.4 lbs

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