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Denon DN-C615 DJ CD Player

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The DN-C615 offers you all the benefits of a professional-quality single-tray CD player at a very economical price.

With up to 99 tracks of program play, the DN-C615 offers a wide range of valuable features, including pitch control and MP3 playback capabilities.

The DN-C615 is the perfect solution for schools, churches, small radio stations, and similar venues looking for a high-quality yet affordable CD/MP3 player.

CD-R/RW playback compatibility
Instant start
Direct track select buttons
Auto cue

Denon DN-C615 CD Player at a Glance:
CD-R/RW and MP3 playback with full MP3 Folder support
Cue to Music feature for instant start
Front-panel controls including direct track access
Analog and digital outputs

Full CD-R/RW and MP3 support
The Denon DN-C615 gives you more than just commercial CD playback. It also plays CD-R and CD-RW discs that you have burned yourself without fail. Also, the DN-C615 plays MP3s and can perform MP3 Folder search for file, title, artist and album. So your favorite mix MP3 can be the intermission music for your show!

Instant start for quick cues
you'll never have to endure that agonizing 2-second delay when you use the DN-C615's Cue to Music feature. It locates the first audio on a track so that music starts the instant you press "Play." It's a lifesaver for theatrical cues recorded to CD!

Convenient Front Panel Controls
From the front panel of the DN-C615 you can directly select the track you want to play using its 11-key keypad. And other easy controls include single-track or continuous play modes plus a random play feature and 3 different finish modes - Stop, Next Track or Re-Cue. The fluorescent tube display makes it easy to see what's happening in a darkened sound booth or backstage at the theater.

Analog and digital outputs
You can use the DN-C615's S/PDIF coax output to connect to a digital mixer for conversion-free audio transfer, or to a CD recorder for making duplicates. Or use the stereo RCA analog outs to hook your DN-C615 up to any conventional stereo receiver or amplifier.

Denon DN-C615 CD Player Features:
MP3 Playback
MP3 Folder Search; File, Title, Artist & Album
ID3 Tag & CD Text Support
CD-R/RW Playback
Instant start / Cue to music
Pitch control +/-12% in 0.1 steps
Single/Cont. play modes
Finish modes; Stop, Next, Re-cue
99 track program play
Random play mode
Direct track entry (11 keys)
1/All track repeat
Shock proof memory
Auto power on play
Fluorescent tube display
Headphone jack
Digital output; coaxial SPDIF
Unbalanced RCA outputs
Cascade control
External Sync control
Optional "Wristwatch" remote controller RC-41
Optional hand held remote controller RC-U620
Optional AMC-22 lens cleaner
2U rack spaces

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