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DECKSAVER DS-PC-RELOOPTM2 Cover for Reloop Terminal Mix 2

Decksaver DS-PC-RELOOPTM2 Reloop Terminal Mix 2 Cover

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Decksaver DS-PC-RELOOPTM2 clear dust cover is perfectly custom fitted for the for the Reloop Terminal Mix 2. The cover fits securely around the deck ensuring its design is not hidden. Decksaver covers are the guaranteed best way to protect your expensive and fragile dj equipment from accidental damage, dust or liquids. Decksaver DS-PC-RELOOPTM2 covers dramatically reduce the risk of damage to your gear when you are not using it. Decksaver covers fit securely onto expensive and fragile dj equipment and the transparency of the cover means that you can see your equipment while it's being protected. Decksaver DS-PC-RELOOPTM2 covers are made of Polycarbonate which is a one of the components that bulletproof-glass is made of and is one of the highest quality plastics available. By using Polycarbonate, Decksaver was able to ensure that the covers are extremely durable and strong but are also very thin so that you can still see your equipment.

- Decksavers are designed to fit over the top of the Reloop Terminal Mix 2 controller
- Strong, attractive protection for your gear
- Made of polycarbonate, a plastic used in bullet proof glass
- Covers while cables remain connected

About Decksaver:
Decksaver covers are made with exacting standards using the best polycarbonate that money can buy. The nightclub environment is very harsh to complicated and fragile electronics but Decksaver DJ equipment covers are designed to keep all of your gear clean and pristine!

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