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Colorkey StagePar 64 1 Watt LED Par Light

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Benefit from the excellent power you will get from the StagePar 64 : 1 Watt version. This cost effective par is a blessing for those who need the immediate brightness that high power LED's bring without the bells and whistles that come with more expensive lights.

The ColorKey StagePar 64 : 1 Watt is a low cost, high output LED par 64 can that is perfect for any event space . These 1 watt LED pars are housed in a super durable can and are very bright (comparable to a 500-600w bulb).They run very cool with minimal power usage by utilizing high output 1 Watt LED's. These 1 Watt LED Par 64 units are ideal for churches, bands, production companies, retail and unlimited applications. They run on simple DMX with DMX in and out and are self powered so no dimmers needed. All that is required are these units, cables and a DMX controller. But even the controller is not 100% necessary as they can run in auto mode with some built in programms and effects as well as sound activation. For the price and functionality the ColorKey StagePar 64 : 1 Watt can not be beat.

About ColorKey:
ColorKey Lighting manufacturers quality LED stage lighting products for the entertainment, event, retail and church industries. Our products have been lighting countless events and venues such as conferences, mega churches, clubs and other locations. With a focus on LED stage lighting technology, ColorKey will deliver the right products at the right prices. Contact us today and find out about our high quality LED Par stage lights.

ColorKey has been selling and distributing its products since 2006. Focusing on product quality and client support, ColorKey has been highly successful with all of its clients and shows. As long as there is a need to light a show there will be reason to create more quality products.

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ColorKey warrants its products to be free from defects for 2 years from the date of purchase.

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