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Colorkey StagePar 64 10mm LED Light

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The ColorKey StagePar 64 : 10mm has extended Dual Yokes and an LED screen in place of the dip switches for control. The longer Dual Yoke or mounting bars provide a great stable floor stand for up lighting and now allow for a full range of motion with no obstruction from the DMX plugs on the back of the light. The LED screen replacing the dip switches gives the light more stand alone capabilities. The StagePar 64 : 10mm is a full Red Green Blue color mixing LED Par Can housed in a super durable can and is very bright (comparable to a 250-300w bulb) with 183 ultra bright 10mm LEDs producing a smooth 25 degree beam angle with no hot spots. The ColorKey LED Pars run very cool with minimal power usage of 30 watts. Using selectable 3 or 6 DMX channels of control with 16.7 million colors possible from the 100,000 hour rated LEDs make the StagePar 64 : 10mm versatile and long lasting.

  • LED Par 64
  • 10mm (.06 Watts)
  • RGB Full ColorĀ  (16.7 Million Colors)
  • 183 Ultra Bright LED's (60 Red, 60 Green, 63 Blue)
  • 25 Degrees Beam Angle
  • 3 or 6 DMX Channels
  • 100% Silent (Fanless)
  • LED Display
  • LED Life span (100,000 Hours)
  • 110v
  • Low Power Draw (30 Watts)
  • Amps (Can run 65 units on a 20 Amp Circuit)
  • Built in Programs (Color Changing, Color Fading, Color Chasing, Flash Speed Adjustable)
  • Programming Modes (Auto, DMX, Master/Slave and Sound Activation)
  • Weight / Dimensions (8 lbs / 17" x 12" x 10in)
  • Available in (Black, White & Silver)
  • Also available in RGBA and White LED Output

About ColorKey:
ColorKey Lighting manufacturers quality LED stage lighting products for the entertainment, event, retail and church industries. Our products have been lighting countless events and venues such as conferences, mega churches, clubs and other locations. With a focus on LED stage lighting technology, ColorKey will deliver the right products at the right prices. Contact us today and find out about our high quality LED Par stage lights.

ColorKey has been selling and distributing its products since 2006. Focusing on product quality and client support, ColorKey has been highly successful with all of its clients and shows. As long as there is a need to light a show there will be reason to create more quality products.

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Colorkey Lighting

ColorKey warrants its products to be free from defects for 2 years from the date of purchase.

ColorKey: 404-946-9300