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CME Bitstream 3X DJ Controller

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Bitstream3X: "3X" stands for "3 Axis" because the Bitstream 3X features full control over three different Axis- X, Y and Z. A joystick allows control over two (X and Y), while an ribbon controller is used for the Z axis. With 35 knobs, 8 Sliders and 16 buttons, the Bitstream gives you total hands on control of any DAW software and comes with an astounding 13,000 presets including Reason, Live, Reaktor, Traktor, Absynth, Cakewalk and of course Cubase. Digital DJ's will love the MIDI Cross fader and the 8 track motion sampler allows automated recording of the movements of the knobs, joystick, crossfader and ribbon controller.

35 knobs - 8 sliders - 16 buttons
Dual axis analog joystick
Ribbon controller
Endless encoder
Foot switch input
7 curve models per control
(lin, inv lin, log, inv log, random, you 0 & 1)
Sync-24 output
Expansion port
Built-in programmable LFO
Built-in enhanced arpeggiator
Built-in 8 tracks motion sampler
USB compatible, driver-less
USB powered
Transport functions
Fully programmable
Large graphic display (with backlight)
Dedicated configuration software
100 snapshot scenes, 64 arpp scenes
21 fully programmable groups
Mackie/Logic control emulation
Reason remote technology
All soft for Mac, Win, Linux
Huge presets list
Jump-less potentiometer mode
Built-in MIDI merger & filter
4U metallic enclosure
and much more ...

All the controls you need

The Bitstream 3X features a lot of analog and digital controls, among which 35 knobs, 8 sliders, 16 buttons, a two axes joystick , a ribbon controller, a cross-fader, ...
Every control is available on 21 groups, so that 21 different MIDI events can be assigned on every single knob or any other control !

All these controls are fully programmable and thus allow the integration of the Bitstream 3X in any MIDI setup.

Multiple functions

The Bitstream 3X also features unique useful automation functions for on stage or studio purpose. Those functions allow you to make some tasks easier in order to focus on the music, among which you have a LFO, an advanced arpeggiator that you can use to generate amazing grooves, and an 8 tracks motion sampler.

100 scenes memories allow the user to call back any saved configuration in real time !

Transport functions take control of any software or hardware sequencer with dedicated buttons.

CME is the registered trademark of Central Music Company, a high-tech enterprise founded in Beijing, China in 1993 and focused on the growing digital music production market. Cental Music Co imports and distributes into the Chinese market many of the world's top music production brands including Apogee, Emu, Event, Kurzweil, Millennia, Moog, MOTU, Novation, PreSonus, RME, Rode, and Terratec (among others). Central Music Co. was also the distributor for Yamaha music production products in China until April 1 2005 when Yamaha founded it's own Chinese subsidiary. Using the experience gained from distributing these products in China, Central Music Co. began researching both the Chinese and overseas markets and started developing it's own products. These products are now sold worldwide under the CME brand name. The company uses its unique talents and vision to develop brand-new digital musical instruments to meet the needs of the new generation of professional musicians.

Central Music Co. was originally founded inside the famous Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, and the members of the company are among the new generation of entrepreneurial young professionals in China. The beginnings of Central Music Co. can be traced back to the electronic music lab of the conservatory and experimental designs developed as early as 1985.

For the past 12 years (1993-2005), Central Music Co. has been working to develop the digital musical equipment market from the professional musicians" point of view. Central Music Co. has established a powerful sales and technical support network all over China and is actively involved in promoting music and music technology in China and in Chinese educational systems. Furthermore, the company has an experienced R&D team as well as vast manufacturing expertise and strong strategic relationcomes with some of the best manufacturing facilities for musical products in China. The company researches what musicians want, and then works efficiently to make the right products to fit user needs. That's why every CME product has at least one unique market driven feature that differentiates it from other products on the market.

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