New Pioneer XDJ-AERO Wireless WIFI USB DJ Controller

Pioneer XDJ-AERO

The Pioneer XDJ-AERO is the world’s first Wi-Fi DJ controller that can wirelessly play your music from your phones, iPads and laptops. The Pioneer XDJ-AERO Controller also allows you to plug in any USB memory stick with music on it and DJ from that, as well as DJ from any laptop like a traditional DJ controller. The XDJ-AERO can also create its own wireless access point when Wi-Fi isn’t available in the nightclub or place that you’re laying which easily enables convenient connectivity with your music devices.

The Pioneer XDJ-AERO is equipped with a full array of audio ports for connecting other sources such as DJ CD players and it can even be used as a regular 2-channel DJ mixer.

Jog Drum – Launch, scratch and manipulate samples by turning or tapping the jog platter.
Sample Launch – Includes four built-in sounds: Scratch, Horn, Siren and Laser.
Beat Effect – Four effects including Trans, Flanger, Echo and Roll.
Sound Color Filter – Each channel includes Sound Color Filter.

The Pioneer XDJ-AERO also features two automatic mixing functions; Auto Mix & Beat Sync. Beat Sync synchronizes the music loaded in each deck on beat with matching beats per minute (BPM). In Auto Mix mode any playlists that you create on your USB drive, phone, tablet or laptop are linked with cross-fade or fade-in/fade-out effects.The Pioneer XDJ-AERO also lets you record DJ mixes directly onto a USB storage drive in WAV format. The XDJ-AERO combines two digital players and a mixer into a single slim and stylish unit, taking similar design cues from Pioneer CD players and Pioneer DJ mixers. The unit features a smoke-colored acrylic panel & blue and white LED lights.

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