New Pioneer DJM-850 DJ Mixer


Pioneer’s DJM-800,the world’s most popular DJ mixer has been dead for some time, so it’s no surprise that Pioneer has now announced the new Pioneer DJM–850 DJ Mixer. The DJM-850 comes in two colorsjust like the Pioneer DJM-700, and it has four channels. It is PACKED full of one hundred different effect combinations, for almost endless possibilities. It’s likely that the DJM-850 will soon replace the DJM-800 as the standard in the world’s top nightclubs.

The DJM-850 is also a great choice in terms of the price, as it retains its predecessor’s features, and adds superb effects which are all its own. The DJM-850 also comes with something called the Beat Colour Effect, which is an industry first, using side chaining to add further enhancements to their Colour Effects. The Beat Effect actually ‘listens’ to the audio input of every channel and it connects volume alterations to other factors, so enabling DJ’s to further enhance the music. Added to this, the DJM-850 has an integrated four-stereo-channel sound card, making the setup very simple. It also connects easily to PCs and laptops via one cable. It’s also Traktor Scratch Pro 2 certified, which means you’ll be able to use Native Instruments’ excellent digital vinyl system without the need for a separate and expensive audio interface. Other new features include a new set of effects, including a Pitch Echo effect, and a beat button for each Colour FX dial that sidechains the track currently playing through a gater effect to produce some stunning sounds. It strangely lacks an Ethernet port, which means you can’t connect Pioneer’s CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000s to it.

The Pioneer DJM-850 is being promoted as being a future-proof mixer, with an integrated USB four-channel soundcard, multiple effects units and the overall build quality that’s expected from Pioneer’s kit. Most interesting are the new options for effects control. When enabled, Beat Color Effects allow a DJ to take the Color Effects found on each channel and apply a beat-synced layer of control on top of the effect using the Beat Effects control unit. Pioneer’s explains it best: The Beat Color Effect ‘listens’ to the audio input of each channel and directly connects the rhythmical changes in volume to another parameter: resonance for Filter and Crush, beat repeat for Cutter and ducking volume for the Noise Effect. The Beat Effects unit has has a new level of control added to it as well, called FX Boost. Designed around the resulting effects possibilities of the DJM-900?s touch strip control, FX boost adds a second layer of control to effects using the Level/Depth knob. Turn the dial to the 12 o’clock mark for a fully wet effect and turn it further to add Pitch Up to Up Echo and a High-Pass Filter to the Reverb.

As far as what you’re missing compared to the Pioneer DJM-900 nexus, the 850 is lacking digital inputs and the ethernet Link port for allowing CDJs to access music data via the mixer and Rekordbox. Also, there’s still only one USB port, meaning that transitioning between two DJs who want to use the mixer’s USB soundcard in a CDJ-free environment (rare as it might be) is a massive pain. Rane has this down with their flagship mixers, and when you spend a good amount of money on a mixer, it seems only logical.

An integrated high performance USB soundcard that enables up to four inputs/outputs(*1) simultaneously with no deterioration in sound quality. The soundcard supports three different sampling rates (96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz) and the ASIO/Core Audio standards that can also be used for music recording and production. The USB port on top of the mixer provides quick connections to use DJ software via laptop. The signal output path from the mixer can be easily modified using its setup utility tool(*2) via a computer.

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