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Beyerdynamic DT 770 M Headphones

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When performing live to pre-recorded or sequenced tracks, drummers need a comfortable set of headphones for long shows, with excellent ambient noise attenuation in order to hear click tracks or backing tracks clearly. To answer that need, Beyerdynamic designed the DT 770 M headphones. Because of your excellent noise rejection, they're also good for FOH engineers and DJs who do beatmixing.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 M at a Glance:
High SPL capability and excellent ambient noise attenuation.
10ft connecting cable equipped with an in-line volume control.
Rugged headband construction and adjustable, sliding earpieces.

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 M is a closed dynamic headphone designed especially for drummers. Due to its high SPL capability and excellent ambient noise attenuation, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 M is also suitable for monitoring PA systems (FOH), live on stage, and in studios.

Optimum Setup
The Beyerdynamic DT 770 M's single-sided 10 foot connecting cable allows easy handling for everday use and is equipped with an in-line volume control for optimum control. It's fitted with a gold-plated mini stereo plug (3.5 mm) with a 1/4" (6.35 mm) adapter and is therefore suitable to be used with almost all headphone amplifiers.

Built for Strength and Comfort
The Beyerdynamic DT 770 M's super durable headband construction has been strengthened to give a very secure fit, matched with mechanical reliability. Soft earpads that are easy to clean and adjustable and sliding earpieces ensure listening comfort during extended periods of use.

BeyerDynamic DT 770 M Features:
Monitoring headphones for drummers and FOH-Engineers
Closed diffuse-field headphone
Excellent ambient noise attenuation (35 dBA)
Superb audio quality with high sound pressure level (105 dB)
Robust spring steel headband
Single-sided cable (straight cable, 3 m long) with in-line volume control
Gold-plated mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) and 1/4" adapter (6.35 mm)

What is the difference between DT 770 PRO and DT 770 M?
Both DT 770 PRO and DT 770 M are basically one and the same headphone and also for similar applications.

The difference between these two models though, is as follows:
1. The DT 770 PRO has so called "Bass-Relfex-Openings" at the side of each housing to make sure the diaphragm can "breath", causing a better reproduction of low- and high frequencies (since the diaphragm can move a lot easier). A small amount of isolation against ambient noise has to be sacrificed for the better sound. The DT 770 M doesn't have these openings, therefore sounds slightly 'thinner" (slightly less bass response), but offers up to 35 dB(A) of ambient noise isolation. That's why the DT 770 M is prefererd by drummers (like the German drummer Ralf Gustke) or percussionists (like the young percussionist Farouk Gomati).
2. The DT 770 PRO is equipped with silver velours ear pads for better wearing comfort and cooler ears. The DT 770 M is equipped with the so called "Soft-Skin" ear pads to provide maximum isolation of ambient noise.

DT 770 PRO is for studio use where audio fidelity has a higher priority than the isolation of ambient noise.
DT 770 M is also for studio use, put for those to whom the isolation of ambient noise if most important.

The DT 770 M also has the DT-Bag.

The dynamic, closed DT 770 M has especially been designed for drummers and FOH monitoring. The strengthened headband and the softskin ear pads provide an excellent isolation against ambient noise. The single sided straight cable allows a volume control directly at the headphone.

Closed headphone
Excellent ambient noise attenuation (35 dBA)
Superb audio fidelity with high sound pressure level (105 dB)
Extended frequency range
Single-sided cable with volume control
Robust, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable
Excellent comfort for long-term wearing, softskin ear pads
Secure and comfortable fit due to super durable, adjustable headband construction with soft padding
Single-sided cable
Supplied in a carrying case (nylon)

technical data
Transmission type Wired
Headphone design (operating principle) Closed
Headphone impedance 80 ohms
Headphone frequency response 5 - 30.000 Hz
Nominal sound pressure level 105 dB
Construction Circumaural (around the ear)
Cable & plug Straight connecting cable with mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) & 1/4" adapter (6.35 mm)
Net weight without packaging 300 g

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Beyerdynamic warrants its products to be free from defects for 2 years from the date of purchase.

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